POTD – Parade

With the Lord Mayors parade taking place in Belfast today i thought i’d post a photo from a parade i saw in Leogane Haiti which was the closest town to the epicentre of the Jan 2010 earthquake. On Easter Sunday i was taken there ostensibly because i wanted to flavour some of the local Rara music. What i wasn’t told was that every year the town holds a parade which commemorates the history of Haiti, from the first slaves arriving, through the years of slavery and subsequent rebellion ending with a group carrying placards expressing their current concerns. All age groups of the community were involved and the parade had been very carefully choreographed and planned. I don’t hesitate to say that it was the best parade i have seen. Here a member of the paramilitary police force, who had been standing idly by whilst the young bucks of the town were enacting the years of slavery, decided to try some crowd control when the young women paraded past him.

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  • wee buns

    Crowd control of dancing women: of vital importance.
    Lest there be an outbreak of festive happiness: how would armed macho burkes cope.…
    The girls look great in their costumes regardless.