POTD – National Museum of Ireland

Collins Barracks. There’s a great exhibition ‘Soldiers and Chiefs‘ on at the moment which is interesting and full of information. It includes this skeleton of a horse Dickie Bird, that survived the Charge of the Light brigade ending up as the Regimental mascot of the 5th Dragoon Guards. From the plaque found at Clancy barracks where Dickie was buried
“Near this spot lies the remains of Dickie Bird B7, troop horse 5th Dragoon Guards. What was foaled in 1850, joined the regiment in 1853 and served throughout the Crimean Campaign from May 1854 to June 1856. He was shot on the 21st November 1874 by special authority of the Horse Guards, to save him from being sold at auction.”
Normally horses were sold at auction and then rendered (sold as meat?). A painting of Dickie was commissioned by the regiment and one of his hooves was removed and turned into a silver mounted trophy (actually a pin cushion!)
I’m going to ensure that i don’t leave it another 10 years before i visit the museum again.

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  • John Ó Néill

    Doesn’t NMI jealously guard the image rights to all it’s holdings? Although they are probably not so concerned about Dickie!

  • Hmm they wouldn’t have retweeted it if they were that worried about this lil photo of Dickie 🙂

  • You probably saw the Wild Geese Exhibition and The Fitzjames Horse stuff and Fontenoy audio visual thing on Fontenoy….in er 1745 (a coincidence).
    But also intrigued that they let you got some photos.
    They usually only do that for academics and members of IMHS.

  • I did indeed fitz. I was impressed by Stokes Tapestry and i did learn some things so it was a good visit. But for having to meet a friend i would have spent more than the 2 hours that i did.
    If i receive a cease and desist notice or some such the photo will be taken down until then the photo stays up.

  • Anything that actually promotes the Museum is ok by me as it is practically unknown to Tourists who are accross the Liffey sampling Guinness.
    Theres no problem with photographs if people are known to have an “interest”. Indeed they are very accomodating.

    They have even better stuff not on show than they have on show.
    Come to think of it, not a lot of Irish people really know about it.

  • Agreed. I was fairly surprised just how few folks were there. I expected it to be rammed or certainly busier than it was.