POTD – Where?

Where is this in Belfast? and what was this building once used for?

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  • nightrider

    Ormeau Road, Gasworks.

  • This is a building commensurate in scale with the current building’s responsibilities.

    Turn the current building into the people’s palace.

  • carl marks

    is it the old belfast electrical tech in victoria street

  • Drumlins Rock

    It is Belfast Old Town Hall, until recently used as the Family Courts I beleive, not sure what is happening to it now though.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Which is what what articles is trying to say I have just worked out,

  • Yup DR.
    AFAIK it is still the County Courts. Interestingly it was once the Ulster Unionist Party HQ

  • Lionel Hutz

    Its not the county court (thats the new laganside building). Its still the family proceedings court and I believe they do alot of the youth court in there too

  • Sorry Drumline Rock

    I wasn’t trying to be a smart arse, but I recognised the building straight away for once and I didn’t want to spoil MP’s quiz for others; we usually have a tour of belfast with me in the vanguard.

  • Certainly is the Old Town Hall. It was the County Court until Laganside Courthouse opened, when it became the Youth Court.

  • andnowwhat

    Now this puts me on my hobby horse, the death of beauty. Not a million years ago even dark satanic mills had more architectural beauty than anything built in modern times.

    How does that glass and steel structure, Castle Court, compare to the municipal post office that was destroyed to make way for it?

    I always say, developers have managed to do something to Belfast that the provos could not even begin to achieve in 30 years of bombing, the destruction of Belfast as a unique entity.

    *rant over*

  • carl marks

    it also in the seventies served as the elect eng tech, i done my city and guilds there.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Speaking of Techs, any suggestions of what to do with the old one on College Square, mad decision moving out but it looks like it it will be vacant without a use come the Autumn, a great building that should be kept public in someway.

  • carl marks

    i remember it had bits of the first computer i ever seen, filled a whole room, run on magnetic tapes and no doubt done less than the average mobile phone,

  • carl marks

    yes DR a lovely building, no doubt we will knock it down and put up something interesting like a travel lodge

  • The steam engine’s been there for a 100 years and still works.


  • Drumlins Rock

    articles, I’m not an engineering geek (more an architecture one) but that system looks fascinating, I hope it is listed along with the rest of the building. I wonder could some temporary use be made of it, ie. art gallery, Titanic museum, or even a special museum for the “decade of commemorations” coming up.
    Carl, if it was knocked down then it is one of the few cases where it shouldn’t be replaced, it is still a shame it was built on the corner of college square.

  • nightrider

    College Square had ‘tours’ of the old building during July. The guide was a history lecturer there Henry Bell and it started in the Great Hall with its marvellous stained glass windows to learning. Unfortunately his ‘lecture’ went on (and on) a bit so some people missed the steam engine bit.
    BMC’s new Titanic Quarter building is something else though. Jacuzzi’s and water fountains, Gyms and state of the art classrooms and restaurants. All electronic and soulless. Almost like the (newbuild) 7 or 8 FE Colleges within 15 miles of it who will want to go to bright lights big city.

  • nightrider

    College Square East (including Great Hall and steam engine) is to be ‘mothballed’ by DEL, because they have no use for it and no-one wants to buy it. If moochin is lucky, he may be able to get in and photograph the old building with its archaic signs and 1920’s ‘feel’ before the doors shut for good in 10 days.
    The building is an exact replica of the War Office in Whitehall.
    It’s destined for the same end as Barry’s in Bangor.

  • nightrider
  • lamhdearg

    thats got to be listed.

  • Drumlins Rock

    thanks nightrider, the similarity is amazing, although the subtle differences make such a difference, the London version is so much more successful architecturally, there is something lacking in the old Techs exterior, however I believe the interiors more than make up for that, have a mate works there, till it closes, and hopefully he might get me a tour! I really think some short term use should be made of it, surely it is good enough state of repair for that.

  • nightrider

    Apart from the Great hall, and the boiler/engine room, it’s very ulitarian. The old Downshire Hospital in Downpatrick is similar, if more spooky. (Another expo Moochin). They would be terrific locations for a horror movie, very Victorian, asylum type venues.
    The BMC Titanic Campus is ultra. Better than the new Ulster Museum.
    Colour co-ordinated on all 5 floors, the top floor is totally Orange, I guess they thought this through?

  • Drumlins Rock

    speaking of colours, have you spotted a change in logo for BMC? despite it only being 3 or 4 years old, the well known bold purple and orange logo has been replaced by a two tone blue swirlything, how much has that cost? the rumour is that the orange was ok until someone mentioned that purple was also an important colour in the loyal orders, from that point on they couldn’t get rid of their new logo quick enough.