Another case of another police force ‘looking the other way’?

There’s a striking similarity between the strange behaviour of Gardai, in three cases in which were just forgotten, or in which no serious inquiries were commenced and the behaviour of John Yates, who in 2009 dismissed within eight hours the suggestion that there were any further evidence of wrong doing in the case of the News of the World:

Yates was asked by the commissioner to “establish the facts”. It is clear that he failed to do so. On Tuesday, he conceded that he had spent only eight hours doing so; that he had not spoken to Andy Hayman, the former assistant commissioner who oversaw the original inquiry; nor to Peter Clarke, the former deputy assistant commissioner who ran it; nor had he taken any legal advice; nor had he examined the contents of the material seized from the News of the World’s investigator, Glenn Mulcaire, in August 2006. This is now known to include 11,000 pages of Mulcaire’s hand-written notes, computer records and tape recordings of intercepted messages.

Yates’ statement itself appears to be misleading. If he had not established the facts, he was in no position to judge whether or not the inquiry should be reopened, nor to make public any conclusion about the number of people who had been victims.


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  • pippakin

    I think that both forces have shown themselves to have been intimidated. The Gards by the church and the Met by the media. The Gards are the more understandable most of them would have been brought up to respect and even fear the Bishops.

    I’m not convinced that for all the talk much will change.

  • lamhdearg

    Of the three of them only the anti terror guys story was believable, haymans story made me very cross.

  • Apply to be a police officer in England, with any degree of principle, and you will receive literature deeming that
    it is against the rules to fraternise with the criminal element, (in my case, no other than the Met). Sift through documents like Avon and Somerset Constabulary Audit Committee reports like Care Of Victims report April 2006 (coinciding with the Victim’s Code) recommending officers be “acreditted as detectives,” and see how much of this is present under the first formal scrutiny this former Ass.Comm. Hayman has had to face… Both sides of this Council ended up totally affected, and thus I hope the Council need more, as I am a firm believer that practice makes perfect.
    Big news of the day round here, is Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry, the terms of which, need still to be published.