“On the face of it, that is slightly disappointing…”

The Belfast Telegraph’s Insider column brings us OFMDFM officials Dale Heaney and James McEldowney’s verdict on the Northern Ireland Executive’s delivery, or not, on the Programme for Government 2008-2011.  They were appearing in front of the relevant Assembly committee.  From the Belfast Telegraph article

Mr Heaney argued that, in spite the impact of the economic downturn, ministers “have made, and continue to make, a significant difference to people’s lives”.

In introductory remarks to the hearing, he went on: “Delivery reports tend to focus on what remains to be done rather than on what has been done. Improvements could be made in striking a better balance between the positive and negative aspects of delivery.”

A pass mark for a particular commitment contained within the vast four-year programme means it has either been completed, is on the road to completion (‘amber/green’), or has at least been green-lighted.

“Of the key goals and commitments, 55% are rated as green, amber/green or completed,” Mr Heaney said. “On the face of it, that is slightly disappointing.”

On the face of it, that is slightly understating the situation.  And what we aren’t told is what percentage of the “key goals and commitments” were actually “completed”, rather than “green-lighted”.  That might be why the NI Executive hasn’t produced a new Programme for Government…

[But it’s been “stable”! – Ed]  Relatively… and where were they going to go?