POTD – Musical differences?

More like drunken racism. I’ll leave it to your imaginations as to the shite the fella with the tin whistle was coming out with.

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  • galloglaigh

    I love the wee stool. Save him bending over to pick up the pennies.

  • carl marks

    its not a tin whistle its a pea shooter and he,s aiming for the trumpet thingy

  • pauluk

    Ha! Looks like one of those penny whistles that Republican `flute` bands use.

  • galloglaigh


    Republican flute bands use flutes. It’s is in the title ‘flute band’. They actually use the same flutes as loyalist bands.

  • I prefer this flute:

    a tall narrow glass, especially one for drinking champagne

  • damon

    Those buskers can be an assault on the ear though.
    Particularly if you were working in a shop they were standing outside all day every day. Just browsing magazines in WH Smiths a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t ignore the noise from one of those buskers coming in to the shop. It’s distracting. Somewhat like being on a bus when people are playing music on their phones.

    It would be interesting to know what proportion of people enjoy the music and those who just tolerate it.

    That he was getting racist abuse is not good at all.
    I don’t think the busking and Big Issue selling has made the Roma people popular though.

  • A couple of them are accomplished musicians no doubt about it. People vote with their actions(to give or to not give).
    Aside from the chancers knocking out random notes on a guitar, the fella who used to be at the back of Boots and is now opposite Dunnes on High St, should be done for crimes to music. He murders every single song he attempts to *ahem* interpret!