POTD – Pillion

Horse drawn tours now available on Royal Avenue. Not so sure about the tour with smelly sombrero man on a bike though

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  • michael-mcivor

    Smelly sombrero man- Great- Moochin has declared war on mexico- he can hire the magnificent 7- I will hide behind that horse-

  • al

    What’s it say on the dummy on the back of the bike?

  • My goodness MP why are all your photos so biased?

    What’s with all the pictures of horses? Why do you never show the negative side of donkeys?

    Unfair bias against horses and it’s damaging the balance on slugger. I mean are we to pretend donkey tours don’t also exist? It used to be I couldn’t go to portrush without donkeys and their supporters marching up and down the beach like no one else was welcome. What about all those donkeys named after republican terrorists like “bobby” or “kevin” how come we never see their photographs on here?