A Bookish Thread

I know Pete did a blog on this last year and I hope he will not be insulted if I do one now. In view of the dreadfully wet summer: how about a thread on good books to read since there is no point going outside? I am mainly into older books and have recently read two short classics which were very both good as stories (they are also great literature but I do not feel well qualified to comment on that): Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (I happened to have read it shortly before he died) and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. The one I have read most recently, however, is a modern one: Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. This is a dreadful, awful, terrifying, captivating, brilliant book which I began reading in an airport departure lounge and did not put down until I had finished it at home at 10pm. I hardy spoke to Elenwe and the children till I had finished it. It is about a man and his son walking across a sort of post apocalyptic America. I do not know if it was even more arresting for me as the father of two small boys but it was breath taking. Anyhow any other good (or bad) books anyone wants to talk about?