Boston College to hand over Dolours Price interviews

According to Kevin Cullen, reporting for the Irish Times, US district court judge William Young is continuing his in camera review of the Boston College archive material.  And he has already ordered the college to hand over the recorded interviews of former Provisional IRA member Dolours Price.  From the Irish Times report

College officials said Ms Price’s interviews will be turned over to US prosecutors acting on behalf of British authorities, believed to be the PSNI, by today.

US district court judge William Young ordered the disclosure on Tuesday as he continued an in-camera review of interviews that were part of the Belfast Project, an oral history endeavour sponsored by Boston College.

The college’s decision not to appeal Judge Young’s order has led to a bitter rift between the college and two of the men who did much of the research in Ireland, the journalist and author Ed Moloney, who was the project director, and Anthony McIntyre, a writer and former IRA prisoner, who carried out the interviews of former republican paramilitaries.

Whether any further revelations would dent those “personality cults” is another matter…

Update  As noted in the comment zone below, a limited stay on the court order, until 9 January 2012, has been granted by the US Court of Appeal at the request of Ed Moloney and Anthony McIntyre.  It would seem to relate to their appeal of the district court’s rejection of their attempts to intervene in the case.

Boston College haven’t appealed the court order itself.