POTD – Together One Voice – community choir

Community choir from Co.Fermanagh who sang at Flatlake Literary Festival on the Sunday. Lovely so they were. Bit surreal to see them with the masks though they didn’t detract from the quality of their performance

  • The choir does not seem to have many male singers.

    Just like so many other adult choirs in Ireland

  • Aah not so there are male members they are just not pictured. There was also an all male choir who did a stirring version of Irelands Call. I shall see if i can find out what they are called..they were very good too

  • Cavan Male Voice Choir and they are looking for new members

  • Oh and the fella in the tan shirt in the rhs might not be too happy with your assessment Seymour 🙂

  • oracle

    TOV are they the Musical wing of the TUV