In the News Letter, Alex Kane calls the new TD for Louth, and still Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead, Gerard Adams, on his party’s, self-declared, “ongoing reconquest of Ireland“.  From the News Letter article.

Sinn Fein’s greatest skill remains its ability to bluff with a poor hand. It always talks and acts as though Irish unity were an inevitability and that everything that happens – the ballot box/armalite tactic; the IRA ceasefire and decommissioning; becoming part of the government in Northern Ireland; and a handful of backbench seats in the Dail – is all part of an elaborate, joined-up strategy. It isn’t. Sinn Fein has been sucked in, screwed over and spat back out by the Brits. Sinn Fein has simply been shifted from ‘safe houses’ and prison cells to swanky offices and institutions funded by the UK Exchequer: with no united Ireland and no prospect of a united Ireland. But hey, none of these inconvenient facts will prevent An Phoblacht from continuing to print the legend instead!

Anyway, and in spite of the nonsense spouted by some panicked unionists last week, it’s about time that we stopped believing Sinn Fein’s own hype. Think, instead, of the Boggart in Harry Potter: the shape-shifting creature which takes on the form of the viewer’s worst fear. The Boggart-Banishing Spell (Riddikulus) causes the creature to assume a form that is funny to the spell caster, thereby counteracting the Boggart’s ability to terrorise. Boggarts are defeated by laughter, so forcing them to assume an amusing form is the first step to defeating them.

For all of their effort to present themselves as bogeymen, Sinn Fein is just arrogant, absurd, deluded and trapped. The balaclavas have been swapped for suits, P O’Neill replaced by a senior civil servant and anti-British rhetoric drowned out by talk of budgets and the need to implement Tory cuts. So yep, Gerry, your day has come: and Northern Ireland remains firmly anchored in the United Kingdom. Have fun with that tax axe on both sides of the border!

Heh.  Read the whole thing.

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  • The Word


    Some people haven’t understood the (implications of the)1998 Agreement yet. People need to understand that it is creation of social democratic thinking, overruling monarchism and ruling out republicanism as the teo sides of the same coin.


    Don’t believe everything I write, Nun, in my portfolio. It’s all true but you know, at times it can be quite imprecise as you say.

    But it is sufficient for you in your predicament in view of your desire to please the sinner.

  • The Word, the Agreement was the creation of a wide range of political viewpoints; it was a compromise, a committee design.

    There were special concessions for paramilitaries and these continued after the referendums were held. The continuing paramilitary control of some local communities suited London and Dublin even if they would have found it intolerable in the rest of these islands. Is this an implication that you welcome?

  • Nunoftheabove


    Difficult to disbelieve it when it’s not even possible to understand it a lot of the time kid.

    And do give over about your silly sins, you sound like nothing so much as one of those nauseating do-gooding orange supremacists with his dog collar on the wrong way round who’s either gleefully looking forward to the world ending as soon as possible or unable to sleep at night for worrying about whether he accidentally smiled that day and hath mortally displeased the Lord accordingly and faces a long shift in the Serpentine pizza oven as a consequence. Keep it, chum.

    I try to please myself, my family, my friends and respect others in an ethical and moral fashion – I don’t require a heavenly threat, a ‘Big Brother Says So…Or Else’ inducement or a thoroughly rotten man-written immoral text to enable me to behave decently towards my fellows to a reasonable extent thanks.

  • Zig70

    I don’t get the SDLP. A left wing party full of middle class catholics. A social class I would see as conservative, centre\ right wing. Always talk of an inclusive society but start with a UI statement that sends half the populous running for the bunkers. Too confusing to vote for.

  • john

    Zig the main problem with SDLP is they arent sure what they are themselves (I usually end up voting for them anyway as the rest are even worse) A perfect example of this is the confusion in the past with which Southern party for them to support is it Labour is it FF is it someone else – the sooner they commit the better so they can truly compete with SF on an all Ireland basis

  • Lionel Hutz

    We believe that all the rights, protections, and inclusion that nationalists have sought within Northern Ireland while it is in the United Kingdom must equally be guaranteed to unionists within a United Ireland.

    Our vision of a United Ireland is based on equality. Unity must not be about the entrapment of a new minority. In a United Ireland we will still need to find a way of sharing our society as equals every bit as much as we do today – and that is what the Good Friday Agreement is all about. The best context for holding and winning a referendum is when it is clear that the Agreement is fully bedded down and that all its protections will continue regardless of the referendum’s outcome. A majority is most likely to vote for a United Ireland when reassured that it is neither a vote against the Agreement nor a vote for constitutional uncertainty.

    Achieving a majority for Irish unity any time soon will require the persuasion of some unionists. It will also require the reassurance of many others. Because we have always stood for peace and partnership, only the SDLP can persuade a majority in the North in favour of unity – just as we persuaded a majority of the North in favour of the Good Friday Agreement.

    That is why only the SDLP can deliver a United Ireland

    Thats from their website. I dont think that would have anyone running for the bunkers. I think the difficulty for the SDLP is that they still have to appease an old guard that came from such a broad range of politics. Basically, anyone who chose peaceful politics and was nationalist went into the SDLP. So you have these FF sympathisers, labour sympathisers etc. I think if you look at the manifesto and their party statements, they are mroe Labour but so much of the older generation follow FF that they can not declare it.

    I can think of no better time than now to more formally link up with the Irish Labour party. Everyone in the SDLP must be thankful for Ritchie’s statement about joining FF

  • dwatch

    Zig70: “I don’t get the SDLP. A left wing party full of middle class catholics. A social class I would see as conservative, centre\ right wing”.

    Couldn’t agree more, the SDLP’s policies regards politics in the ROI baffle me at times. Margaret Ritchie Leader of the SDLP stated the following Dec 2010: “If the SDLP wants to stand against Sinn Féin in the Dáil elections … the most logical approach for the SDLP would be to support Labour”

    You would think the best party for SDLP to support in ROI was a center right party like FG, instead of supporting a left wing party like labour founded in 1912 by James Connolly as a trade union movement.

  • The Word


    “a committee design”

    Not like the monarchists to engage in that. Nor for the Gerry Adams-led Sinn Fein. The structure is social democratic.

    The influence of these people is on the wane. I don’t want them anywhere near my communities, but they’re there, and there for a reason, and London knows it only too well.

  • The Word


    “a thoroughly rotten man-written immoral text ”

    I suppose you think you’re helping people. Even the people you think you’re helping would be upset about such an outburst about the New Testament.

  • joeCanuck

    The SDLP never was a socialist party, just like SF isn’t. The labour bit was there for Gerry Fitt and a few others and has remained as an anachronism. They are thoroughly middle class capitalists.

  • The Word

    “A left wing party full of middle class catholics”

    Yes, the party of people who passed their exams. You know they’re opposed by a party of people who can’t get enough of people who passed their exams into the front line, but can’t help lying about it.

    What about that buffoon in Cavan- Monaghan? Not so much middle class, but “an aristocrat”. The last remnants of England in Ireland?

    “a center right party like FG” – The SDLP is guided by wisdom, and as such, knows that the right is a dying currency. We’ve always been centre left. Why? Because we follow our social consciences, and serve the people rather than lying, manipulating, corrupting, and murdering them.

    Sinn Fein is no more than a suppository for protest in the south and a hollowed out carcass in the north. But don’t tell the unionists, they’re nearly there too.

  • joeCanuck

    Pleased that you admit to corruption.

  • The Word, I suppose you could argue that Presbyterians and their committees are social democrats whereas Catholics like Hume would have strong autocratic/theocratic/anti-democratic tendencies.

  • quidnunc

    Unlike the old ‘official’ Unionist Party of the majors and captains ?

  • The Word


    “Catholics like Hume would have strong autocratic/theocratic/anti-democratic tendencies”

    Catholics like Hume have defined what real democracy is all about. You know, there are some out there who supported democracy on the basis that if it ever changed anything, they would never have allowed it.

    That is a bit like Christianity. If they ever thought that it changed anything, they wouldn’t have allowed.

    Their problem is that they are forever knowing, never understanding, forever seeing, never perceiving.

  • Lionel Hutz

    The Word,

    Quick question: How much are Sinn Fein paying you for this service?

  • Zig70

    Another thing I don’t get about the Green-ness of the SDLP. SF seems to put them in a spin, all they ever do is go on the attack. Sure they are a bunch of apologists for murderers, could that not be overlooked for such a heart felt cause? Doesn’t stop the other lot marching at the front while the boyo’s in the sunglasses slunk in at the rear.

  • The Word

    “SF seems to put them in a spin, all they ever do is go on the attack”

    Must be it’s all the instruction they get from those psychological warriors in the CIA and MI5.

    Some boxers know about retreating until they get a Russian winter. Who knows what might happen now?

  • “Catholics like Hume have defined what real democracy is all about.”

    Perhaps these definers should put a greater effort into practising it, The Word. A good place to start would be within their own structures. Fine actions are more impressive than fine words.

  • The Word


    “within their own structures”

    If those structures were intended to corrupt people into supporting some self-interested materialist agenda, I would be concerned. But those structures present an acceptable order to the human species, and without its purifying influence, there would be no ability to find the answers.

  • The Word, perhaps drawing upon a wider range of expertise and introducing more accountability would have reduced the corruption that exists. My contacts with Catholic religious have been very positive. It’s a shame that the structures have been inadequate when it comes to dealing with the dark side.

  • The Word


    “the dark side”

    Others talk of the dark side to the Catholic Church when they fear its power. They’re not used to Christianity being taken so seriously.

  • joeCanuck

    Fear is a healthy emotion in the world of your imaginings. But courage overcomes, especially now that the Inquition is in suspension.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Fear is its very basis, fear masquerading as liberation…liberation from from other irrational fears that the faith itself has invented, mainly. The very power you boast about Word is exactly the darkness that people are disgusted about, rightly concerned about and which decent modern, civilized states will tolerate no more of. The day will eventually dawn when only the very vulnerable, the confused, the credulous and the sad cranks will take it at all seriously. That’ll be a good day for humanity.

  • The Word, I was thinking of clerical paedophilia, the attempted cover-up and the failure of State agents and others to protect children. The Catholic Church is one of many sects that derives its inspiration from a common source and, to my understanding, love not fear should be the experience.

  • The Word


    “Fear is a healthy emotion in the world of your imaginings”

    I agree. Fear produces threats among those who can’t help themselves.


    I suppose the world will be saved by all that technology of the states that rule the whole world. The Church may be in crisis but you are here talking to me, you being a materialist whose whole raison d’etre would steer them very clear of these sites. So who’s fooling who? We don’t expect that a materialist would even care. So what’s the fear that you think you’re ridding the world of by engaging with people who don’t matter to materialists?

    Yes, Nevin, we’ve heard about it. If I was part of another Church, I would not tend to be buoyed up by this crisis in the Catholic Church. That would be to take a wrong view of its occurrence at a time when a lot of people are being asked to put their hands up. You know, the materialists are dining out on the crisis. They are clearly deluded.

  • The Word, why do you suppose the Catholic Church has deviated at times so far from the Christian message, especially with regard to children in many parts of the world and to non-Catholics in Croatia in the 1940s?

    It has been my privilege to work alongside young people of various faiths and none so I wouldn’t dream of demeaning their beliefs.

  • The Word


    “why do you suppose ”

    God guided them to.

  • JeanMeslier

    Nev, Word, Nun,.
    We definately are well away from Alex The Shinner Slayer.
    But da craic is good.

    “..The Catholic Church is one of many sects that derives its inspiration from a common source and, to my understanding, love not fear should be the experience..”

    You can correctly call the Catholic Church a sect. But you cannot discriminate. If you say they are a sect (to which I entirely agree), then you must also include the rest, from Allah to Zeus.
    You are also correct about “a common source”. But it, like all others, is a human scource.
    To think anything else brings you into the delusional zone

  • Niall

    “The day will eventually dawn when only the very vulnerable, the confused, the credulous and the sad cranks will take it at all seriously.”

    Thats a very sad thought indeed… and utter rubish.

    Anywho, the contributors amongst us (not us mere plebs – myself included) are a bit slow of the mark today – Where is the story about the Pope’s Q&A session on Rai1 (Italian Sky 1) on Good Friday (80 minutes he’s doing).

  • “God guided them to.”

    The Word, that’s the first time I’ve heard a claim that God guided those who helped run the Croatian concentration camps.

  • Nunoftheabove


    What would be sad about it ?

  • joeCanuck


    It will be sad for those who currently profit. One of the popes a few hundred years ago, a Leo I think, said “It has served us well this myth of christ”.

  • ItwasSammyMcNally

    re. ““It has served us well this myth of christ”.

    Dougal: Ted, do you believe all that stuff about Chirst? (sic)

  • The Word


    God’s always in charge. Those who forget that do so at their peril.

    I don’t believe myths made up about the Catholic Church. When I hear them I look around for those who don’t believe in God.

  • Nunoftheabove


    It’s not a matter of forgetting – there’s nothing there to consign to the memory in the first place.

    If you’re going to imply that you don’t believe the catholic church’s atrocious record in Croatia then at least be clear so we know what you’re denying. Do you or do you not accept that the catholic church openly, fully and enthusiastically supported and embraced every fundamental aspect of the appalling NDH ? Can you not bring yourself to admit even a small degree of shame in relation to the beatification of Aloysius Stepinac for example ?

  • The Word


    You and Nevin a team?

    Some people talk about the past as if they, or those who share their values, played no part in it.

    Their time would be better served if they stood up and accepted blame their own actions rather than pointing fingers at others all the time.

  • The Word, you seem keen enough to point the finger at others’ failings. I’ve drawn attention to the positive actions of people of faith and no faith but you seem reluctant to accept the ‘dark side’ of the Church you subscribe to as illustrated by two examples. Surely it is better that not only should the dark side be acknowledged but that steps should be taken by the members to remedy the problems.

  • Comrade Stalin

    The Word,

    Given that you think you are the Messiah and that Gerry Adams is the Beast as predicted in the book of Revelations, I think it’s safe to assume that your grip on reality is pretty tenuous.

  • The Word

    Nevin/ Comrade

    Hard man soft man ?

    The Church did its job. Was it perfect? No.

    But then other nations were raping and pillaging their way through history. Did we notice? Yes, we did.

  • between the bridges

    Brian: I’m not the Messiah! Will you please listen? I am not the Messiah, do you understand? Honestly!

    Girl: Only the true Messiah denies His divinity.

    Brian: What? Well, what sort of chance does that
    give me? All right! I am the Messiah!

    Followers: He is! He is the Messiah!

    Brian: Now, fuck off!
    Arthur: How shall we fuck off, O Lord?

  • “The Church did its job. Was it perfect? No.”

    The Word, I’d put its actions in Croatia, some of them barbaric, not just as imperfect but simply wrong. The reports are from Catholic and other sources.

  • Nunoftheabove


    Textbook denial – ‘others were bad /worse and times were different then’. The beatification of Stepinac happened in 1998 at a time when the unbelievable evil of the NDH was not disputed by any serious historian anywhere. It still isn’t. Tell me why you think that that was not a wicked thing to do please and a very public tribute and expression of gratitude by Rome to a man up to his neck in fascism and mass murder of the innocent. Can you even bring yourself to admit that it was a mistake and aan insult ?

  • Niall


    On beatifying Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac, Pope John Paul II said:

    “One of the outstanding figures of the Catholic Church, having endured in his own body and his own spirit the atrocities of the Communist system, is now entrusted to the memory of his fellow countrymen with the radiant badge of martyrdom.”

    The evidence of his acquiescence to Nazism amounts only to conjecture and hearsay. There is equally uncorroborated evidence to the contrary – that Cardinal Stepinac was unaware and not appreciative of the realities of Nazism. To condemn Blessed Aloysius Stepinac is unjustified. Either way, we can’t be completely sure of his innocence or otherwise.

    Although, the investigative procedure to beatify a martyr is less demanding and conclusive than for a non-martyr, surely the church’s decision in 1998 was based on a further investigation and anyalsis of his character and actions.

  • JeanMeslier

    I’m almost sorry for ganging up with the rest, but if the following quote is genuine then you do deserve it.

    “..God’s always in charge. Those who forget that do so at their peril.
    I don’t believe myths made up about the Catholic Church. When I hear them I look around for those who don’t believe in God…”

    Question 1. Explain “peril”?
    Question 2. Define “myth”?

  • Niall, the Vatican itself was compromised. Here are two snippets:

    “As soon as Pavelic had taken power, the Catholic Church in Croatia began compelling Orthodox Serbs to convert to the Catholic religion.”

    “Right from the very beginning, the Vatican knew what was happening in Croatia, and certainly known to Pius XII when he greeted Pavelic in Vatican – just four days after the massacre at Glina. On this visit, Pavelic had a “devotional” audience with Pius XII, and the Vatican granted de-facto recognition of fascist Croatia as a “bastion against communism”

    Those were truly grim times and the choices leaders opted for weren’t always easy ones.

  • Niall


    I agree. But I see the Vatican’s attitude and actions as an act of omission. A failure to condemn, even tacitly, rather than explicitly condoning Pavelic’s fascist takeover. They sat on the fence. The 20th century Church has tried to detach from politics; even today the Vatican is sheepish in coming forward with condemnation of tyrants. I don’t think they see it as their place to do so, while it really should be; to offer a moral compass to its followers.

    So, they are guilty of not speaking out against Pavelic, and in being submissive to Fascism, but that guilt is only worthy of such censure given how highly the Vatican is regarded, then and today.

    I stand by the defence of Blessed Cardinal Stepinac.

  • Nunoftheabove


    They are guilty of a great deal more than that and I’m fairly certain that you know that full well. It feels like your issue therefore is not that you don’t believe it but that you won’t.

    This guy was archbishop of Zagreb; moreover, he was military vicar to the armed forces and to the Ustaša directly – he personally multiply blessed them throughout the existence of the rotten state – that’s not fence-sitting and that’s the very thin end of the wedge of their involvement. He was, without any shadow of reasonable doubt, the de facto head of the Catholic Church in Croatia during WW2. His importance and influence in the events that transpired there during and after the war cannot be described as other than substantial by any definition of substantial that I know of. For its part and as you are also almost certainly aware, the Vatican retained full diplomatic relations with the Ustaša state for the entirety of the remainder of WW2, with its papal nuncio based in… Zagreb. Seeing fit, without any embarrassment whatsoever, to grant Ante Pavelić an audience at one stage of course.

    You’ll know already of course about the significant quantities of stolen Croatian Jewish private wealth deposited with the Vatican which remains in litigation even today. Unsurprisingly, after the war the Ustaše who had managed to escape from the newly Partisan’d Yugoslavia, Pavelić among them, were spirited away with, you’ll be surprised to discover, active and significant support from the catholic clergy.

    Disassociating the catholic church from both the ideology and conduct of the NDH demonstrates either a breathtaking nerve or an almost unbelievable ignorance of history. Moreover, it highlights a – in an adult, at any rate – shameful willingness to believe without question absolutely anything you’re told by clerics.

  • Alf

    “Until the day arrives when unionists stand up on their own two feet and tell the world of the evil of the Plantation of Ulster, and of how it wounded them as a people and compromised them and their values, provoking them into effectively abandoning any attachment their ancestors had to Christianity and corrupting them into believing that the material world held all the advantages, they will be to me “the unionists”.”

    The Word,

    Still smarting about the Plantation eh? Jesus Christ.

  • joeCanuck

    Jesus Christ.

    Yep, that’s what he thinks. Say no more.