Micheál Martin: “I think there is a huge problem for Gerry Adams in a credibility sense”

The Sinn Féin president, and still Crown Steward and Bailiff of Northstead, Gerard Adams has taken exception to Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin raising the credibility question in relation to the SF leader’s murky past. [added final link]

From the Belfast Telegraph report

“There is a fundamental problem for Gerry when he continues to deny his membership of the IRA,” said Mr Martin.

“Because every time he talks in this debate during the election about honesty, about being up front and transparent, it jars very much with his own position about the past.

“Martin McGuinness doesn’t have a problem admitting his membership in the past but I think there is a huge problem for Gerry Adams in a credibility sense.”

An iol report includes Adams’ response

But Mr Adams dismissed the allegations as a down and dirty ploy to undermine his party’s neck-and-neck position with Fianna Fáil.

“This is a smear,” the former West Belfast MP said.

“The fact is that this is not the type of smear negative campaigning which will inform people’s judgment.

“It’s quite obvious that Fianna Fáil, the leadership anyway, want to get down into the gutter and get dirty.”

Although, I think Adams’ “This is a smear” refers, specifically, to the comments about the Northern Bank robbery.  And there’s possibly an indication there of an answer to Brian’s previous questions.

The iol report adds

Pearse Doherty, Sinn Féin’s finance spokesman, was adamant people had made their minds up about Gerry Adams and the IRA a long time ago.

Indeed they have.  As a separate iol report I noted in a previous post makes clear.

The survey of a 1,000 people was carried out by RED C and is published in today’s News of the World.

Some 71% said they did not trust Gerry Adams to handle the economic crisis, while 67% said they did not trust Sinn Féin.

The survey also revealed that four out of every five people believed Gerry Adams had lied about his past.

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  • between the bridges

    mark. your are correct we are an unruly and expensive child yet another reason why no-one wants us!
    mv as we are swapping reading list’s

    Dooley, Terence. The Plight of Monaghan Protestants, 1912-1926. 2000.
    Hurley, Michael, ed. Irish Anglicanism, 1869-1969. 1970.
    McDowell, R. B. Crisis and Decline: The Fate of the Southern Unionists. 1997.
    Miller, Kerby A. “No Middle Ground: (1986):
    Moffitt, Miriam. The Church of Ireland Community of Killala and Achonry, 18701940. 1999.

    Vaughan, W. E., and A. J. Fitzpatrick, eds. Irish Historical Statistics. 1978

    re mien geraldo’s credibility five years to 100th anny will he deliver? is the final push for social democratic marxist republic possible?
    after the chuckle bros i suppose anything can happen but i won’t be booking the ferry just yet

  • Munsterview

    Van & Co. :

    This may be a better link than the one previously given.


    General Sir Mike Jackson interestingly in his talk sets the recent Northern Ireland Low Intensity War and Counter Insurgency Operations as part of a continuum in Ireland going back two hundred years.

    Lt/Colonel Jim Storr in his talk reveals that it was not just any troops that were send in to Derry in 1969, these same troops had been in service in Aden in 1968 and were therefore experienced Counter Insurgency Troops. Either Jackson or Storr makes the point also in the course of their respective addresses that the IRA military campaign tapered off when greater gains to advance Republican objectives became possible by political means.

    In fact much of what these experienced Northern ireland hands and Counter Insurgency experts are saying, I have also said in previous posts here on slugger. This is but one set of papers delivered at one such Insurgency and Counter Insurgency conference examining various aspects of Low intensity Conflict / War. ( Establishments favor the word ‘conflict’ over ‘war’ as it is softer and do not invoke quite the same negativity )

    Hardly surprising that we are both in agreement as we are both viewing the Low Intensity War for what it was, our perspectives of events differ but we share the same reality of what happened.

    There are hundreds of these type conferences taking place in the current year, some openly advertised as with the ‘hearts and minds’ conference and some behind closed doors. The one common dominator most will have is there will be a serving or ex-British Army Officer there, not to talk about ‘The Troubles’ but about what the conference organizers will refer to as their Insurgency and Counter Insurgency experience in the Low Intensity War in Northern Ireland.

    The truth is out there in the net in such sites and in specialized publications like the Small Wars Journal. There is no excuse for ignorance as to the real nature of the Low Intensity War unless it is to divert, deny and be part of the counter-propaganda disinformation that can be easily unmasked (as with a certain poser poster here on this and other threads) and seen for what it is.

  • As we must go off topic to cover well trodden ground, anyone know where to get a free online copy of Kidson’s opus?

    Meanwhile Micheál Martin: “I think there is a huge problem for Gerry Adams in a credibility sense”

  • between the bridges

    mv. i like general mike, to save me reading up did he say ye won?

    alan is geraldos credibility going to be most damaged by Jean mcconville’s daughter’s campaign against him, or the rev frazer campaigning for him?

  • Munsterview

    Between …… : just to make it easy for people such as your self, these files are audio, you can listen and hear these people speak for themselves!

    Of course the British Army won just as they did in Aden, Cyprus, India, Kenya, Uganda and all those other fifty odd ex-colonial countries they where insurgency broke out after the Second World War and where they put down the Insurgency. That is why the British flag still flies over all of these countries and why the British Empire still thrives.

    Meanwhile Van & Co. can we now take my propositions regarding Insurgency,Counter Insurgency Operations and the Low Intensity War/Conflict as ‘read’ and move this debate on to a new level. Looking forward to the contributions of ‘Reader’ ‘Turgon and of course ‘Comrade’ et al on this one, given the excellent source material quoted.

    When there is a full acceptance as there is by the Provos, the British Army and the International Counter Insurgency Industry that there is a Low Level Intensity War ongoing in Northern Ireland, as there has been since the early seventies, then it is possible to examine all operations, Claudy, Warrenpoint, McGurks bar, Einniskillen, Omagh etc in that context from a purely Insurgency and Counter Insurgency viewpoint.

    As to finding Frank K, most of you can google or if you want the agent / operator special, pack contact Mick and ask him to refer your emails to ‘the unmasked one’, he may give you copies of his own M15 /6 training notes, together with more up to date course material on dealing with troublesome posters on slugger.

    The pseudo poster concerned may not be a very good ‘blocker’ or ‘diverter’ given what has been revealed on slugger generally or even on this thread alone, but he do try as best he can. Old Munster saying ” You do not send a boy on a man’s job” !

  • Munsterview

    Latest appeal from Micheal Martin to the party faithful. For sheer brass neck he could give Masky a run for his money !


    The great figures of our past – Markiewicz, Lemass, Hillery, Donogh O’Malley, Aiken, Lynch – point to our way forward.

    If you believe that our work in the North is unfinished, that we must work towards the promise of peace and unity in Ireland, in a living, breathing Irish language, then join with me in renewing Fianna Fáil.

    If you believe in a fight for increased tolerance, equality and social progress, in a tradition that opens up educational opportunity to everyone, protects older people and sustains rural Ireland, then join with me in renewing Fianna Fáil.

    If you believe in our full participation in the European Union and an unequivocal commitment to neutrality, then join with me in renewing Fianna Fáil.

    Let’s work together and renew this great party:


    This election is not over. Let’s fight to get the strongest possible result this Friday. Let’s work right up until every polling station in this republic closes at 10pm. But let’s also build a better future for the country and the party we love.

    Beir bua,


  • Meanwhile Micheál Martin: “I think there is a huge problem for Gerry Adams in a credibility sense”

    Let him sue.

  • between the bridges

    mv. thank you i am returning the favor by typing slowly and loudly…its time to move on old bean even the proddybigots are learning to live with the aftermath of the low intensity jihad.

    re topic i forgot to add that not being a member of something that hasn’t gone away is credible