POTD – Schomberg House

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  • vanhelsing

    nice one nevin:)

  • Drumlins Rock

    thanks Nevin, was wondering who was in the picture on the wall. 🙂

  • Drumlins Rock

    Circles, the issue was settled amicably I believed with the person who claimed infringement. As an Orangman I find you second statement offensive, but of course thats what you intended you bigotted troll.

  • Interesting character, Diamond Dan. With all that bible-thumping religion about, you wonder why anybody felt the need to create him?

  • Here’s a photo of a character who looks to be Diamond Dan’s twin brother….


  • circles

    Strange that you seem ti find it ok for the OO to be portrayed as cartoon characters, but give them a power you don’t like and you get all snotty, Drumlins.
    Maybe the superpower you need most of all is a sense of humour.

  • This was talked about at the time Diamond Dan came about. He’s a stock cartoon figure and turns up all over the place!

  • Yes it was Alan,

    Heres a link to the original art work on istockphoto…..


  • john

    Is Diamond Dan on his hoidays as he hasnt dealt with superhero arch enemy the Joker from Sandy Row yet

  • Perhaps I should declare an interest. Dan Winter of the OO and Captain Nevin of the UI are twigs on my family tree so perhaps it’s not surprising that Mick should find me a little troublesome at times!

    The Winters are buried in a Quaker burial ground so perhaps it’s not surprising that MP should be left quaking in his boots.

    Curiously enough, back in ’98 the authorities burnt ‘republican’ and mainly Presbyerian Ballymoney and left ‘loyalist’ and mainly Catholic Loughguile alone.