This is a fairly unremarkable photograph truth be told. But that is exactly what has happened. As i can exclusively reveal the truth has in fact been told.

After posting the photo on facebook, Alan in Belfast commented to say that he interviewed Seamas de Faoite late last year (Obv. Doh! lol)

Seamas then commented to reveal the truth behind this heinous attack on liberty and our electoral system.

I can exclusively reveal that the perpetrator of the defacement of the election poster was in fact one of Seamas’ cousins.

The relative in question contacted Seamus via text message this morning and Seamas confirmed this exclusively to me and my friends on facebook.

When questioned, Seamas declined to comment  if he was seeking the maximum possible penalty for such an offence. He also neither confirmed or denied whether, as punishment, the miscreant cousin was  going to be spending the run up to the election as official shoe polisher for the SDLP.*







*primarily because I didn’t ask either of those questions.

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  • The photo would have been more interesting without the story.

  • wee buns

    How is his name pronounced and what is the translation as béarla please?

  • vanhelsing

    Anyone think he looks like Peter Kay 🙂

  • SDLP supporter

    Pronounced as “defeat-ya”. De Faoite is commonly translated as ‘White’. So ‘James White’ might, only say might, be on his birth cert.

  • Old Mortality

    And no doubt de Faoite was once a very common Irish name, as was O Meuillior (sic).

  • wee buns

    SDLP supporter
    Thanks for the explaination; I’ve never heard that name before. But what do you reckon on the use of ‘De’?
    I thought this was to mean ‘of’…leaving the literal translation be ‘James of White’
    Also I wonder why ‘White’ wouldn’t be simply ‘Bán’…

  • Drumlins Rock

    The amended photo suits the amended name:)

  • “De Feeta” is about close as I can get with my Belfast accent.
    I am not empowered to reveal the English translation. As Séamas prefers the Gaelic version, thats his call.
    But two points. Ive been out and about photographing some posters. “Fitzjames Horse on Tour” so to speak and Ive noticed that fewer and fewer seem to be vandalised over past number of years…many are of course…..but its a sign of growing tolerance.
    Lets face it all these posters will only be there for a lot of weeks.

    But theres a greater substance in the story. A young man like Séamas standing in Pottinger Belfast is a good sign and Moochin Photoman will have noticed that posters in East Belfast also show a new face in Magdalena Wolska (SDLP) which like Hannah Chu (Alliance) in FST and other Polish and Portuguese candidates moves the story of further integration on from Anna Lo (Alliance) in South Belfast. A hopeful sign.
    Its good to see new faces and hear new accents.
    Also good to hear that many candidates of many parties are going outside the comfort zone of their own “community” to canvass……and seemingly getting a polite response. We seem to be growing up.
    Moochin Photoman has often been accused of highlighting bad news stories in East Belfast.
    This is a good news story.
    Hopefully Séamas cousins will contribute to the Pottinger Election Fund 🙂

  • Shame on SDLP supporter for revealing the English version. But at least I can see a “campaign rap” song.
    “My names De Faoite…..Gonna defeat ya”

  • Dec

    I believe it’s more accurate to say ‘White’ is the Anglicised version of ‘de Faoite’ as opposed to a direct translation.

  • SDLP supporter

    I’m no expert on this, but in Irish where there is a prefix like ‘De’, it indicates a Norman/English origin. For example, the Gaelic surname of De Paor is commonly translated as ‘Power’ and De Roiste (fada on the ‘o’) is ‘Roche’. ‘Ban’ in relation to a person is often translated as ‘fair-haired’, like Sean Bean Breathnach, though he hasn’t got any hair left now. Similarly the noted late Donegal seanchai (story-telller), Sean Ban Mac Grianna, was functionally blind and, perhaps, albino, though amusingly fifty years ago it didn’t stop him riding a bike around Rann na Feirste.

  • wee buns

    “My names De Faoite…..Gonna defeat ya”

    Very good! 🙂

  • George

    I’m no expert on this, but in Irish where there is a prefix like ‘De’, it indicates a Norman/English origin

    The de prefix in Irish names such as De Burca indicates Norman origin.

    We should remember that a thousand years ago, 90% of Ireland was Gaelic speaking, 8% French and 2% English.

  • wee buns

    Thanks…..and also to the mighty google

  • South Down Stoop

    His name’s James White, he underwent a mystical transformation to Seamás a couple of years ago, right about the time he started climbing rungs in the S.D.L.P.

  • And fair play to him. Initiative and Ambition.

  • Beaky

    He looks like he knows the way to Amerillo, dont know if thats enough to get him elected though

  • Drumlins Rock

    “I believe it’s more accurate to say ‘White’ is the Anglicised version of ‘de Faoite’ as opposed to a direct translation.”

    Dec I would disagree, to Anglicanise is simply an English man writing it down as he hears it, actually more names were probably “scotched” than “angled”, de Faoite I would hazzard to guess might easily have become Foot at the hands of some scribe. More rarely they were translated, some Magowans became Smithson, or even just Smith. I guess I could have been a Black quite easily 🙂 and have used it as a pseudonym once or twice, but surnames are special in this country and sometimes “changing them back” can be as much of an abuse of the heritage as the original corruption.

  • vanhelsing

    Keith Lard-

    No offense to Mr Seamas de Faoite

  • If his cousins want to contribute to a Pottinger election fund, they could contribute to mine.

  • socaire

    Drumlins Rock
    It wasn’t Captain Black, by any chance?

  • Drumlins Rock

    funny enough…

    It wasn’t

  • Alias

    Never vote for anybody who’ll spend more than 30% of his salary on snack food.

  • SDLP supporter

    I think the real story is that An tUasal de Faoite is apparently only nineteen and has already been a somewhat controversial activist in the Irish Labour Party in a Dublin constituency.

  • SdFaoiteSDLP

    I find it interesting that those criticising me claim to be SDLP supporters or even members, or maybe they’re just the one person.

    Hiding behind whispering campaigns and internet usernames adds nothing to your arguments, and if you have a problem with me, or my candidacy, please be candid and honest enough to say it to my face or better still, stand against me, you have until tomorrow at 1pm to lodge your papers afterall!

    Fairplay to Moochin aswell, I don’t mind people jesting, infact I think its better for Politics and we need more politicians who can deal with it and less of those with glass jaws. Moochin also had the decency to introduce himself! Keep up the good work lad.

  • Rory Carr

    Séamas (sic) de Faoite may have been “a somewhat controversial activist in the Irish Labour Party” but, with a double chin like that cultivated while yet in his teens, it was obvious that his future lay in the SDLP where such physical refinement is the very mark of leadership. John Hume and Ediie McGrady both would surely recognise his potential.

  • Rory Carr

    …and perhaps Eddie McGrady as well.

  • So are we gonna have some kinda contest where posters are published and we get to comment on the physical appearance of the candidates. Is this how Slugger O’Toole wins awards? Is this sophistication?
    Perhaps its fitting that we ourselves hide behind gravatars or whatever they are called
    Harmless fun? Or Frankie Boyle?

  • Drumlins Rock

    we could play spot the photoshop jobs!

  • SDLP supporter

    Rory Carr

    There’s quite people physically challenged in terms of avoirdupois in your party of choice, Sinn Fein, but as I’m a gentleman, and as some of them are female, I’m not going to name names.

    It’s kind of funny, Rory, you being such a sea-green Irish republican and yet choosing to spend your life in Tottenham, or wherever you are, right in the bosom of the hated enemy.

  • stewart1

    Was talking to someone from Short Strand in work yesterday and none there has ever heard of Séamas and have never seen him in the Pottinger area?

    Anyone know if he from Belfast?

  • Indeed Stewart I have no idea where hes from. Id assume if hes a student that hes living in the city, most likely in South Belfast. If he is fighting his first election as a 22 year old or whatever…..then its unlikely anyone will have heard of him.
    Gotta start somewhere I suppose and hes probably lived in Belfast longer than Gerry Adams has lived in Louth. But its an odd argument ..where is he from? …….is Martin McGuinness from Mid Ulster, Pat Doherty from West Tyrone, Caitriona Ruane from South Down.
    His colleague in East Belfast is from Poland … “ourselves alone” folks have a problem with that. In fairness to them they are decent enough not be bothered? Can anyone have a problem with Anna Lo not being from South Belfast?

    Which reminds me who is the next candidate that we can post a picture of and make comments about their physical appearance?

  • Alias

    “Which reminds me who is the next candidate that we can post a picture of and make comments about their physical appearance?”

    How about we send you Brian Cowen as a gesture of cross-border cooperation? His political career seems to have peaked. He’s so ugly that house flies close their eyes when they land on him.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Can someone confirm this or is it just locally here, but are the DUP not putting faces on their posters at all?

  • Don’t know about the DUP, but the Green Party aren’t putting photos or even names on some of the posters. They are recycling old ones, and reducing the number of new ones printed.

  • wee buns

    Cllr Brush

    ”This man’s name is an abomination and an affront to our intelligence.”

    Would you care to explain how so?

  • Drumlins Rock



  • wee buns


  • vanhelsing

    Just confirmed that myself. Think we need to be careful about verifying this sort of thing before letting people onto Slugger who ‘claim’ to be, in this case an elected offical and high profile press story. Could end in tears…

    I’ve always wanted to be Obi Wan Kenobi though 🙂