“Honesty and realism have been fleeting visitors to the campaign trail.”

A Belfast Telegraph editorial today argues

The campaign itself has been moribund with little vision and plenty of uncosted commitments which will have to be abandoned over the next few years. Honesty and realism have been fleeting visitors to the campaign trail.

The good ship Duopoly appears to be sailing serenely with the DUP and Sinn Fein in what appears to be a stately procession back to power.


We need strong, alternative parties to counter the Sinn Fein/DUP grip on power. That is to be pro functioning democracy, not anti the aforementioned parties. The last years of dysfunctional governance have contributed greatly to the apathy that will settle over proceedings today. Change is needed and that change can only be pushed through if the four main parties plus the Alliance are strong enough to join the debate.

The Belfast Telegraph does not support any one party but demands effective governance for a country that sorely needs it. The politicians have done little in this campaign to win your support but, in the end, we urge you to give it to them despite it all.

With unemployment in Northern Ireland at a 13-year high, an unbalanced budget for the next 4 years, and having only made a start, at least, on just over half of their 2008-2011 “key goals and commitments”, you’d have to think that something’s got to give.  Eventually.

Perhaps we should try the Belgian way…  They’re still not at it, you know.