SF Mayor of Cashel who made history by shaking hands with the Queen has died

Amongst the plethora of Orange-tinged posts on Slugger this week, there’s room to highlight that today’s Belfast Telegraph notes the death of the Sinn Fein councillor “who made history by shaking hands with the Queen”.

Michael Browne, who was Mayor of Cashel in Co Tipperary, died on Saturday night following a long battle with cancer.

Mr Browne had been widely praised for his decision to defy Sinn Fein’s advice to members to stay away from all events linked to the royal party in May. He personally welcomed the Queen to Cashel when she visited the rock during her historic visit and shook her hand to become the first Irish republican to officially greet a British monarch.

“I just said to her: ‘Welcome to Cashel, Your Majesty, and I hope you enjoy your stay’. No more, no less,” he said afterwards.

Mr Browne is survived by three sons and one daughter.

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