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I find this very sinister and to see the number of the house as part of this scrawl makes it all the more so sinister. I’ve photoshopped the number out. Found in two separate locations off the Beersbridge Road. I would hope that this will be painted over in the very near future.

(Edited to add the bottom two photos which were brought to my attention)

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  • Zig70

    With all the talk of social responsibility re Libya, maybe you should stick on a dress and wig, run round and paint out the number before the goons come out at night. I would only I don’t know where Abetta is and my wife’s dresses don’t fit.

  • Mark

    Social responsibility in Libya ? Are you serious ?

    Don’t shoot the messanger …. MP didn’t paint that disgusting graffiti . We know the kind of birdbrain’s who did …

    It’s embarrassing for you though and that’s why you think attack is the best form of defence , hence the hilarious wife’s dresses joke.

    Taigs out ….. ffs , can they not even think of something new !

    Change the record there girls .

  • 2 more examples added to the bottom of the original post

  • Zig70

    All spelt correctly, that’s a new one. That should narrow the culprits down to a handfull.

  • anne warren

    I suppose it is easy enough to wipe the wall.
    What about wiping the mindset?
    Dirt too hard and ingrained for anyone to tackle?

  • Greenflag

    This ‘graffitti ‘ business has a long history and ‘misspelling ‘ is just part of the culture . Still better to fight with paintbrushes than bombs eh 😉

  • Greenflag

    ‘What about wiping the mindset?’

    Unlearning is a bigger challenge than learning and only for a very few . Most people stick to their ‘original ‘ myths as life is a lot easier that way and in a society like NI nobody wants to be seen as ‘different ‘ outside of narrow sectarian confines . As the poor sods who brushed these walls have learnt bugger all except sectarian hatred during their miserable lives -it would be amiss and socially irresponsible to even attempt to help them overcome their innate sectarianism . It’s the only ‘value’ they have left to cling to .

    Let them fight with their paintbrushes -unsightly and all that but as you say it can be wiped off . Better than scraping pieces of bodies off the streets I’d say.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I am not sure if you guys have got the point or not.

    Someone, somewhere suspects that there are Catholics living in a certain address and this is an attempt to intimidate them out. Whoever lives there will have to be rehoused. It’s extremely sad and as others have said it’s probably the work of a few knuckleheads. Then again, that’s all it takes.

  • edgeoftheunion

    On a more positive note:

    camán and sliotar on sale at a LIDL in the East.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Think the grammar not a bit out though.

    should it not be “you dirty fenian scum” rather than “you fenian dirty scum” ?
    Also the first one reads like there will be ” Better Catholic Gay pride parade”.

    Anyways, as we bloggers like to say, “don’t feed the trolls”, maybe we should apply that to real life too?

  • Hi MP

    I’d get a refresher on Photoshop,

    As the man himself used say “I can see the join Ernie”

  • Drumlins Rock

    can you do hand writing analysis on gafitti?

  • Greenflag

    CS , I think everybody got that message around about the time ‘graffiti’ developed ‘sectarian appeal . Not a whole lot can be done about it unless the locals do it themselves and they’re probably scared s***less of the anthropoidal knuckle grounding ‘artists ‘.

    The Cat o Nine Tails delivered on sectarian arses 20 times for first offenders, 100 for second offenders and life imprisonment for third offenders without probation or early release for those found guilty of intimidating people out of their homes – for a start .

  • Greenflag

    DR ,

    gaffitti ? is that the plural of gaffe ;)?

  • HeinzGuderian

    What I find even more sinister,is the way your camera keeps avoiding the ” Brits Out ” graffiti ??

    Maybe when you and your boy move to the * safety* of West Belfast….we will see more of that ??

    Maybe not………….;-)

  • Your post is pure whataboutery panzer man
    No condemnation just pointing the finger trying to deflect attention….absolutely pathetic

  • lamhdearg

    someone from ardoyne has move into abbetta, some people have huge balls.

  • Comrade Stalin

    someone from ardoyne has move into abbetta, some people have huge balls.

    Dangerous to assume that the person who wrote the graffiti was properly informed. Even more dangerous still to suggest that the responsibility for anything that happens would lie with the possible victim.

  • lamhdearg

    indeed. and i do neither.

  • fordprefect

    Would someone please tell me what, or, where Abbeta is? I live in Belfast and I haven’t a Frog where it/what is or where.

  • lamhdearg

    east belfast
    try goggle maps.

  • fordprefect

    Really, I honestly have never heard of it. Where is it near?

  • lamhdearg

    can you not get goggle maps,

  • fordprefect

    I can, but I thought you would have helped me out (instead of me going to goole earth or maps) by saying it’s beside Ballybeen or some such.

  • lamhdearg

    off the beersbridge road (out the back of the connswater centre). i thought you would like to have a look around using street view, to get a feel for the type of area it is.

  • Most likely immigrants though there are a good few Taigs in those parts. One of the guiys caught with Gerry Kelly in London came from the Far East. They used to have 12th bonfires outside his family’s house.

    Though the cops should clamp down harder on these dirty scum, they probably have plenty of support. Remember King Rat’s funeral and marches of support.

  • lamhdearg

    sometime i feel your imput is quite cutting edge, you are a bit off the mark on this.

  • QUOTE – MP

    “I find this very sinister and to see the number of the house as part of this scrawl makes it all the more so sinister”

    Given that statement – i hope you did your Civic duty and informed the police – YES or NO will do ?

    Then i hope you informed Belfast City Council asking them to removed the Grafitti – YES or NO will do ?

  • Oh soooo predictable John ….no condemnation just finger pointing (whataboutery) and shooting the messenger…as i said to panzerboy t’other day……pathetic.

    If you really want to know put in an FOI which you seem to be so fond of.

  • and if anyone was wondering about my comment of the the predictability of the comment, just click on Belfastjj’s proflie and look at his commenting history……..tells it’s own story

  • Oh deary deary me

    If you want to bring about change and stop this sort of thing get your Arse of the fence and report it to the Police – you talk a good story but haven’t the balls to report it !!

    Blah blah blah blah

    Hey at least i’m getting somewhere 🙂

  • Oh by the way just to help you

    Crimestoppers – It offers the public a free telephone number which you can call totally anonymously and give information about individuals involved in crime, or about any criminal activity.

    0800 555 111

    Or the Inspector David Moore who is in charge of the Neighbourhood Policing Team

    Or contact Chief Inspector Yvonne Davidson Area Commander for East Belfast