Another Bookish Thread

We have not done a general thread about books for a very long time. I did one two years ago. I have just finished Kafka’s The Castle: I think I have now read most of his stuff. Metamorphosis was probably my favourite along with the In Penal Colony. Actually all Kafka is fairly heavy going: I tend to read a page or two and then stop for a think; the blurb explains part of the problem is a German literary device whereby one has enormously long sentences. I suspect the reason I go so slowly is stupidity (clearly I am reading it in English so the German language explanation does not really wash). Before Kafka I read Beckett’s Molloy. I have Murphy in front of me but now I am a bit fed up with being pretentious and might try something sensible: probably some history. I gave up completely on Finnegan’s Wake after 30-40 pages: that after managing Ulysses; at least it was in English. Any comments about books: pretentious, life changing or just fun are welcome.

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