POTD – Corrected misspelling

As A follow on from yesterday’s POTD on Chichester St, this from the New Lodge. (ED Syntax corrected)

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  • galloglaigh

    Stop putting up one sided photos. It’s about time you started posting photos of loyalist areas. You’d think you were afraid to go to Mount Vernon! 🙂

  • Drumlins Rock

    Must print this one off and frame it, has to be an historic first 🙂

  • “yesterday’s POTD in The New Lodge”

    I thought yesterday’s POTD was in Chichester Street …

  • circles

    I preferred the “not a bullet, not a once” one down the falls back in the day, but this one’s not bad either.

  • Circles, political press releases can be very amusing too. I remember pointing out to the TUV that its stalwart protection of British mice should have been aimed at British mince 🙂

  • andnowwhat

    I like the fact that the person what did it went home with their KFC and realised they had made a spelling mistake then rushed to correct it.

    I’m basing this soley on supposition but I think it is great evidence for keeping the catholic maintained sector.

  • “I’m basing this soley on supposition”

    Perhaps the CMS isn’t so great, andnowwhat, or are you a product of the state sector? 😉

  • J Kelly

    What Price Freedom…..4/5
    was on a wall at the back of the rosville flats in derry for years, brilliant,

  • Millbag

    ‘Free J Adir’ along the back alley of the QFT a few years back…

  • Johnny Boy

    There was definitely graffiti somewhere around Cregagh along the lines of “Muggins is unacceptable”. It still gives me a chuckle when I see a Muggins Total Cleaning Services van driving around the area.

  • Shy Talk

    There used to be “Taigs will be Shoot” in Lisburn, always gave me a giggle that one.

  • Greenflag

    ‘Free Nicky Kelly ‘ (the former IRA convicted train robber Workers Party TD and now the last time I heard a respectable Labour Party Councillor on a billboard somewhere on the N11 between Wexford and Dublin)

    and underneath ‘Free Nicky Kelly ‘ a week later some disagreeing sod had scrawled

    ‘With every packet of cornflakes ‘

    Some people have no respect -just none eh

  • leftofcentre

    My favourite was the graffiti on a wall in Beechmount:

    boycot ausreli goods

    A classic.

  • summerhill

    ‘Trouts Beware’ Andersonstown early 70s

  • Brian

    I don’t know what the excuse was back in the 70s, but kids today are so used to spellcheck that they can hardly be blamed for making a few mistakes here and there…even when they are vandalizing public property.

  • Brian

    BTW Marian Price is back in jail? Can’t she get over it, the ‘war’ is over for christ’s sake.

  • Neil

    ‘All Tags Out’ in Ballykeel years ago, and more recently ‘Vote SF – Keep Birtain Storng’ <—- I shit you not in Lenadoon. Almost got ma camera out, do a wee bit of moochin masell…

  • Seimi

    King Street a few years ago – ‘stop punnishment beatings on Ormo Road’ 🙂

  • Seimi

    And in Fallswater srteet for a few years there, someone started to paint – Conit…and underneath it – Continuoty IRA 🙂

  • Seimi

    My Da maintains the reason the IRA were given the name the ‘Provies’, was because nobody could figure out if the alternative should be ‘Provos’ or ‘Provoes’ 🙂

  • jthree
  • BluesJazz

    On the road between Derryboye and Raffrey “Remember 1960?”. Don’t know if the year or the question mark was funniest.

    And on Ards Bus Station “No Surr” followed by a paint trail, obviously an inspector had intervened.

  • Longridgeofthecow

    2 classics from north Lurgan: “TOOTS WILL BE SHOOT” and “WE DAMAND POLITICAL STATUS” – still visible to this day if you look close enough 30 years later.

    Another more recent example was “FARNERS OUT” initially I thought the looks hoods had taken a dislike to our local farmers, but if you say it in a broad Lurgano accent you’ll get it.

  • Longridgeofthecow

    *local hoods

  • Brian

    “On the road between Derryboye and Raffrey “Remember 1960?”.
    What is the significance of 1960?

    ‘Another more recent example was “FARNERS OUT” initially I thought the looks hoods had taken a dislike to our local farmers, but if you say it in a broad Lurgano accent you’ll get it.’

    Foreigners out?

  • Longridgeofthecow

    @Brian, exactly! Took me a wee while too!

  • Longridgeofthecow

    @Brian, I think the significance of 1960, is that someone was a bit confused about their dates and meant “1690” but hey 1960 was a memorable year for many reasons I’m sure, but as they say “If you remember the 60’s man you weren’t there”

  • Mark

    Greenflag ,

    One version of the Free Nicky Kelly graffiti was on a wall outside the old Roches Stores in Blackrock . The Nicky Kelly part was painted in white with a free hand . The cornflakes part was stencilled on using a light blue paint . You’d know you were in Blackrock .