POTD – Celtic Tiger Prawn

Found in a side street off Templebar

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  • Greenflag

    As it’s Friday I hope Mooch can forgive me for being reminded of the old Dublin Rosie of Moore St yarn which somehow is always triggered off by the mere mention of ‘prawns ‘.

    A ‘refined ‘ lady from Howth or was it Clontarf was foostering around with her hand among the prawns laid out on Rosie’s stall table .After a few minutes of observing this hand ‘foostering ‘ among the prawns by the Howth lady, Rosie in her usual abrupt and somewhat ribald manner shouted out so that all might hear her stentorian nasal tones ‘

    ‘ Dem’s prawns madam not pricks . Feelin dem won’t make dem any bigger ‘

  • Greenflag

    ‘From can of the best to can of the beast ‘ ?

  • Bansky-esque. I like it!