This is a fairly unremarkable photograph truth be told. But that is exactly what has happened. As i can exclusively reveal the truth has in fact been told.

After posting the photo on facebook, Alan in Belfast commented to say that he interviewed Seamas de Faoite late last year (Obv. Doh! lol)

Seamas then commented to reveal the truth behind this heinous attack on liberty and our electoral system.

I can exclusively reveal that the perpetrator of the defacement of the election poster was in fact one of Seamas’ cousins.

The relative in question contacted Seamus via text message this morning and Seamas confirmed this exclusively to me and my friends on facebook.

When questioned, Seamas declined to comment  if he was seeking the maximum possible penalty for such an offence. He also neither confirmed or denied whether, as punishment, the miscreant cousin was  going to be spending the run up to the election as official shoe polisher for the SDLP.*







*primarily because I didn’t ask either of those questions.