POTD – Indoor archery

The City of Belfast Archers  has been in existence for 20+ years. Modest fees ensures that the club meets twice a week. In the winter months an old snooker hall in the city centre has been their clubhouse for a couple of years. During the summer they practice at the Council owned  playing fields off Boucher Crescent. This arrangement is under threat with a proposed rate increase from the Council which is extortionate at 1100%. It’s the hope of the membership that this increase has come about as a result of a new accounting system at the council, preferring to think of it as a computer error.

The club runs and enters competitions and is open to all. Their youngest archer is a 5 year old and they have a potential para-olympian as a member. The closure of the club would surely dash any hopes he might harbour of becoming a medal winner.

There is to be a meeting in the next week or so to discuss this increase in rates which threatens the club with closure. The members i spoke to were fairly upbeat but under no illusion as to the possible outcome.


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  • Local Government Officer

    “This arrangement is under threat with a proposed rate increase from the Council which is extortionate at 1100%.”

    There are those, on this site, who have – in the past – railed against community centres, community groups, subsidies provided to groups and so on.

    A little off-topic, this, but to those people I would say, that this is the sort of activity that only happens *because* councils provide facilities which are cheap to hire. Councils’ collective kneejerk reaction to cutting everything and hiking the prices up on everything else, and abandoning certain projects here there and everywhere is only to the detriment of society.

    We pay our rates bill each year. Less than half goes to Council services. I think an average of £500 a year is pretty good value. It would be a shame to see clubs and groups like this go out of existence because “Outraged of Carryduff” doesn’t use community centres, and doesn’t want to see anyone else use them either.

  • Just imagine a protest at City Hall by archers!