Worshipful District Master speaking at Clogher field 12th July

An unedited flip video i took.

Worshipful District Master speaking at Clogher Field 12th July from Moochin Photoman on Vimeo.

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  • Mark McGregor

    It makes me chuckle every time.

  • ranger1640

    What made you chuckle Mark???

  • qwerty12345

    Luthenanians? Luthenania? Is that where Luther was from?

  • Mark McGregor


    qwerty got the chuckle moment – Lutheranians.

  • between the bridges

    your lack of knowledge of ulster scots is disappointing!!! Lutherans… ie luther-airy-wans,

  • Mark

    There are different types of Lutheranianers

  • ranger1640

    Got it now

  • Hello MP

    If you’re going into video with a Flip get hold of a Smoothee Steadicam which does what the big fella Steadicam does at a fraction of the cost.I had one in my hand the other day, unfortunately the importer sent the one for an Apple iphone instead of a Flip, but am now awaiting the Flip variant. The best piece of kit I’ve seen in a long time, look it up on the net if you haven’t seen it already.

    Not for me incidentally, and I’m not going into competition, but for someone close to me who’s pursuing Moving Image Arts as an A level.


  • Cheers Articles

    The flip was a pressie and it is so small and handy (i have the mini version) however my Canon 5d Mk II is the one that i’m really keen to explore as regards it’s video capabilities. I have been researching as regards the best set up and will be getting a bespoke shoulder mount made in the very near future.
    Speilberg eat yer heart out

  • Hi MP

    Please don’t commit to the shoulder mount until you try the steadicam, it is a genuine steadicam, not a shoulder mount.

    Speilberg? I had you down as the new Danny Boyle.


  • I’ll add that to my research list.

    Yeah i shouldn’t run myself down 😉

  • Anna Ho? Is she a member of the local Chinese Alliance Party?

  • USA

    Thanks Moochin,
    Very good work.

    It was very positive that they donate $$$ to the hospice in Newry and that donations go to benefit wider society. That is a face of the OO which RC society could probably live comfortably with.

    I guess if the OO ever talk to residents, dump the loyalist paramilitary bands, the anti Catholic regulations, the thugs and “blue bag” brigade hangers on etc, then they may become less controversial / offensive. I guess it’s a matter of them going through the long slow process of internal modernisation and reform.

  • wee buns

    Watching these guys you couldn’t dislike them if you tried.

    There’s an innocence to that outlook:
    Ach anyone can join…except they must be Protestant
    (No mention of females being excluded either…)

    Almost would be a sin to break it to them: others exist.

  • Tweedybird

    The majority of Orangemen and their spectators see the 12th as a pageant where the Pope and RC’s are never mentioned. Its enjoyed for the music and spectacle of the parade, a fortiori, the country lodges, which seem to be on a different planet than Belfast. Moreover, I’m glad the above posts recognise the charity work the Orange Order are involved in. If people would do a bit of research in the OO instead of the knee-jerk reaction of condemnation, they would see the majority of Orangemen are not all full of hatred and bigotry.