POTD – Some shapes and colours

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  • ranger1640

    As I can’t start a thread or post photos, I would like to ask MP, will he be taking a wee dander up the Falls for the festival. With the same critical eye he had coming up to the 11th and 12th July???

    Here is start for you MP. We all know the way republicans fain faux offence at flags on lampposts outside roman catholic churches and schools (Ballyclare).

    Can I ask MP did you see the two highly politically motivated banner’s on the fence outside St Mary’s roman catholic teachers college, on the Falls road????

    Surely this establishment is not the correct location to promote a political campaign???

  • eddie poole

    ‘Fain faux offence’

    Shurely shome mishtake?-Evidently you did not go to any type of Teacher College ,rainjur, …sorry,ranger.

  • ranger1640

    Thanks, eddie for spotting my typo. I meant to put, fain offence. Should have gone to specsavers.

  • When I used to sail, we had to take our flags and ensigns down at night (and up again at dawn). Shouldn’t the same apply on land?

  • Drumlins Rock

    its an ‘elf an’ safty issue dave, although prob not in this case as they seem rather low, funky lamp post.