The Psephology of Scotland (3) – SNP – it could have been even better….

The SNP won 53 of the 73 FPTP seats in the Scottish Parliament. These are the other 20, with the winning party and the margin between them and the SNP. (From the BBC.)
Coatbridge and Chryston   2,741 Lab
Motherwell and Wishaw  587 Lab
Uddingston Bellshill   714 Lab
Glasgow Maryhill and S’burn   1,292 Lab
Glasgow Pollock     623 Lab
Glasgow Provan     2,079 Lab
Glasgow Rutherglen       1,779 Lab
Orkney   868 Lib
Shetland  3,328 Lib
Edinburgh North and Leith   595 Lab
Cowdenbeath    1,247 Lab
Ayr  1,113 Tory
Dumfrieshhire   4,274 Lab
East Lothian          151 Lab
Ettrick, Roxburgh & Ber’shre 5,334 tory
Galloway and West Dumfries     862 Tory
Dumbarton   1,639 Lab
Eastwood   4,885 Lab
Greenock and Inverclyde   511 Lab
Renfrewshire South   2,587 Lab

The SNP polled 902,915 constituency votes. If a specific switch from appropriate parties to the SNP in these constituencies of a mere 18,624 people had happened then the SNP could have won the lot…..remarkable – it’s Ireland in 1918….. without an Ulster.