POTD – Thumbs up from the Lord Mayor Niall O Donnghaile

pictured yesterday in the grounds of City Hall after his parade which was organised for the first time by the award winning Ethnic Arts organisation ‘Arts Ecta’. The decision by the Council to award the running of the parade was a surprise to the rest of the arts community (and dare i say it, a slap on the wrist) to the Beat Initiative who have been the incumbent organisers for a number of years. Judging by yesterdays parade and party in the grounds, i would not be surprised to see the Beat Initiative back at the helm for next year’s parade.

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  • Nunoftheabove

    Why would you not be surprised to see the Beat Initiative back at the helm for next year’s parade ? What’s your judgment on the parade and party in the grounds ?

  • It’s just a judgement based on what i have seen over the years. To be fair i didn’t see the parade but the after party really didn’t have the fizz and craic that previous years have had (and that would have included rainy days). Watch this space as the saying goes

  • pippakin

    The photo has the look of a village fete about it they even have a child for Lord Mayor…It may, kind of, put grown ups off.

  • Chris Donnelly

    I have to be honest. I thought yesterday’s parade was a significant improvement on those of previous years, though I didn’t hang about for the after party.

  • Chris what were the numbers like lining the streets?

  • AntrimObserver

    Was it as bad as this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade – perhaps the least Irish-themed St Paddy’s Day event I’ve ever attended?

  • DC

    25 going on 40.

  • Trapattoni

    Pippakin, you seem to have a real problem with both the Mayor and his age, can you perhaps explain why that is?

    DC, what do you mean?

  • DC

    I mean the Mayor looks like he is closer to 40.

    And a Gerry Kelly clone in style and tone.

  • pippakin


    Only that in the picture I thought he had the look of the ‘school swat’ about him. I don’t mean that in a particularly offensive way remember the school swat was usually top of the class, but he/she was rarely the most popular…

  • AntrimObserver

    What amazes me is that noone has pointed out O Donnghaile’s similarity to…Paul Berry!

    As for the parade, I take it was the usual bunch of rent-a-crustie drummers symbolising I don’t know what exactly?

  • keano10

    Jesus the sheer level of umfounded antipathy towards this guy is astounding. Unlike any of the previous few posters i was actually in the city centre yesterday and the atmosphere and buzz was absolutelt fantastic. The tourists were loving it all and there was a lovely cosmopolitan friendly feel about the place. Maybe some of you could learn a thing or two from actually going to things like this rather than sitting behind a PC ‘guessing’ what ‘horrors’ befell our city yesterday…

    Pathetic, guys…

  • pippakin


    I’m not against him. I wish him luck. This thread is about the picture and Imo the whole ambience of the picture is as I described. Glad you enjoyed yourself though.

  • Trapattoni

    To be fair Pippa if we are talking only about the picture then I have to admit it is very cheesey. To go back to the class swot reference though many swots and prefects weren’t too popular in school right enough but IF the mayor was or is a swot he seems to have bucked the trend with both the electorate and his political peers wouldn’t you say?

  • pippakin


    It would appear so. I hope it lasts and improves he is a bit young to have ‘peaked’.

  • fordprefect

    Pippa, as Trapattoni pointed out it’s “swot” not “swat” (swat is I believe, a cop outfit that are armed to the teeth in the US). I’m not having a go at you Pippa, in fact I’ve grown to like you in the past weeks and months! I am no SF supporter, but, I know Niall personally and he is a very personable and friendly fella, so would you all leave him alone! His age is irrelevent, it’s what he does as mayor that matters! I remember him being on tv (before he was elected to anything) condemning the morons that threw paint over a memorial on the Newtonards Road, that was put there to remember Protestant guys that were killed in 1970.

  • pippakin


    You may well be right I’m sorry if I got the spelling wrong. Its a word I hadn’t used in years… I wasn’t sure so I got my spelling and definition from google search SWAT definition – definition of SWAT (slang) a school pupil thought to be more intelligent than the other members of the class,

    I’ve nothing against him but I’m not keen on very young politicians. I believe people should have held and been successful at real jobs first.

  • Trapattoni

    Pippa who says he has peaked?

  • Trapattoni

    Pippa swat is the way I would say it, so I’m obviously no swot. 🙂

  • fordprefect

    Pippa, I’m not being pedantic or anything, but swot was what I was always led to believe. Also, what about polititians being so young? I would prefer young men and women to be polititians (before they get contaminated by their elders), remember most of the MP’s in the Westminster Parliament were former lawyers, that’s where they learned to be lying B******s!

  • fordprefect

    By the way, LOL at Trapattoni!

  • Mrs jones

    AntrimObserver 19 June 2011 at 12:31 pm -As for the parade, I take it was the usual bunch of rent-a-crustie drummers symbolising I don’t know what exactly?

    When art doesn’t immitate life?

    Labour and Ethnicity In Modern Ireland-The Race To The Bottom.
    My mother bore me in bondage, in bondage my mother was born,I am of the blood of serfs.-Padraic Mac Phiarais.
    ‘It was seven o’clock in the morning. It was my first day in the new job.A security man i wasn’t but willing i was.Work was hard to come by.Posted to a rubbish dump was better than no post at all.Besides i could study at the same time as having a drop.Having slept through the night i awoke early the following day to the sound of a few men talking amongst themselves outside the security hut.I ventured outside .I was immediately approached by what seemed like the eldest man amongst the group.’Can we go on up the dump?’he asked?’ Being slightly ignorant of such matters i told them to go ahead. About ten minutes later the second group arrived and through a hissy fit.’What the f**k is dis about?Howcome the Mac Xs have got a head start….Do you not like the O’ Xs or something?What’ll i tell me missus?I muttered a vague apolagy.A half hour later i watched as the grown men returned from the rubbish tip in a group on their way home.The Mac Xs and the O’s together.Some of them carried toys,and others carried wood for the campfires.Searching through a rubbish dump didn’t bother him.To him it was work.’

  • The decision by the Council to award the running of the parade was a surprise to the rest of the arts community (and dare i say it, a slap on the wrist) to the Beat Initiative who have been the incumbent organisers for a number of years.

    You’ve mentioned this “arts community” before Moochin (I think in connection with their relief at the demise of Nelson Mc C?).

    Despite the slightly Orwellian whiff to the concept of one homogeneous organisation (or should that be organism) speaking on behalf of all “arts” in Ulster, I’d be interested to know how one goes about applying to join it.

    What do I need?
    I love “creative” diversity,, wear black polonecks and drink caffè lattes, is that enough for my membership card?

  • babyface finlayson

    Reminds me of one of my old Beano chums, Walter the Softy.
    Yuk yuk.

  • The guy looks like a nice fellow.

    Interesting that he wears the Gold thing though, I thought that might have had associations of royalty that SF wouldn’t want to embrace.

  • Seimi

    The Lord Mayor’s chain in Belfast is adorned with gold shamrocks and bears the legend ‘Erin go bragh’, whereas Dublin’s mayoral chain has ‘God save the king.’ Swapped?

  • Trapattoni

    In other Mayor related new Cllr Ó’Donnghaile was on the Shankill again this afternoon, he been there more often than Diane Dodds I’d say.

  • keano10

    Unfortunately reports tonight are that The Short Strand is again under attack from Loyalist mobs for the second night in a row. Doubt we’ll get a lead thread on it though…

  • keano10

    BBC website now reporting that up to 100 masked Loyalists dressed in camoflage gear have attacked homes in The Short Strand

  • andnowwhat
  • keano10

    Numerous homes attacked. Residents now reported to have been injured in a pipe bomb attack. Loyalist terrorists – they havent gone away you know… Scumbags…

  • andnowwhat

    Not impartial, I know but at least he did better than BBCNI with their 2 seconds on in and then straight to Rory FFS….


  • orly

    anyone know how to pronounce his surname?