Now or never to reveal the truth about Sinn Fein’s past

Mick rightly highlights the get out of jail success of Gerry Adams and Peter Robinson this year but the dark side of Sinn Fein  still lurks.  Musing on the WilkiLeaks cables on the Northern Bank robbery and the size of the IRA’s investment portfolio, that scourge of Sinn Fein Ed Moloney wonders what’s happened to it, suitably adjusted for inflation.

Just how much money the IRA has, or had, in that investment portfolio is not disclosed in the WikiLeaks cable, but the last time I spoke to Irish officials about this, in 2007, they estimated the fund probably amounted to some €300m (£255m) – although they conceded this might be a gross understatement of the true figure.

Sinn Fein, according to WikiLeaks, benefited electorally from a property bubble which its partners in the IRA helped to create and from which it gained financially, and will now take to the hustings in the Republic next spring on a platform of indignant, principled opposition to the spending cuts brought about by the very same bubble.

And yet the electoral authorities north and south of the border have never been able to lay a finger on the Sinn Fein leadership for serious discrepancies in election expenses, nor has anyone else over their life styles. Police raids north,  south and in Britain and the limited successes of the assets recovery agencies have never led to the top.   This of course has worked in the interests of the peace process. Time for a review in this new era of transparency? Has MI5 anything to say about this now? It seems unlikely.

 Our thinking on this is deeply conditioned, almost too obvious to spell out . On the one hand, we tend to believe without hard evidence, the extent of republican financial and other skulduggery. We deplore  corruption and croneyism at Westminster and Leinster House among conventional politicians and demand  transparency.  And yet  we are fatalistic about the prospects for revealing the truth, if that is what it is,  about Sinn Fein’s background.  Surely now, when SF may be poised to make significant gains in the Dail is the time  to give them equal treatment? Or do the governments lack the hard evidence  to back their diplomatic exchanges?   

Will Fianna Fail at bay ask tough questions and will some answers leak out during the election campaign? Somehow I doubt it. Many parts of the past are likely to stay buried and this feels like one of them. Laundering money is much easier than concealing bodies forever.

A more transparent example of anomalous Sinn Fein behaviour is pointed out by Maurice Hayes, once the top civil servant at the NI Dept of Health and Social Services.

What will surprise observers south of the Border is the pragmatic ease with which Sinn Fein — who anathematise all cuts in the South and are prepared to picket the Dail and bring masses on to the streets at the mere mention of retrenchment — cannot only accept the loss of jobs and curtailment of public services in the North, but can stand solidly with the DUP in taking credit for having done a good job for the people of Northern Ireland (which, in fairness, they have).

No doubt Gerry Adams will be able to explain this to the electors of Louth when the time comes.

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  • The Word



    The increase of 5-7% of the Sinn Fein vote is said to be due to the hard right Eurosceptics of FF deserting the party for SF over the bailout and its control by Europe.

    I would certainly feel that a reliance on such voters on the basis of your above policy would be optimistic. I disagree with Comrade Stalin’s 20 seats for SF in that I really don’t see the niche they are digging in there on polling day. The right are notoriously undependable and sending signals to them will be punished by the left. And sending hard left signals will see their retreat.

    What relevance have Sinn Fein really for the south?

    My best estimate is 5-8 seats.

    A terrible humiliation is born.

  • JeanMeslier

    “..The increase of 5-7% of the Sinn Fein vote is said to be due to the hard right Eurosceptics of FF deserting the party for SF over the bailout and its control by Europe…”

    Is said to be – are the key words here Mr. Word.
    Are you one of the Eurosceptics?
    Your observations are based on the old rule book. That rule book, Mr. Word, has been shredded.
    When we get the snow of the level playing pitch you will see the carnival of reaction I alluded to above.
    Do you agree?
    The Staters need to know that you cannot fool the people all of the time
    Or as George W Bush once said ” Fool me once, shame on me . Fool me twice and shame on you/me, fcuk it lets invade Iraq”
    Or words to that effect.
    It’s probably as accurate as your misquote of WB Yeats

  • joeCanuck

    What W said was “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice and uh uh, you won’t get fooled again”.

  • JeanMeslier

    And Jack Yeats said ” A terrible beauty is born”

  • The Word

    “Is said to be – are the key words here Mr. Word.
    Are you one of the Eurosceptics?”

    I’m not but the pollsters are suggesting that because the remaining rump of the FF vote is extremely highly pro-European, much higher than FG and Labour voters, who are much more pro-European than SF, then Europe has been a key issue among those who left FF.

    How long will these Europsceptics stay with SF in their desire to protest?

  • pippakin

    “the IRA code of honour”.

    Applauded? You sure? I thought they were laughing. IRA and honour in the same sentence….

  • Comrade Stalin


    Happy Xmas etc, but I have to tell you that this is fruitcake stuff :

    My problem with your arguement is that it is one dimensional, almost bordering on a pathelogical hatred of Irish republicanism.

    As I said earlier, because SF really have no comeback against the arguments put that they have a long history of association with murderers, criminals and thieves, it is necessary for you to parrot this victim complex nonsense. I don’t “hate” SF but in their present guise they are a post-conflict political phenomenon who don’t translate well in a society which wasn’t part of that conflict. When it comes to doing post-conflict stuff yes, they deserve a lot of credit. But when it comes to doing bread and butter stuff like economics, the environment, justice, home affairs etc, they are nutcases.

    It’s not pathological hatred to point that out, unless you are a fruitcake who has a dire need to believe that he is fundamentally unassailable and that opposition to him can only be explained by irrationality.

    However, politically speaking, one thing for 2011 is certain. The old constants which sufficed as politics are over my friend.

    More beard-stroking, pipe smoking nonsense. What has changed ? A sitting government has badly screwed the country up. There will be a backlash. Some of that backlash will benefit SF. What’s new ? This is centuries-old stuff and is completely predictable.

    No party in post war western Europe has been subjected to such governmental/establishment attack like SF has.

    More victim complex hyperbole. How can you know that ? And in any case, how many other political parties in Europe had active paramilitary wings that killed 3000 people ?

    They all went constantly to the “anti-SF water well” again and again. Most times, aligned to censorship, it worked.

    Yes, that’s because at the time SF were in relative terms a micro-group with limited support across Ireland who openly threatened to overthrow the public order and the state. What’s the problem ?

    Charlie Haughey went many times as he promoted his business cronies to fleece the tax payers and got away with it. The Provies were to blame.
    Bertie Ahearn went to the well as he gathered up the sterling in brown bags in Manchester. Burke went too, as did O’Dea. Blame the Provies blah blah.

    Sorry, but you’re talking unadulterated wank there. Who on earth blamed the Provos for Haughey or any of those other FF excesses ? Again this is symptomatic of your fruitcake need to believe that SF are some sort of fundamental influence rather than a bunch of eejits on the nutty fringe.

    Do you see a pattern yet CS?

    Yes, you’re consistently talking complete nonsense.

    This huge sector of the population has awakened from their slumber. They now clearly see that the people who told us they knew what was best for us, who knew about the economic situation and how to fix it, – have fcuked us all.

    Yes, and many of them will vote for Labour or FG because SF still scare the crap out of them.

    The difference is they have gone to the well too often. It wont work any more.

    OK, so let’s put some numbers on this. What are you predicting SF’s share of the vote will be and which constituencies do you believe they will gain seats in ?

  • Comrade Stalin

    I would argue that British imperialism slanted all Irish politics to the left. Dev’s dreams were hardly on the right.

    Dev’s conception of a theocratically-inclined state with the church wielding unprecedented influence over community life, welfare and education is pretty much the definition of right-wing to me, and FF maintain this close identification with the Catholic faith, eg policy on abortion etc.

    Aside from that, I’m far from being a Dev expert, but I can’t think of a single speech or action that he took which would cause me to describe him as being on the left.

    From Lemass to Cowen FF pragmatism ruled from the centre but the latest economic policy of cuts was not traditionally the FF way. They were traditionally, as was the state, naturally high tax and spend with the O’Donohue budget of the late 70s almost breaking the state until Garret the Good came along.

    Haughey kicked this stuff off (“encourage big businesses with tax breaks”) when he created the IFSC. You’re going back to the mid 1980s now so at this stage we are talking about FF policy for a 25 year period. I think it’s safe to call FF centre-right based on what they have been like for nearly three recent decades rather than what they were like between the 50s and 70s.

    Recently the banks and greedy investors have done as much damage to USA, UK, as Ireland and British Labour were damaged as much as FF. Who’s to argue that they are on the right?

    I would certainly argue that Labour in the UK are to the right. Not Thatcherite of course, but it is fundamentally the case that the gap between rich and poor widened while they were in power, and they actively promoted the interests of big business, especially in the City. This is pretty much what FF did.

  • The Word


    This depends on where you view the Catholic Church to be at. Dev, like most Catholics, would not see the Church on the right. That has not been the historical position vis a vis the imperial power.

    The Church has often been the last resort for many poor people. Even in England, the Church supplied most of the “welfarism” prior to the undermining of the monasteries by king Henry VIII.

    Empathy for others may be said to affect the view people have on abortion. Opposing abortion is not a right wing position but an empathetic position. It would be right wing were it to be some kind of control virtue.

    Dev had some beautiful visions of Irish boys and girls playing the fields which are not of the right (economic positions) but Christian based.

    FF would see themselves as centrist with, as I see it, a slant coming from their natural anti-imperialism history to the left.

    Any party which would claim to be centre right in the Irish context would be heavily penalised by the voters. Centrist or centre left is where Ireland’s at.

    The Tories are now demonstrating what the centre right ground is like and inching further right by the day. Labour wasn’t in that league but Gordon Brown in his book (Beyond the Crash) is now revealing an almost John Hume like desire to change mankind, supported by what he desribes as masssive diplomatic travel and contact making, in his mission to bring the international banking and financial markets under the control of some new shared or pooled sovereignty to curtail the effects of globalisation that rendered the world in peril. That’s traditional Labour left regulation. I hope he’s listened to.

  • 241934 john brennan

    A yule-time reflection.
    It was the securocrats what done the Xmas northern bank heist. I got that on the good authority of P. O’Neill himself Then that bloody stupid man Orde goes and fingers the IRA. In wan stupid sentence he goosed Stormont, my salary and the whole pensionable peace process. Then him and the bloody goose that laid the big golden egg went and destroyed our bloody nest egg by turning it into waste paper.

    But not to wurry. We’ll soon be on the pig’s back again,or as our Yankee friends in Noraid wud say – “livin high on the hog again.” Next year when the boys bring home the bacon, it wull be plastered all over with the British Queen’s head. Then we’ll see if the bloody bank of England or any stupid english peeler wull be able to withdraw all their bloody banknotes.
    If they do we’re still not bate, for there’s always the easy touch – free state banks and the Euro.

  • JeanMeslier

    They’er dropping like ten pins.
    Bbbb..ertie has also jumped ship

    T’was all the Shinners fault, it was!

  • The dark side of Sinn Fein????? Is there any other side?

  • DC


  • The British government files released today under the 30 year rule mention about Gerry Adams’ attempted escape from lawful custody some 30 years ago, for which he got a staggering 18 months’ jail.
    Gerry Adams has always maintained he was never involved in PIRA. Once, at least, when the Irish Times linked him to PIRA, he got a Dublin based solicitor, Cathal O’Donovan, to write in and say that he was being defamed, his friends were avoiding him etc. The IT published O’Donovan’s letter as well as a disclaimer to the effect that PSF was the political wing of PIRA.
    Gerry Adams has also been linked to some of PIRA’s worst atrocities. Though anyone’s death should diminish us, the Disappeared etc are in a league of their own.
    Why does Gerry Adams not sue all and sundry over this to clear his name?
    Adams has also said that all PIRA volunteers can hold their heads high. Disappearing mothers of ten, mentally handicapped guys, harmless old codgers going to mass – how proud should the boys of the old brigade be of them?

    Flicking up through earlier comments, it is amazing to see the old chestnuts of Dev, Haughey, the Catholic church etc being mentioned. The partition of Ireland led to a carnival of reaction as James Connolly predicted and they were part of that.
    The early Leinster House shows that with shadowy TDs lining their pockets, Cork millionaires and Dublin labourites protecting their turf and Trinity Loyalists being bribed off.

    Reading Ernie O’Malley’s work and threading it right down, we can see the RC middle class moving on beyond blind Republicanism and leaving its intellectual wing to woodwork teachers (Dave O’Connell and the like). Now it is left with the PSF flotsam who have traditionally been anti intellectual and quite violent to boot.
    When Stalin and the boys took over the USSR, they tried to air brush their past activities, bank robbing and the like, out. They failed.
    So too will PSF. Gerry Adams might well build a house in North Louth over the grave of one of the Disappeared. They might even name a road after him (hunger striker Sean McKenna grew up on a Newry lane named after a notorious Black and Tan murder)
    But all the perfumes of Arabia will not clean their hands. Their only hope is to push Ireland into the consumerist, imperialist direction Peter King and their other war mongering American backers want so that their Irish may forget.
    And James Connolly and the sons of Roisin did not die for that.
    This might well earn me another warning as we are supposed to treat PSF members like they are ordinary, well adjusted beings with no baggage.
    Not only do they have cargo loads of baggage but their presence continues to blight the landscape. If they had the welfare of the Irish people at heart, they would disband and confess what they know about their own dark and devious doings.

  • Munsterview

    First off a happy, peacefull and as prosperous new year as possible to one and all of the Sugger Community, friend and foe alike.

    Many thanks to Mick and team for all their dedication and assistance during the year, and indeed the rest of you also, bolggers, posters and readers alike who help make Slugger one of the best of it’s kind.

    A fond and proud salute to our surviving Republican comrades of ‘Operation Harvest’ on this special night and remembering all our fallen comerades of that campaign, Sean and Fergal in particular. Siochain De ar a croi, misneach, croga.

    To all other Republicans and Nationalists please avoid responses to ‘ Clever Charlie’ Intel Agencies distractions for the coming year, do not respond and waste energy as they intend, stay foccused, get the message out there, communicate Republican phisolophy and politics clearly and rancor free. To quote Bobby in our childrens laughter we will have our victory !

    We are not where we want to be but it is a journey that where possible must be made together in peace and unity of purpose. It was my privillage to know and learn from many of the ‘Operation Harvest’ vetrans, when they finished in the early sixties, they could not even imagine where Republicans are starting from in this decade.

    Ar aghaidh leis an Buadha !


    This op asks what happened to Sinn Fein’s loot. Well here we have a convicted criminal who was a leading member of both Sinn Fein and the IRA (no surprise there), who admits to operating phoney bank accounts for IRA murder gangs and who had a property portfolio worth millions, all on a bouncer’s salary.

    Not only was ex hunger striker Tom McFeeley at the centre of the Anglo Irish meltdown but many other dubious SF/IRArs fed this money laundering boom.

    In Ireland, it seems it is ok to be a criminal and build up a portfolio of millions of euros if you support SF and if you can spew the sectarian hatred they specialise in.

  • lamhdearg

    ssh, you will wake them up.

  • Munsterview

    So we are back to the ‘Republicans should not own yachts’ views of Turgon et al ?

    One of the first Munster Republicans to come before the Special Courts post the split in the early seventies was even by then financial values, a millionaire farmer. It is to the mans credit that he took the same stand on behalf of his beleaguered Northern Republican Community and did time for it just the same as Eamon McThomas and other ‘people of no property’ that Tone set his store by.

    When Sixty-Nine happened, it was such veteran republicans in comfortable circumstances who opened their homes and their wallets to Republican Organizers and ‘resting’ republicans. More important it was these Republican Business people in all areas that made Cumann C. for helping prisoners families possible leaving the other sections of the Republican Movement free to concentrate on the Freedom Struggle.

    I have previously quoted the former Republican ASU Engilsh Operations O’C, the late Redmond O’Sullivan’s assertion that the same brains that can plan to empty a bank can also be used to help fill one. It is hardly surprising that people who ran rings around the Security Forces in these Islands and also Interpol and the CIA, should become financial successful men and women when they were able to focus that time and energy into their own business when post marriage, family, they scaled back on the intensity of their Republican activity.

    I am proud to claim Tom McFeeley as a friend and I respect what he did as a Republican Activist. Tom came to Dublin as an ex-prisoner with little more than the clothes he was wearing and pulled himself up by his own bootstraps. What Tom did in the property boom, he did for himself and whatever money flows there were between Tom and the Republican Movement was on a one way direction away from Tom and the other ‘Toms & Marys’ like him !

    While the concentration is on Noonan and former Republican activists like him who are targeted by the Independent and Sunday Times et al ongoing anti-Republican campaigns, his financial affairs in the main do no more than mirror what was the general picture of all those involved in the property game and that involved literally ‘the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker’

    At the height of this madness bubble any small town auctioneer worth his salt could make fifteen to twenty five calls on a deal and raise a million € for a holding deposit of around 10% a 10 million + development, not for developing per se but for ‘flipping’ to another consortium or circle in 60 or 90 days at a 10% to 20% or more value appreciation.

    It is indeed ironic that the concentration of the Independent Newspaper Group and Sunday Times, ‘News Of The Screws’ etc is on the likes Noonan or of Tom Feeley that whatever of his faults or failings, actually went out and bloody well build something, while those from such as Auctioneer and Banker enterprises who facilitated those of their own ‘Middle Ireland’ to borrowed money for what all concerned knew were financial scams, as highlighted by Dave McWilliams and Shane Ross etc. are still without any serious investigation.

    A whole infra-State network facilitated this corruption from lax implementation of planning operations right through bank regulators looking the other way and not shouting stop when they see the housing wagon heading for the cilff edge.

    However this current addendum to the start of the year articles are not about financial improprieties of former Republican Activists with Republican connections per se, it is more of the ‘Kick the Provos’ agenda, even if relative to the Billions of fraud involved, the former ex-Republican activists are only responsible for pennies while the ‘Real Heavies’ of this scam are lazying it foreign beaches with their money on offshore bank accounts.

    Finally may I to refer to my recent claim on a current thread to Pete, ArdE. etc that most polemic anti_Republican propaganda from a particular source displayed all the patterns of someone trained for this dis-information and dis-crediting activity by Securicat sources ?

    My previous, above post of Dec 31th, in as as much as it praised and was positive towards Republicans and the Republican cause could not be left stand. The above post and Newspaper article reference was tacked on to dis-credit.

    Who the hell among average, regular daily slugger posters out there can fully recall what they posted eight days ago, much less eighteen or twenty-eight days back or more especially what other regulars posted in detail ?

    The….. ‘Unmasked One’….. did, not just what was written by a perceived opponent eight days, or even eighteen days back but a whooping, whole seventy-eight days previously !

    An exceptional memory or a trained securicat propagandist working from files ?

    “……To all other Republicans and Nationalists please avoid responses to ‘ Clever Charlie’ Intel Agencies distractions for the coming year, do not respond and waste energy as they intend, stay focussed, get the message out there, communicate Republican philosophy and politics clearly and rancor free. To quote Bobby in our children’s laughter we will have our victory …..”

    I am not breaching my own request : since the ‘Clever Charlie’ by his methodology has been exposed bare-assed with his Intel propaganda agenda trousers around his ankles yet again, I but draw attention to that fact! That is the always the problem with ‘Clever Charlies’ sometimes ( given their usual limitations) they are, just as in the foregoing post, too clever by half and inadvertently show themselves for what they really are!

  • As Brendan Behan said: a (Profo) criminal is a businessman without an office. Noonan comes across as a very dangerous, cornered man just like The Monk, the Viper, the Boxer and the rest of the businessmen.
    Creditors are afraid of Tom McFeely. Why would that be?

    Noonan’s defence is he ran false bank accounts for a criminal gang styling itself PIRA. Himself and Bertie Ahern would make good cell mates. This does not explain how he had a property portfolio worth millions and why the CAB are after him.
    Maybe he is just your ordinary decent run of the mill Provo criminal.

  • Dixie Elliott

    Whatever you think of Tom McFeely he most certainly has no time for SF. This is taken from an interview he did with Suzanne Breen in 2009….

    ‘…..By the mid-1980s, he was totally disillusioned with the leadership. “I argued with other prisoners who were pleased at Sinn Féin taking votes off the SDLP. I told them Sinn Féin, not the SDLP, would destroy the IRA, and I was right. The leadership were intent on a deal far short of a British withdrawal and a united Ireland. It was immoral to continue armed struggle in such circumstances.”

    ‘….So what does he make of Mary Lou? “There was a ‘come-for-wine-and-canapés-and-meet-Mary-Lou-thing’ for business people at a Smithfield hotel. I went along. It was unrecognisable from anything I fought for. I looked around the room. It was many things, but it wasn’t republican.”

  • Dixie: He would say that, wouldn’t he? No doubt. we will, in time, get a full account of where McFeeley got his seed money from and whether Noonan and other multimillionaire bouncers/enforcers funded him and whether Sinn Fein used the boom to launder money.
    The Sinn Fein criminals caught in Cork over the Northern Bank money had odd goings on in Bulgaria. I would imagine Sinn Feiners were into the murkier side of the Celtic bubble up to their dirty gills. Hopefully many of them will do time and their assets confiscated undser CAB.

    If it can be shown that leading Sinn Fein members were involved in serious crime, in organised crime, then a strong case can be made to confiscate their Dublin HQ.

  • Dixie Elliott

    alanmaskey why is your name linked to the British Monarchy?

  • Dixie: Maybe I am ahead of the Sinn Fein curve on HMQE2.
    That said, I am not a

    1. petty criminal: Jim Bryson
    2. &*())^: Gerry Adams.
    3. *(^$): Liam Adams.
    4. Patsy G: McGuinness
    5. CAB target: John Noonan

    Actually, I like juxtaposing HMQE2 with the two Republicans in my av: Denis and Bobby.Maybe I should change it to Martin Ferris and Sean O’Callaghan. Or Martin McGuinness and some of his more interesting 1,965 FB “frends” who say he should have a few pints for Paddy’s day, forgetting that neither of us drink the dark stuff.

    Still, his brother wasn’t a bad footballer in either code. I wonder where Martin went wrong. Hopefully, he wil ‘fess up before he dies.

  • lamhdearg

    check out martin and peter king, King, friend of israel (AIPAC), martin, free Gaza supporter. My friend’s enemy is my friend,, how’s that work.

  • Lamhdearg: I have mentioned Peter King on more than one occasion. Let me take the Kerryman’s approach and answer your quesution by asking you one back. If you were in Gaza, would you like to be depending on Martin McGuinness?
    The Farco terrorists remind me of the English whose proudest boast is “I paid my way”. The Farco terrorists certainly paid Caitriona Ruane’s three amigos well..

    Let me ask you some more: If the mafia have no scruples, if all is only business to them, why would you expect Sinn Fein to be any different? Sinn Fein’s apologists – and they only post under orders – even admit that Libya was only business. And we all know what their business is. The Lead trade. The brown bread game.

    Anyway Lamhdearg: sign up to Martin’s FB and get your censored tweets from Connolly House.
    “The truth will set you free”


    Some more detail on convicted IRA criminal John Noonan. Please note the credit union movement are also legitimate targets. The Noonan case shows yet again there is no difference between idealistic IRA criminality and ordinary decent IRA criminality.
    Plese also note how the gangsters make their pensions: rackrenting (against Sinnn Fein’s professed policies), standover tactics and less savoury stuff.
    John Noonan ended up a multimillionaire by criminal means when he was a leading IRA member.


    A little more on leading Sinn Fein member John Noonan: linked to shooting postmen and to Ireland’s most notorious drug gangs. So just how did leading Sinn Fein members make their millions? Killing and drug dealing?

  • Munsterview

    From my long post of yesterday….

    “….It is indeed ironic that the concentration of the Independent Newspaper Group and Sunday Times, ‘News Of The Screws’ etc is on the likes Noonan or of Tom Feeley that whatever of his faults or failings, actually went out and bloody well build something, while those from such as Auctioneer and Banker enterprises who facilitated those of their own ‘Middle Ireland’ to borrowed money for what all concerned knew were financial scams, as highlighted by Dave McWilliams and Shane Ross etc. are still without any serious investigation……”

    A certain ‘Crime Reporter’ have made a career of ‘exposing’ Republicans for the Independent newspaper group. This same individual was totally exposed himself as were a North African and a Spanish prostitute, all three were filmed while ‘guests’ of a leading Dublin criminal then in Spanish exile who also happened to be a police informer. For good measure he is also, despite his ‘anti-drug’ stance, snorting copious amounts of cocaine.

    If the criminal underworld have videos of this man using cocaine and trying to work his way through all the Kama Sutra manual positions with the two prostitutes concerned, it is highly unlikely indeed that Garda HQ are without their own copy and that they hold this mans career and reputation in their fist.

    This ‘Reporter’ is their creature to write exactly what Garda HQ want at any given time. It is a given that whatever the criminal activity involved that he is writing on he will, in compliance with the Garda Intel agenda, associate or imply Republican involvements.

    If ‘dodgy property deals’ are being investigated why not start with how a then Garda Commissioner, bought and lived in the former home of a leading criminal who had his luxury no expenses spared house taken and sold as it constituted the proceeds of crime ? The Commissioner claimed that he did not know that the house had been the property of a leading criminal when he purchases it for a knock down price from the State at far under the then current market values of such property.

    Presumably the other hundreds of Gardai involved in putting this criminal away did not inform the their Commissioner to spare his feelings. Can one imagine the outcry if the head of the FBI purchased the former property of a Mafia Don sold as the proceeds of crime and brazenly lived in it ?

    As to the English, whatever of their blind spots in unfinished ‘Colonial Business’ can one imagine the uproar in the House of Commons if the head of Scotland Yard Flying squad or the chairman of a London Policing Board casually purchased the Mansion of a leading criminal crime lord just send down for a plethora of gangsterism acts, who had his dwelling taken by the English State as it had been acquired by the gangster arising from the proceeds of crime ?

    In Ireland only a deafening silence on the subject by the moral ‘Maskeys’ !

    Then we have another man who on the murder of a relative, owed around seven million to creditors, a significant tranche of it to Southern Revenue. This individual had a most unlucky ‘businessman’ previous career : while engaged in this activity his business premises had a remarkable tendency to go on fire just as trading figures got difficult, destroying all records in the process.

    Following the murder of a relative this individual whose previous literary efforts involved imaginative explanations for insurance fire claims and Superior Court affidavits, suddenly popped up as a fully accredited ‘Journalist’ with a very Masky type anti-Republican bent. The gardai turned a blind eye to his dubious chancer past. Needless to say the same individual is very sympathetic to the Gardai and their viewpoints.

    This is a damming inditement of Irish Journalism, not that the Gardai and Independent Newspaper Group foisted such a discredited character on the Irish Media, police forces everywhere have such creatures and propagandists like ‘the unmasked one’, but that Journalists of repute of the Old School that know this mans background such Vincent Browne, Fintian O’Tool did nothing to expose this farce!

    On a scale of one to ten, whatever ‘irregularities’ may exist in regard to John Noonans financial dealings, they are of a very minor scale indeed compare to the tsunami of other financial scandal in the Twenty-Six county State to the they do not even cause a tremor when considered against the earthquake of the Financial Establishment exposed wrongdoing.

    Previously in Slugger I cited the Report on the Donegall Garda scandal where it was established that serving Gardai in Donegall manufactured viable explosives and planted these in Northern Ireland there to be ‘found’ by their Northern police colleagues at a very sensitive period in the peace process. Lashing of overtime for all concerned and even commendations handed out.

    Why no detailed Sunday Times, Sunday World, ‘News Of The Screws’ or Independent Newspaper group into this conspiracy to discredit the IRA and de-rail the Peace Process with this False Flag bombing campaign ? Why no effort by both States to recover the bogus ‘overtime’ payouts. Why no publican repudiation of the given ‘Commendations’. These are not just conjectures, they are established Judicial Facts from a formal enquiry where the lines can be easily picked up.

    Could it be that this ‘unofficial’ activity on the ground in Donegall had ‘Official’ sanction at top Spook levels in Garda HQ, Northern Ireland and Vauxhall ‘palace’ ? Is this the reason as to why no Journalistic enquiries ?

    The more politically literate of readers and posters will no doubt have joined up the dots by now regarding this latest spate of attempted Republican bashing by Maskey. Following the outstanding Sinn Fein election victory of Gerry Adams consigning the former Minister for Injustice to political oblivion, Ferris easily retaining his seat and developing a new constituency in East Limerick, victories in East Cork and with Mary Lou’s seat etc., the same sinister State Forces that behind the Donegall / Six County Gardai Border bomb placement to disturbed the Peace Process, have now cranked up the engine to minimize and discredit Sinn Feins outstanding Electoral mandate.

    The efforts of ‘Maskey’ and others like him are part of this Establishment Counter Propaganda War against Republicans it’s purpose is two fold, the first is to take the gloss off Sinn Feins Southern victories and the significant advance of Sinn Fein in Southern Parliament to the extent that they are now de facto the main opposition party to Government austerity policies.

    The second reason is far more sinister : the Securecat Establishment by creating ‘white noise’ about Philip Flynn, John Noonan, Tom McFeeley or others with Republican associations to dominate the foreground, as it has in this resumed thread, then this narrow focus on small irregularities involving a few million euros, will keep the spotlight from the real culprits and those guilty of swindling the Irish People and State of billions of euros.

    During the height of this fleecing of the Irish public and crest of corruption the Independent Newspaper Group, so lovingly quoted here by ‘Maskey’ as his ‘authority’, were the Greek Chorus for Fitzpatrick and the other discredited ‘Captains of Finance’. This media group then castigating Sinn Fein for opposing ‘The Celtic Tiger’ mentality, their motives were transparent and obvious back then just as the motives of ‘Maskey’ and other such ‘assets’ are in quoting these discredited ‘news sources’ to attack Republicans, are now.

    This activity, as I keep reminding readers, is not about the subject matter per se, as raised in the posts, rather it is about perceptions and the ‘hearts and minds’ ongoing propaganda war. Sinn Fein’s resounding electoral victory in the South have caused serious problems for the Establishment South and North, hence their tactic to get their assets on the ground to start throwing the ‘Brown Stuff’ in forums like Slugger in the hope that some of it may stick !

    A forlorn hope : I expect the fore-coming Northern Election gains to mirror the Southern victories. That is the real, permanent and only answer to this activity, measured and consolidated, irrevocable steps towards the ultimate Republican goals.

    In my New Years Eve post in this thread, I quoted Bobby Sands assertion that ” in our children’s laughter we will have our victory !” Republicans will not be distracted or sidetracked by counter propaganda efforts, especially those as unsubtle, blatant and transparent as those of the ‘Intel asset’ spewing this anti-Republican rant in slugger. For the Northern elections and for a joint future North and South, it will be for us, simply a case of ‘Ar aghaidh leis an Buadha !’


    John Noonan: Sinn Fein candidate, IRA thug, criminal.

  • Munsterview

    Blown it yet once more ?

    Another recall and retrain coming up for certain ‘assets’ ? More homework assignments on micro republican sites and exchanges at that level I fear, before certain posters will be allowed out by their handlers to play with the big boys on slugger again!