POTD- Talking to a brick wall

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  • MP, Sammy Wilson will be round with his roller and his mates shortly :L

  • RepublicanStones

    One of the best bits of graffiti i ever read was scrawled in a toilet cubicle. It was written in blue marker and it read simply…

    “I’ve got a new blue marker”

  • joeCanuck

    My favourite was in a cubicle in the basement of the original Students Union at Queens. Very small writing at the bottom of the door. Leaning forward to read it, I was informed that I was now shitting at an angle of 45 degrees.

  • Mark

    One a wall in Blackrock , Dublin just after the Sallins train job convictions.

    FREE NICKY KELLY… and one smartarse had written
    with everybox of cornflakes

  • ” original Students Union at Queens”

    What a grand place that was. Home of the Glee Club – and the Major upstairs in the Billiard/Snooker Room.