POTD – Soggy Bunting

Complete with a bit of drainpipe

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  • MP, is this a piece of installation art representing Peter Bunting, one of the NI Water interim NEDs 😉

  • Greenflag

    No respect some people desperate .

  • Greenflag

    Soggy Bunting Boys ?

  • Stormy weather, winter gaels, Gf ….

  • pippakin


    Again? Anyone might think you are a nationalist/republican.

  • Greenflag i thought of the american news presenter “Hi I’m Soggy Bunting and i’m reporting from an entry in East Belfast”
    Pip people can think what they want, but i live here and will depict what i see.
    If it is uncomfortable for some….tough

  • pippakin


    Is that what it is? You hope to upset a few unionists with a picture? most of them will have seen far more graphic images in their time. As for me all I look for is originality.

  • No it’s not about that at all.
    As i said if folks get upset that not my problem…if you want to see some images that will really upset have a look through these from this years world press photo winners

  • pippakin


    Please get over the idea that I’m upset, that’s absurd. Its a picture very similar to others you have posted, that’s all I feel about it. I will have a look at your link I have a fairly strong stomach as long as its not about children or animals

  • tacapall

    Its a picture of rubbish Pippakin no need to get all worked up.

  • Fair enough but as i said where i live i tend to see alot of this sort of thing hence it being a bit of a theme….i also think that is a disgrace.
    There are a couple of photos which are very disturbing particularly the set of images of the aftermath and clean up of the Haiti earthquake

  • Another attack on the protestant unionist community well done MP

    When is Slugger O’Toole going to tackle this blatant bias from this man ???????????????????

  • MP, here’s something to cheer you up: some breezy bunting from Bushmills on a fine summer’s day with a couple of place names as a bonus. Perhaps a commenter can point out the heritage connection between Mount Druid and Craigalappin.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Moochy, thanks for the links to the international pictures, which apart from that one they arent particularly horrific, some are exteremely beautiful, the Irish traveller set is very moving as is the Sudaneese man.. Some of your own portraits have also caught the window on the soul look, which makes me wonder have you any real reason to post this crap apart from an attempt to piss unionists off, your excuse are thin to say the least and would urge you to basically grow up and give us some of those real insights you did before.

  • märsta

    pro union commentators criticising on a pro union website about photos of the union flag. who’d have thunk it!

  • pippakin


    Thank you, there were some beautiful (in their own way) shots in the link you provided. Its a diverse world but what stands out from so many is the pride, even the girl who had been mutilated, her nose cut off, had a look of independence and survival about her.

    There were a couple of other thought provoking pictures, they are beyond words, which is why photography is such an important art form.

  • märsta, an extended browse through Slugger will show you that the bloggers come from a broad range of backgrounds. Are you a newbie?

  • Turgon

    I do hope this thread is not going to get side tracked into MP’s politics.

    For the record can I state that I do not know his politics but think his pictures are extremely good. Also having now met him I was also very impressed by him in person.

  • joeCanuck

    Need a few Egyptians to show us to clean up a mess in the street.

  • vanhelsing


    Pro Union – are you insane! Slugger is pretty central as there are plenty of bloggers here who range across the political spectrum.

    As a Unionist I’m not offended at all by the pic and I give MP the benefit of the doubt as regards his unbiased photo journalism. Next week some tricolour right MP 🙂


  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Quite seriously, maybe NI isn’t good for your work, judging by what you can produce elsewhere and comparing it to the NI stuff.

  • Nunoftheabove

    “….flag as offensive” ? 🙂

  • Munsterview

    ” I do hope this thread is not going to get side tracked into MP’s politics.

    For the record can I state that I do not know his politics but think his pictures are extremely good.”

    Oh My G !……. Full agreement with the poster concerned. Is there a doctor in the house ?

  • DR some of the comments are as predictable as “this crap”, but the thing to remember is that if more care and respect was shown towards the flags and bunting i wouldn’t be able to take photographs like this.
    I’ve said it before and i repeat it…..Don’t shoot the messenger.
    If i found a rake of tricolours you can be damn sure i’d photograph them but unfortunately(for some perhaps) there does seem to be more respect shown to that particular flag.
    MU…..thanks very much i’m off to Haiti for a big project which i’ll blog about once it is all confirmed. The 19 hours i spent there a couple of weeks ago was intense to say the least.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Good luck in Haiti. I helped the ICRC a couple of years ago with a report on experiences of people affected by conflict there – that was harrowing in the extreme and that was before the earthquake had even happened. Puts NI into some perspective.

  • Thanks

    A few days without water here and you’d think it was the end of the world

    “Eeeeeee they don’t know they’re born i tell thee”

  • Drumlins Rock

    “there does seem to be more respect shown to that particular flag.”

    making a political statement there Moochy, tut tut, thought you were a neural observer. BTW can show you loads of ragged tricolours round this way if you want that balance.

    Wish you well in Haiti, and am sure you will have some amazing shots there like those you posted before, would espically like to see something of the hope amidst the despair.

  • OH FFS
    How is that a political statement DR?……it’s an observation based on the fact that whenever i have walked around Nationalist areas i haven’t found a pile of soggy bunting. Living in the East of the city i do happen upon such things. Now that is the end of that as i’m really not going to get drawn into what people think what my politics may or may not be.
    Cheers re Haiti big big project which will endeavour to tell stories of hope and fortitude.

  • joeCanuck

    If the people who whine and moan about images shown by MP of disrespect towards national symbols got off their ar*es and organized community clean ups in their own areas, then there wouldn’t be any so-called offensive pics. Not talking about you, DR; I am aiming this at a particular persistent whiner.

  • Niall

    Well, I think everyone has missed the point here. Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year. Shops putting their displays up just as summer is ending, its awful, keep Christmas for Christmas time.

    This picture is showing that the same trend is happening in the Unionist Bigot Festival of Music and Culture, or is it called OrangeFest or are we still allowed to say the 12th July or marching season. Anyway, whatever it is called, it appears to be starting earlier each year as evidenced by the picture. I mean, flags are an all year round event to be enjoyed by all visitors of whatever creed.

    Bunting on the other hand is for festivals like the above mentioned Orange… you know, whatever you call it these days. So this is a critique by MP of the dilution of yearly festivals/holidays by commercialism and over exposure. And I wholeheartedly agree, keep Christmas for Christmas and keep OrangeFest or whatever its called for July.