POTD – Molte Street

in the Village area.

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  • Fearglic

    i see loads of bricks… some redevelopment due??? the kids look so happy too. the mural, tho beautifully painted is a downer for me. glorification of war makes it easier to accept cruel killings and slaughter.

  • northbelfastview

    Great to see the P/U/L people of the village getting the new housing, they are long overdue. As for the snap, yawn!!!!

  • northbelfastview

    Sorry that should read,

    Great to see the P/U/L people of the village getting new housing, they are long over due.

  • Nunoftheabove

    I like the kinda Huck Finnish quality about it. Well, either that or it’s a caucasian take on “The Wire” in which case I don’t care for it greatly at all 😉

    Be pleasing to see a consensual community understanding emerge about permanent opposition to any defacement or disfigurement of the mural or everyday graffito types when the new houses are finished.

  • I was talking with a fella who was taking a photograph of the mural and he mentioned something about a meeting to discuss the safe retrieval/conservation/relocation of the mural.
    I’d guess that there is a week to save it, maybe less.

  • Fearglic,

    It isn’t necessarily glorifying war, given the dead or wounded soldier. I can’t read the writing. I think it is a grand mural, well executed.

  • Nunoftheabove

    “…the safe retrieval/conservation/relocation of the mural”

    Did the guy have a straight face when he said this or have I lost the plot altogether here ?