POTD – New B&W Mural

Painted by Mark Ervine to promote Bigg Life Arts Initiative which is opening it’s doors above Printers Cafe in the Cathedral Quarter

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  • john

    The more murals the better (apart from the gun yielding variey obviously)

  • Nunoftheabove

    Mr Ravenscroft; just a tad more culturally au fait than armed knuckle-dragging sociopaths in balaclavas, the mural depictors of which will doubtless never have heard of the Great Man. Any references to his support for the ghastly L’pool included in the image should – and indeed shall – be spraypainted over immediately of course.

  • The Raven

    Superb image – I hope it stays for a long time. I often pass the Teenage Kicks mural off the M3 before Short Strand, completed shortly after his death. I hope it’s a testament to the music and the man that the image has never attracted so much as an errant tag from other local “artists”.

  • Trapattoni

    Haha I just realised who thats meant to be. In the spirit of the school report I’ll say C, Mark shows some ability but could do better.