POTD – If i were Banksy…..

Annadale Embankment

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  • Nunoftheabove

    EmBanksy ?

    Inasfar as this kind of thing ought to be encouraged at all, I’d favour an outbreak of Simpsonsesque faux church signs all across the city, e.g.

    “First Church of Springfield – Welcome, Pissed-Off Catholics”

    “Quit Touching Yourself – God”

    “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Salvation”

    “Rapture Threat level : Orange”

    “He Knows What You Did Last Summer”

    “Evil Women In History: From Jezebel to Janet Reno”

    “What A F iend We Have In God”

    …and the like. These dreary “wages of sin” type tree-injuring signs, still a feature of the roadways in, ahem, some areas, could use a little healthy competition, to say nothing of the necessity of some cheering the hell up.

  • pippakin

    If I were Banksy I would have painted over that obscenity in East Belfast and the result would definitely be worth something

  • A fitting post modern riposte to those who actually think Banksy is some kinda artist and that graffiti is an art form……and that painting murals is worthy of a cheque from the Arts Council, suitably signed by someone who would sue if his or her property was given an overnight mural.

  • But atually Simpson-esque notices have appeared (in the art form of graffiti) on church notices before.

    From the 1960s in Liverpool
    “What would you do if Jesus came to Liverpool?”
    “Move St John to outside right”.

    Or from York Street, Belfast.
    “What will you be doing on Judgement Day?”.
    “Still waiting for the bus to Greencastle”.

  • Rory Carr

    …or, even more famously, at the bottom of the Whiterock Road (early 70’s – ?):

    “Is There A Life Before Death?”

  • Nunoftheabove

    “Tax The Wages of Sin” as Cathal Coughlan once crooned so delightfully.

  • fjh, “Jesus Saves, but Wor Jackie [Milburn] scores on the rebound”.

  • wee buns

    Could carve a name for her/his self as Riverbansky?

  • tuatha

    Or the evergreen admonition, “DO NOT THROW STONES AT THIS SIGN”