POTD – Cleaning up after a sectarian attack on St Matthews church in the Short Strand

St Matthews Church on the Newtownards Road has once again been targeted in a sectarian attack, the second in a week.

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  • “At the going down of the sun…” the sectarian fuckwits will come out to play?

  • andnowwhat

    Totally agrree with your comment MP, complete fuckwits.

    Thankfully, we know that both communities in the area are working well together which I am sure does not go down with these clowns.

  • MP, just wondered if these recent attacks might be linked to recent Rangers-Celtic fractiousness.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Having suffered a similar attack on our Orange Hall recently I can now understand how it hurtful things like this are, even if the damage is minor, but I also know how much offers of support help, often it can even help improve relationships.
    I would urge anyone in that area or who knows the people of St Matthews to pass on their disgust at the attacks.

  • Nevin……….Last weeks was, as specific graffiti was daubed …this one seems to be purely sectarian, red white and blue paint was thrown.
    It might also have something to do with trying to empty the coffers of the PUP who gave a donation towards the clean up of last weeks attack*.


  • Greenflag

    They need to bring back the cat o nine tails and hard labour for these semi epsilon morons . Community service is all very well but for these cretins it’s a joke . And ditto for those who vandalise Orange Halls .

    When arrested these gobshites should be given an IQ test and those who score between 60 and 85 probably 95% of them should be compulsorily sterilised .

    OK rant over ;)?

  • andnowwhat

    Actually, i am more of a mmiond to send these ejjits to do work in the 3rd world for 6 months or so and get some perspective.

    I hate to defend such people/actions but they are a produce of their enviroment.

  • Thanks, MP. I’d not heard about the attacks on the church; I was just speculating. There have been attacks up here on the North Coast in the past where local ‘vengeance’ was wrought on innocent parties when things went ‘agin their lot’ elsewhere. It isn’t just ‘all politics is local’.

  • between the bridges

    the numpties probably wouldn’t’ make the 60 points mark!
    churches, OO halls and GAA clubhouses etc, are all usually soft targets with little risk of getting caught. regardless if the preparators are teenage thug’s or middle aged fukwits they share one common theme they are all yellow barstewarts.

    on a side issue all these types of attacks should be viewed as sectarian yet many get labelled/reported as vandalism, what is the criteria?

  • Mooch

    > It might also have something to do with trying to empty the coffers of the PUP who gave a donation towards the clean up of last weeks attack*.

    > *Joke

    No joke – I imagine their coffers are now empty. This time, BCC will pick up the bill (ie, all ratepayers) for the paint clean-up. The PUP donation was towards broken windows etc.

  • YelloSmurf

    Utterly disgraceful.

  • I think one of the most heartening things has been the community response.
    The PUP donation is interesting (but of course its possible indeed probable that decent like-minded people of other unionist parties did the same).
    But there is..it has to be said…an election campaign a few weeks away….and I say this as hopeful rather than mean-minded
    In 2007 in East Belfast……..when SF was eliminated 4% of transfers went to the PUP (obviously over 50% went to SDLP) and on the SDLPs elimination 19% went to PUP (6 points highe than the UUP got).

    So the PUP knows where its friends are……and the residents of Short Strand will probably remember that with a #3 or #4 in May. By the way I should als point out that PUP got 14% of Alliance transfers (SDLP got 15% indicating Short Strand support for AP also)
    Whether the votes transfer to PUP or Dawn Purvis is a different point.
    But there is certainly more incentive for Short Strand and the wider Catholic community in East Belfast (Willowfield/Ballyhackamore) to use the ballot paper more thoroughly.
    That has to be bad news for DUP/UUP.

  • Aontachtach

    Mindless Morons! It’s a shame that the local Protestant Churches, along with loyalist community workers didn’t remove the paint themselves. That might have sent out a message to these brain dead wasters that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated by the decent people of that area.

  • Congal Claen

    Damage to halls should be taken out of the “other” side’s grants.

    So, OO hall or Proddy church damaged – take it out of the money given to the GAA by the government/council. GAA hall or Catholic church damaged – take it out of money given to the OO or loyalist bands.

    Therefore, an attack on the other side ends up actually hurting your own side.

  • Greenflag

    Nice idea Congal but is there not a presumption that the ‘vandals ‘ are church going or order members or bandplayers of their respective denominations . I suspect that those who carry out these destructive acts are probably not members in good standing of any church , association or order or band .

  • vanhelsing

    Good response guys. Completely agree, mindless morons. Those who attack churches, OO halls or GAA clubs should be put in stocks – they are just dragging the country backwards.

  • fordprefect

    Any attack on a catholic church, protestant church, orange hall, gaa club etc. is pathetic, I really, really shake my head with bewilderment at the mentality of the cretins that carry out these attacks, who in their right mind would waste their time and energy to go and do something like this? Do these morons not get it, it’s 2011, for F***s sake move on!

  • andnowwhat

    Led’s not forget that what we, as a society tolerate, what messages we give them.

    Look at that big mural across the road from the church. Look at the graffiti on gable walls in all areas that celebrate/commemorate things that belong in the past, that these kids should know nothing about.

    Look at republican parades with kids dressed as IRA men or loyalist parades with banners celebrating the otherness of the communities.

    Is moving on a pretence or is it truely in our hearts? Personally, I think we should have a TV programme with ex combatants talking about the misery they experienced and residents talking about the fear and hassle they endured daily.

    I’ve endured “conversation” with 2 young republican dissidents (according to them anyway) and it came across as if they feel they have missed some great party. I know for I was passively in the midst of it, it was no party and they need to know what it is like, the constant attention from security forces, that actions will be visited not just on them but also their family.

  • fordprefect

    Yes, and I would go one further (with the ex combatants tv idea), let them tell people how they were whipped up into a fury and went out and committed acts for which they did very long streches in gaol for, watched their comrades die and in the end were betrayed by the same people that told them that what they were doing was right and was for God and Ulster/a United Ireland, maybe something like that would take the sheen off any romantic notions of war.

  • decbla

    dont think any amount of talking would stop this nasty sectarian vandalism from the morons on all sides who carry out similar attacks on various premises.

    Hitting them in the pocket so they cannot afford their cheap wine and cider and bit of blow would be a better idea.

    Sad that rangers / celtic get dragged into this – the over reaction to the match last week was ridiculous, similar goes on the prem, will they threaten to play man u / lpool or arsenal / spurs behind closed doors? or chelsea / west ham? not a chance!!

  • Cynic2


    Perhaps SF will now call for a police station to be opened in the area so police responding to these attacks dont have to come from Lisburn Road?

    Of sorry…..last month they were showing their support for law and order by celebrating its closure

    So Mr Baggot, where’s all the community policing to stop this and arrest those responsible?

  • “Damage to halls should be taken out of the “other” side’s grants”

    That suggestion, whilst being well meaning, actually epitomises a lot of the problem with the way people think.

    We should regard any criminal act, whether in relation to a church, GAA clubhouse, Political party premises, Orange Hall, police station or any other property as a crime against all of us. There should be no discrimination in our feelings or our response towards the crime, the criminal or the victim.

  • chewnicked

    Cynic, how pathetic is your comment?The presence of a police station on Mountpottinger Road did nothing to prevent the hundreds of attacks against the chapel that occurred over the last 40 years. Why don’t you just condemn the attack outright instead of hiding behind your cowardly suggestion that it somehow serves the people of St Matthews right for having the temerity to campaign for much needed social housing on the site of the derelict, former barracks?. You are merely an apologist for the sectarian scum that carried out this attack.

  • Neil

    The presence of a police station on Mountpottinger Road did nothing to prevent the hundreds of attacks against the chapel that occurred over the last 40 years.

    That and the suggestion that Musgrave Street police station, about 2 minutes away with sirens and lights, is not suitable and someone would have to come from the Lisburn Road. They must drive past Donegal Road PSNI station to get here, and as I said, Musgrave Street is closer still at about a mile away.

  • Congal Claen

    Hi Seymour,

    “That suggestion, whilst being well meaning, actually epitomises a lot of the problem with the way people think…”

    I didn’t say that was the way I thought. However, it’s the way the idiots that cause the damage think. And that’s who we’re trying to stop…

  • HeinzGuderian

    If they wand,”much needed social housing”………….start a campaign to have the church demolished !!

  • presumably that’d be a blitzkreig then HeinzGuderian