Vote share 1996 – 2011

Time for a chart:

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  • Paynoattentiontome

    Looking at this graph I can see where margaret Ritchies partnership has taken the SDLP

    Ritchie pays tribute to Empey and congratulates new UUP leader
    SDLP Leader and South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has congratulated Tom Elliott on his election as Ulster Unionist Party leader and paid tribute to his predecessor Sir Reg Empey.
    Wed 22nd September

    She said: “I have known Sir Reg for a long time and worked closely with him as an Executive Minister in recent years. I am grateful for his support during this time most notably the backing he gave me when I stopped funding the UDA-related Conflict Transformation Initiative and for his ground-breaking invitation to address his party conference in 2007.

    “Although we come from different political backgrounds and differ ideologically I have always had a great deal of respect for Sir Reg for his honesty, decency and commitment to peace and power-sharing in Northern Ireland. Unlike others, Sir Reg did things because it was right to do them despite the political difficulty. While others were opportunists, Sir Reg brought hard work and principle to the process.

    “As Executive colleagues we witnessed at first-hand the power carve-up between Sinn Féin and the DUP and although our own parties have had our differences in the past it has always been clear in my mind that a stronger and revitalised SDLP and UUP offer far more to the people of Northern Ireland.

    “Sir Reg can be rightfully proud of his role in the UUP, who along with the SDLP were the first to show the courage and conviction to enter into a power-sharing administration and were the architects of the settled institutions we now enjoy.

    “I would also like to offer my sincerest congratulations to Tom Elliott on his election as leader of the Ulster Unionist Party. I look forward to meeting him in his new role and exploring areas where there is scope for practical co-operation for the benefit of the people we represent.”

  • We seem to be missing the Women’s Coalition

  • Mark McGregor


    If I put in everything or one that hovered around or below the 1% mark it would be an even more messy graph. Though if they still existed I might have considered them.

  • RedTurtle

    This graph is definitely not correct.

    Most glaring example is the 2003 assembly election where per
    unionists received 52.9% of the total vote.

    Just listing the following
    Democratic Unionist 177,470
    Ulster Unionist 156,931
    Progressive Unionist 8,032
    UK Unionist 4,794
    United Unionist Council 2,705
    NI Unionist 1,350

    That’s a total of 351,282 which is already over 50% of the 692,028 total votes, with the difference I’d imagine being made up from independent unionists

    yet the graph shows a total unionist vote of slightly less than 45%.

    There’s a hell of a difference between 45% and 53%.

    The graph seems to consistently undercount the total unionist vote. 2003 is just the most glaring example so I picked it for illustration.

  • RedTurtle

    Oops that’s 52.1% not 52.9% but point still stands.

  • Mark McGregor

    Apologies, I’d the wrong number for the UUP in 2003, now that’s corrected it matches yours. Feel free to offer any other correctives, it updates immediately.

  • joeCanuck


    Thanks for the graph. It starkly shows the steady decline of the UUP and the SDLP.
    Would be interesting to extrapolate it by 20 years.

  • Zig70

    This shows to me that Nationalist would fair better with the SDLP. If SF want a nationalist majority then they should be doing ‘what it takes’ to strengthen the SDLP and get part of the 45% who didn’t vote out again. It’s the quickest way I can see to bridge the gap between demographics and voters. Robbo’s dedication to Kerr and comments about unionism not being sectarian may be the DUP’s attempt to go for the other 45%. I would guess the DUP would also think that they could appeal to the Catholic right and certainly up the transfers.

  • joeCanuck

    Much has been made over the past 20 years about the need/desireability of having a single united unionist Party. The DUP don’t need it. Patience is all that is required.

  • Sean o Russell

    Where oh where is the official christian solidarity party…are
    they not on the graf…45% of the vote vindicates ruarais abstentionist policy…coupled with the 15% in the south leaves Republican Socialists in the clear as the only ones capable of differentiating between the woods and the trees..

  • antamadan

    Thanks for the charts Mark, and correction Turtle.

    Can I suggest an improvement as the mix of PR assembly elections and Westminster is a case of apples and oranges. Some vote Green, Alliance or whatever in a PR election in areas where their candidate can’t win, followed by UU or SDLP or whatever; then go back to UU or SDLP or whatever for Westminster. Perhaps it would be better with two chronological graphs, one fo)?