RWC – New Zealand up the bar.

Wonderful stuff this morning…
All the tv bods said that NZ beat France physically – not true – they were wonderful in the backs…
P.S . 3.30 am Fiji Samoa – this is hard work…

  • They were absolutely awesome and some of it was beautiful to watch. The question is, can France pick themselves up for the quarter final (probably) against England?

    Much depends on man management over the next couple of weeks. Come on Monsieur Lièvremont. Give your team a bit of the dishing out you did after the Italy match in the six nations.

    One thing I learned from the last world cup is ‘Dont write off any team that loses in the pool stages and qualifies’ In the last World cup (remember?) England were thumped 36-0 by South Africa in the pool stages. That goes equally for Wales who could qualify and go on to beat Ireland without their ball boy!

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    beautiful to watch – does the soul good. Hard hitting, brutal at the breakdown, soft hands, good running lines: it’s the way the game should be played. I hope they win the RWC by a country mile – they deserve it.

    Ireland should win by 25-30 tomorrow. Scotland game could be interesting but argenina should be far too strong. Samoa should beat Fiji by 10-15 points.

  • Charlie Sheens PR guru


    Should I be more surprised by the level of sour grapes of the australians.

    Hope it spurs Ireland on to two big wins in the pool stage.

  • Mark

    sour grapes of the australians …..

    The Australians are bad losers full stop . Their media’s reaction to our win is typical for the Rugby team and their media . Horan’s hissyfit is no surprise . They hadn’t won the tri nations in 10 odd years before this year , They thought they were world beaters . We burst their bubble . Did I mention david campese or
    Eddie Jones their former rugby coach .

    Their cricket team amd media are the same . They’ve lost the last two Ashes series to England and their country will never forgive them . It’s a little like the current Kerry Football team who will never be forgivin for losing to the Dubs in an All Ireland . Ricky Ponting never has a genuine good word to say about anybody .

    Their tennis players are the same . I can remember Stefan Edberg getting dog’s abuse when playing against Pat cash in The Australian Open . I can also remember Leyton Hewitt giving dogs abuse to match referees . What about Joe Bugner after fighting Bruno . Another bitter Aussie .

    Have you seen how their Customs people react when some poor little Korean tries to bring a packet of dried fruit in their country .

    I remember all the booing at the Sydney Olympic Games back in 2000 against the American swimmers going against Ian Thorpe .

    Their WC football playoff against Uruguay a few years ago . Tim Cahill and the Italians at the World Cup in 2006 .

    And don’t even get me started about Mark ” Chopper ” Reid !!

  • Rory Carr

    But you do like Waltzing Matilda, right, Mark ?

    For the first 5 -10 minutes France looked so beautiful – like a cross between a cavalry charge and a line of dancers in Swan Lake and I thought that New Zealand were outclassed and then – whoosh ! it just all turned round and the speed and dexterity of NZ runners as they zipped through the French defence had me hoarse with exuberant joy at just the sheer bloody beauty of it.

    For a time it was almost as good to watch as a top-class proper football match – Barcelona vs. Real Madrid say.. Almost…

  • Mark

    I prefer two little Boys ( said the Bishop to the … ) By Rolf Harris .

  • Mark

    I have the French in the Slugger quiz to get the most red cards but I’m sorry I didn’t pick the Aussies .

  • Into the west

    3 tries in 3 mins .. wow
    36-0 HT Ireland vs Russia

  • Mark

    Good win , keeps the momentum going . Heaslip and Kearney stood out for me . Nice to see O Gara get 60 minutes and look so fresh . Nice to beat the Russians in any team sport .

    Roll on next week

  • Mark

    For Heaslip read O Brien …………

  • AGlassOfHine

    The Ozzies do do a fair bit of whinging when they get a good hiding,but,as witnessed by that diatribe above from friend Mark,the dear old Irish can certainly hold their own at gurning.

  • Mark

    You do a pretty good impression of Ozzy Osbourne yourself Heinz .

    Anyway back to the rugby …… so have you had a punt or do we have to wait until after the final to find out ?

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    nothing wrong with the gurning from the ozzies – their game is to play high tempo, quick ball so they’re just putting pressure on the referees to facilitate this style. I’d expect nothing less from a professional outfit. IN fairness to Oz, Ireland were blatently slowing the game down which is again fine – it’s the sensible thing to do when you leading with 10 mins to go.

    Scotland-argentina is VERY interesting at the minute. I thought the argies would be better but they miss hernandez so much. Looks like a bye for NZ in the QF.

  • Dewi

    Scotland v England now looks tasty…

  • Ireland v Russia

    As you would expect with this sort of mismatch, it was a try feast. The Irish leaked two tries. That is not such a bad thing. It gives them something to be annoyed about and focus on for the next match against Italy. Despite the pessimists looking nervously back to that Rome match last February, that match will not be a nail biter because the Irish have form. I fancy Ireland to have that match won by half time.

    Argentina v Scotland

    My heart goes out to the Scots who deserved to win this thriller. They lost because of an inexcusable refereeing decision at the end of the match. Still, they will blame themselves for dropping the gas just a little bit after they were 6 point up with about 15 minutes to go. They go into their last match needing to beat England by 8 or more points to qualify for the quarter final. If the Scots did achieve that, it would go down as one of their greatest victories in their rugby history. The Scots have not beaten England by a margin of more than 6 points since 1986 or in an away match since 1983 and that was in an era when the RFU did not know how to pick their best international rugby team.

    Fiji v Samoa

    For Welsh supporters, this was a match to produce wet dreams but one can not tell if this is they would have been the joyous or the fearing type. They ecstasy was in seeing that Fiji were vulnerable enough to lose by 20 points. The agony was in knowing that Samoa, with a bit of luck, could beat South Africa.

    This year is likely to see four Southern Hemisphere teams book their places in one half of the draw and four Northern Hemisphere teams in the other half but until that is confirmed, Dewi’s clothes will continue to stink.

  • Dewi

    No bonus point for Samoa Seymour – makes the maths a bit better for us.

  • Dewi

    I think Scotland go through if they win. Isn’t it the result between the two tied countries that counts?

  • Dewi

    If at the completion of the pool phase two or more teams are level on match points, then the following criteria shall be used in the following order until one of the Teams can be determined as the higher ranked:
    1.The winner of the match in which the two tied teams have played each other shall be the higher ranked;
    2.The team which has the best difference between points scored for and points scored against in all its pool matches shall be the higher ranked;
    3.The team which has the best difference between tries scored for and tries scored against in all its pool matches shall be the higher ranked;
    4.The team which has scored most points in all its pool matches shall be the higher ranked;
    5.The team which has scored most tries in all its pool matches shall be the higher ranked;
    6.Should the tie be unresolved at the conclusion of steps 1 through 5, the team that is higher ranked in the updated Official IRB World Rankings on October 3, 2011.

  • Dewi

    That was from the RWC site btw….

  • Dewi

    And I’m wrong!!! England would get a losing bonus point. Sorry!!!

  • Rory Carr

    You are working too hard on this, Dewi. Here’sa little clip of our girl-of-the-hour to cheer you up and chill you out:

    On X Factor tonight Gary Barlowe said, “She is already the one to beat.”

  • Dewi

    Wrong link Rory…..

  • Dewi,

    There is one way Scotland can qualify by beating England by less than 8 points but it has to be a result where Scotland score four or more tries and England less than four.

    Another bizarre permutation is that England would top the group by getting a bonus point, unless Argentina have a winning margin of 61-67 points against Georgia (the exact amount required depending on England’s losing margin) but if that happened, you would not fancy England’s chances against the French.

    Wales did well this morning.

  • Greenflag

    ‘There is one way Scotland can qualify’

    There is . If a coin is tossed and lands on it’s head England and Argentina will qualify and if it lands on tails Argentian and England will qualify .

    If however it lands on it’s edge and rolls off the table and onto the floor and keeps on rolling out the door and two miles down the street and into the upturned tamoshanter of a bagpipe playing Scotsman endeavouring by musical efforts to earn extra dosh to to console his lamentable woes then Scotland will qualify .

    Sad I know but it’s bad luck for the Scots but a wake up call for them to rebuild the game in Scotland which they should be able to do given that they don’t even have Gaelic Football or Hurling to provide ‘opposition’ to soccer . What else have they got ? Shinty & Tossing the Keber ? They can do much better .

    Wales did more than well they did very well . Looks like the Ireland Wales game will be a humdinger with Wales returning to the northern hemiphere first methinks.

  • Mark

    That reminds me of the Scotsman who dropped a fifty pence piece on the ground and when he went to pick it up , it hit him on the back of the head …