POTD – Poster and mural

Poster to inform of a march tomorrow (Sunday 22nd) alongside  one of two new (old style) murals at the junction of Dee St and the Newtownards road. Not sure that the murals would have been part of the Arts Council NI Re-Imaging Belfast initiative.

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  • Nunoftheabove

    What is it about the lardy bloke in the tracksuit that would make this photo incomplete without him ?

  • Make the story in the Newsletter should included you



  • I really dont get the attention this is getting. West Belfast, South Armagh and many other places are littered with militaristic images of Irish Republicanism. We have been treated to several new ones very recently. What exactly is the difference and why is this worthy of attention?? And for the record this isnt ‘new’. The mural was there was for decades.

  • Because MP is bias – hes only back and again running the unionist community in East Belfast down

    Let him go into the short strand and take pictures or go across the town to North / South or West

  • In case anybody is wondering about the punchline, I looked up Faugh a Ballagh on wiki, I live and learn

    Faugh a Ballagh is a battle cry of Irish origin, meaning “clear the way”. The spelling is an 18th-century anglicization of the Irish language phrase Fág an Bealach, also written Fág a’ Bealach. Its first recorded use as a regimental motto was by the Royal Irish Fusiliers in 1798. It remains the motto of the Royal Irish Regiment today.

    It was adopted due to the blood curdling battle-cry of Sergeant Patrick Masterson as he tore into the French ranks, with Ensign Keogh, to capture the first French Imperial Eagle to be taken in battle – during the Battle of Barossa. He was then heard to cry ‘Be Jabers Boys! I have the Cuckoo!’ as he held it triumphantly aloft to rouse the spirits of his men. Alas, Ensign Keogh did not survive the daring dash into the French ranks

    NB make a good stirring patriotic poem this boys

  • Nunoftheabove


    Aren’t you projecting an awful lot in those comments ? Is that image saying something to you that it isn’t to me ? As it happens it’s not a particularly pointful image to my eye but why would you suppose that either it’s saying something – good, bad or indifferent – about the unionist of east Belfast or that it’s even intended to ?

  • A former RSM in the Irish Guards told me that the story goes that the line had broken during the battle and the Fusiliers as reinforcements, were brought up to strengthen it. As the Fusiliers passed a retreating English regiment they shouted “Faugh A Ballagh”
    in other words – get out the fecken way so we can get into the bastaads.

  • “We are the Pilgrims, master; we shall go
    Always a little further: it may be
    Beyond the last blue mountain barred with snow,
    Across that angry or that glimmering sea,
    White on a throne or guarded in a cave
    There lives a prophet who can understand
    Why men were born: but surely we are brave,
    Who make the Golden Journey to Samarkand.”

    .. James Elroy Flecker

    Going to the City Hall – or even to Hereford – isn’t quite the same thing. Carrying on up to Whiterock or White Mountain might require a little bravery. As the great prophet Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, speaking from a forlorn empty balcony, intimated recently, “There is no profit there” (my paraphrase).

  • ranger1640

    MP “Poster to inform of a march tomorrow (Sunday 22nd) alongside one of two new (old style) murals at the junction of Dee St and the Newtownards road”.

    The poster doesn’t look as if its alongside the mural, the poster looks like its posted on an adjacent wall. Hardly the same thing as your heading suggests. But when you have got an agenda, you need to keep pedalling that agenda, until people think its the norm, isn’t that right MP.

  • MP, it seems that the Arts Council pilot re-imaging communities programme is no longer awarding funding.

    I’m told that terror tours of loyalist and republican murals are quite popular; it seems that some foreign visitors are attracted to such beauty spots, now that most of the gunsmoke has drifted away. If you extended your remit you could be onto a nice little earner.

  • chewnicked

    Who’s actually organising the march?

  • Mark McGregor

    I can’t see any parade listed on the commission website.

  • I don’t go clubbing in East Belfast; I don’t go clubbing at all! From some shallow dive research I’ve learned that the Con Club is the ‘daddy of them all‘, even in the ‘sweltering heat’ of a big band night.

    Can anyone shed any more light as to whether the walk to the City Hall is a dander along the footpath or a march on the highway with all drums blattering?

  • The poster and mural illustrate the famous local saying, “Make war not love”.

    Imagine replacing them with the sorts of images you find in Rio.

  • RedTurtle

    2,000 people attended that protest against the MOD decision not to allow a RIR parade in Belfast, according to the BBC.


  • Nunoftheabove


    Rio ? What are we talking here – gable-wall sized representations of…booty ?

    “Ready For PAWG, Prepared for PAL” 🙂

  • Flicking though the community telegraph tonight and i notice that an article about the reasons for former PUP leader Brian Ervine stepping down as leader because the “UVF disapproved” of his giving funds to help remove sectarian grafitti on St Matthews chapel. The report goes further to say that the new murals on the Newtownards rd were a message to those continuing cross community work.
    “The murals are a message to Nationalists and those involved in cross community work”
    The article continues
    “A source also said that members of the UVF in the area were “sick” of cross community work because they feel they receive “nothing while the other side gets everything”
    I also noticed today that a new mural of wooly faced AK-47 toting UVF members is being painted at the bottom of the Ravenhill rd

  • andnowwhat

    In fairness, spitting out a dummy must be quite hard with a double knit ski mask on

  • Brian


    Well, their murals may be different but you should keep in mind more people were murdered in Rio than died in our own ‘troubles’ over the same period.

  • Brian

    I should add, more were killed more than a power of 10. But Brazil has good marketing. (BTW If you ever visit Brazil stick to the South, Curitiba, Sao Paulo, Porte Alegre, etc)

    ‘Between 1978 and 2000, 49,900 people were killed in Rio.’

  • andnowwhat

    Been to Sao Paulo Brian.

    A lovely place save for the fact that I was fighting while jet lagged.

    Nothing like lying on top of a Brazilian head butting him for 20 minutes to get the feel of a place LOL