POTD – Reading the obits

I had to take this particularly when i saw that the man was reading the death notices.

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  • ahab

    looks more like the racing pages to me

  • Simply look at the fold of the paper (Irish News) ahab

  • Hello MP

    Did you not see the man had a pen in his right hand, a calandar watch on his left hand and a pint by his side?

    This wasn’t just a man reading the death notices this was HIM in his HEAVEN deciding who should appear in the Irish News the next day. You should be aware by now that God is a regular visitor to Belfast, just surprised he was in the John Hewitt unless he was giving feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

    I’m not usually so anal but you would think that having such a strong visual horizontal line (and imaginary parallel lines) they would use it as a reference point for hanging paintings.

    By the way who is the icon to the left with the blue background

  • JR

    If I am not mistaken the one on the left is Patrick Kavnagh

  • I’d say you are right thank you.

    And there’s Brendan beside him which is coincidental.

    If you haven’t seen it already keep an eye out for the “Rare oul times” a play about Behan and Kavanagh which seems to appear every once in a while all over the place. Good craic.

  • Local hack

    Irish News doesn’t have death notices, they are family notices – pedantic I know.
    But the paper decided to go with ‘family notices’ during the time of the hungar strikes when every man and his dog wanted to place a notice.
    The management at the paper decided only families could place notices to avoid the possibility of fallen comrades remembered by their paramilitary brothers.
    A wise decision, in my opinion, and one that no doubt cost the paper potentially thousands.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Who’s the brown bread far lefty on the wall, partially concealed ?

  • Kevin Barry

    ‘I had to take this particularly when i saw that the man was reading the death notices’


  • I think it was a great spot, MP.

  • Kevin because all the folks behind are……errr……. dead

  • Great photo MP.

  • Brian

    Who is that all the way on the right? Dev?

  • I do believe it is Saint Oscar; note the sungod halo.

  • Who is that all the way on the right? Dev?

    My first guess (with a slightly more thinner face) was Robbo. Although probably a bit early for the halo.

  • pippakin

    Could it be Oscar Wilde?

  • See my guess, pippakin.

  • No guess needed it’s Oscar alright

  • pippakin


    I missed your comment, sorry!

  • Longridgeofthecow

    Well spotted Moochin’ Is the “Death Notices” definititely based on fold of the paper. Maybe he is looking for a new Executive house in a popular area!

    Or maybe like that episode of the Simpsons he’s simply striking off the rest of the brigade , then he gets the booty!

  • Rory Carr

    He’s just doing his daily check. The absence of his own name from the list is the only assurance he has that he is yet alive.

  • Longridgeofthecow

    As you said RC he is simply ensuring his name is not there. I have seen money really fuck up close famalies. Suddenly people who have known each other for 50 years remember that “she bullied me when I was eight” and fall out!

  • babyface finlayson

    He is clearly wondering how they all came to die in alphabetical order.
    The old ones are the best.

  • Greenflag

    I recall my great grandfather reading the obits in the Evening Herald when I was a teenager . I always thought it was somewhat ghoulish seeing as he maintained this practice almost up to his early demise at the age of 99 -his mother passed the 102 and only died because she tripped down three flights of stairs trying to answer the front door 🙂

    Now and again he would exclaim in a gruff voice -‘ I see Paddy Dignam has died or Kathleen Holmes passed away or some other friend or neighbour from his past ‘

    Having ‘matured ‘ in the Victorian era he then followed his exclamation with a long silence . No one dared pursue the matter except his dutiful daughter who said meekly ‘Will ye be going to the funeral father ‘

    The chap in the red shirt in the middle is George Best and to the left it’s Brendan Behan with Oscar Wilde on the right . Is the chap with the cigar Che Guevara ? Surely it can’t be that Euro fat cat Pronsias De Rossa (Frank Ross ) from whom no words of ‘resistance ‘ to the ECB /IMF impositions have been heard ?

    Ye have to love those pink salmon socialists eh ;)?

  • I’m fairly sure it’s Che. Not sure what he’s doing with a bunch of Irishmen. Some obscure ancestry?

  • Brian

    Che’s dad was of Irish immigrant parents and his last name was Lynch.

    From Wiki: In reference to Che’s “restless” nature, his father declared “the first thing to note is that in my son’s veins flowed the blood of the Irish rebels.”

  • I can’t say that i’m particularly enamoured with this exhibition as i think it is derivative.
    Still i have learnt a few things from the comments re family notices and Che’s paternal Irish connection.