POTD – Peace by Piece

.A section of the peace wall on Cupar way (off Lanarkway) with artistic bunting put up by artist Raymond Watson as part of the West Belfast Festival. For a year Raymond has been working with all and sundry to produce a mile and a half of bunting. I’m unsure if his world breaking attempt was successful.
Point of interest…….The weekend saw the 50th anniversary of the Berlin wall being erected.

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  • GreenBack

    The way the fallout from the riots in England is being handled, esp sentencing, perhaps someone should suggest to the government over there that they should start putting up ‘peace walls’ in certain parts on London. Might get a surprisingly positive response.

    Not sure if they’re needed in Finchley though.

  • they used to have one around the City, might be needing it in the future, even with the specially empowered police force

  • Scáth Shéamais

    The Féile organisers haven’t referred to it at the West Belfast Festival in at least two years. I guess it’s going the way of the Film Festival, just without loosening the grip.

  • It will always be the West Belfast Festival to me Scath