Snap, Craickle and Pop: The Controversy of Popular Gaelicisation

Ever since Ireland was told that the black stuff might not be Irish, but rather a porter stout from Covent Garden, the country has descended into a frantic state of uncertain soul-searching and impassioned reflection to clarify once and for all what is actually ‘Irish’ (potatoes, Gaelic Storm, and Saint Patrick aside).   But now the most quintessentially ‘Irish’ institution of them all is under intense academic scrutiny, the much celebrated notion of ‘the craic’ (and that’s before considering the … Read more


This is a fairly unremarkable photograph truth be told. But that is exactly what has happened. As i can exclusively reveal the truth has in fact been told. After posting the photo on facebook, Alan in Belfast commented to say that he interviewed Seamas de Faoite late last year (Obv. Doh! lol) Seamas then commented to reveal the truth behind this heinous attack on liberty and our electoral system. I can exclusively reveal that the perpetrator of the defacement of … Read more