“The board broke its own equal opportunity rules.”

According to a BBC report, the Northern Ireland Policing Board spent £200,000 fighting a fair employment tribunal ruling only to, eventually, settle out of court under a confidentiality agreement.  The case had been brought by journalist Chris Ryder.  From the BBC report

However, Mr Ryder said he feels justified in breaking the terms because of “the gross misuse of public money”.

“The board broke its own equal opportunity rules. It manipulated the election process to discriminate against me,” he said.

“They destroyed the paperwork. They didn’t keep proper records. And then they fought this all the way for five years including to the appeals court.

“To me that’s a complete justification for the criticism of the way they do their business, of the absolutely profligate way in which they deal with public money.”

Clearly it’s just another “delicate” fragile flower…