Gerry, ‘warm weather payments’, and cleaning up the south’s political act

Sam McBride of the News Letter, has been listening to Gerry Adams on RTE’s This Week programme (interview starts 6.44 in):

Quizzed about Sinn Fein implementing cuts in Belfast while opposing them in Dublin, Mr Adams told RTE Radio 1’s This Week programme yesterday afternoon: “Now, what did we establish in the last (Stormont) budget?

“For example, we made sure that those who are most vulnerable are protected. We brought in warm weather payments, we brought in a social fund to assist those most in need, we refused to bring in water charges, we brought in free prescription charges.

“So even in the unique form of government that we have in the six counties, we protected those who are most vulnerable from the worst excesses of British Tory cuts.”

Except, as Sam points out,  “no such payment exists in Northern Ireland”. That said the whole interview is a more ballsy than previous outings. But, still no word on where the money is coming from to keep the state’s current account running after ‘burning the bondholders (sometimes known as ‘lenders of last resort’)’ .

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  • Maybe Gerry means ‘hot air’ payments?

  • slappymcgroundout

    I think he meant cold weather payments. See:

    For more correction of the Newsletter aka the Boer Daily during the apartheid era:

  • slappymcgroundout

    And for a related attack:

    They’re nothing if not consistent.

  • “warm weather payments”

    Mick, apparently these payments kick in when temperatures reach 55°North; obviously they don’t apply in 55°South. Was Gerry Adams born under Taurus?

  • Reminds me of one of my favourite political quotes up there with “campaign in poetry, govern in prose”. I’ve probably posted it before but it’s well worth repeating in the context.

    “With seasonally adjusted temperatures we can get rid of winter!”

  • Slappy, there may be a typo in one of your earlier posts. Wasn’t the former Bore Daily Ireland a member of the Belfast Media Group stable under the wannabeagain Belfast City councillor, Mairtín Ó Muilleoir?

  • Help me out guys, do we have to pay VAT on warm weather payments?

  • VAT, articles? Just ask Gerry 🙂

  • john

    You wont be laughing at Gerry when in 5 years time global warming will make summers in Norn Iron unbearable and we all have to claim our warm weather payments to cover the cost of the air conditioner! The man is a genius

  • Nah mate you got it wrong.

    I heard and this is gospel. Gerry’s getting rid of summer so not only will be there be no unbearable summers due to global warming , there’ll be 12 months money to go round the remaining nine months. So getting rid of summer kills two birds with one stone. Sinn Fein have costed it.

  • Cynic2


    warm weather payments – even if its cold weather they were just implementing the DSS regime for the UK as mandated by Westminster. And in any case that would be the SDLPs not Gerry’s

    we brought in a social fund to assist those most in need – again forgive me but isnt that the UK Social Fund or have i missed an extra. And in any case that would be the SDLPs not Gerrys

    we refused to bring in water charges – and what a shining beacon NIW is and we pay for water through our taxes

    we brought in free prescription charges – well, actually that would be a UUP led ministry

  • GA: “We [The Executive] protected those who are most vulnerable … You have to act on behalf of citizens [it’s a SF principle]”

    It’s just as well we had a SF Minister ‘micromanaging’ NI Water, especially during a period of the worst weather since England set foot in Ireland.

  • the old Manxman

    While I hate to import more ammunition to the Great Adams War of 2011 on Slugger (he lied), the details from the Sunday Independent show that he is now less popular as leader of SF among the Irish electorate than he has ever been:
    [page 19 of pdf]

    Which leads me to a question that genuinely puzzles me. I seem to remember back in 2007 that part of the reason for SF under-performing was because of its leadership being seen as ‘foreign’ and out of touch. Why make things even worse this time by importing Adams at the last minute and having him as the leader of SF’s campaign?

  • Manxman, it’s a pantomime, not a war; war-paint not blood will be spilt.

  • slappymcgroundout


    He said warm instead of cold and if you wish to bash him for taking credit from Maggie, fine. But some of the rest of the piece is even more wrong than Gerry. They’ve been opposed to presciption charges for as long as they’ve been a party, they cried foul when that social fund or social fund loan program had the max total of the loan(s) cut by 30% or so without public notice and hearing, and their latest economic summary calls for another social fund to be funded by credit unions.

    I don’t otherwise blame them for allowing the SDLP or the DUP or some other Unionist party to actually introduce the legislation, since that way, less reason for the conspiratorial minded among you there to write it down to a cunning plan by Sinn Fein to secure a united Ireland.

    Lastly, the reason for the Boer Daily’s omission of Sinn Fein’s longstanding opposition to prescription charges is simply that if such were included, nobody would care which particular minister was in office when the prescription charges were tossed in the bin. The intentional omission of Sinn Fein’s longstanding policy borders on fraud/deceit (and I’m being generous in that characterization).

  • slappy, conspiracy is the lifeblood of politics so I expect Irish nationalist parties and their supporters to do all in their power to promote island of Ireland entities/interests, irrespective of the interests of folks here. That was why I drew attention to Belfast Harbour sponsoring an Ó Muilleoir organised project even though BH said it took an apolitical stance on funding. AFAIK none of the MSM have picked-up on this controversial funding.

  • sdelaneys

    “Help me out guys, do we have to pay VAT on warm weather payments?”

    Only if we’re earning less than 80% of roundabout something and take your bail out with you, so long, goodbyeeeee ’till we renegotiate unilaterally.

  • toker

    Gerry Adams is to economics what Sarah Palin is too foreign policy. The Vat catastrophe then this

  • 241934 john brennan

    Warm weather payments in Norn Ireland during the coldest December on record?

    That’s pantomime politics. Oh no it isn’t! Oh yes it is!

    Who said it? Baron Northstead, or Baron Hardup?

  • tacapall

    The man obviously made a mistake re the warm weather payments, anyone jumping on the bandwagon to castigate him over it is engaging in childish tomfoolery. Its not what he says that matters its the actions behind the words, Sinn Fein might not have the economic experience of FF or FG but does every politician know every detail of every job in politics if so then you’ve got a long list to go through Mick when it comes to nitpicking politicians mistakes.

  • pippakin

    “Sinn Fein might not have the economic experience of FF or FG ”

    The above should be on their posters.

    I knew there was one thing I liked about SF.

  • Alf

    Interesting to see The Newsletter being referred to as The Boer Daily. It is a unionist paper, and I’m fairly sure that it was republicans who sided with the Boers during their war with the British. McBride’s Irish Brigade etc.

  • Alf

    Uncle Gerry is turning out to be a great clown though isn’t he?

  • tacapall

    Pippakin it wasn’t Sinn Fein who let the country go into finincial ruin and Im sure the British Labour party wouldn’t be expected to put on their electoral poster what little knowledge Tony Blair had over the WMD fiasco that has cost over a million lives so far never mind the economic disaster they brought Britain into. Nitpicking thats all your doing.

  • pippakin


    Nit picking? Gerry Adams is the president of the party that, we are told, has worked for a UI for years, yet he obviously had no real knowledge about the major part of it until he and SF saw an opportunity.

    I really don’t see what the British have to do with this. Its an Irish election with an Irish electorate and the Irish will decide it, dragging the British in might deflect the subject for a few and it may be meat and drink to republicans but the south needs real attention not the usual suspects sound bites. I think too many SFers use the British argument as a smoke screen for their own failings.

    Having said that the British banks must take their share of the blame for irresponsible lending along with the German and French banks. As much as I like what SF are saying about the bank loans I have to say their plans seem to be no more than sound bites and window dressing with no substance.

  • sdelaneys


    The ‘warm’ cold weather payments came from an SDLP minister while the burst pipes came from a S.F. minister.

  • Dixie Elliott

    I was just wondering. Is Martina Anderson still standing up for Derry, or has she had to sit down for a while?

  • tacapall


    The ‘warm’ cold weather payments came from an SDLP minister while the burst pipes came from a S.F. minister”.

    A wee bit mistaken here between Alex Attwood and Conor Murphy of course it depends on who you blame for the weather.


    “I really don’t see what the British have to do with this. Its an Irish election with an Irish electorate”. Why do you then bring northern politics into southern politics, Gerry Adams therefore has a clean sheet.

  • pippakin


    I didn’t drag the British in. His overall performance anywhere has an effect on the opinions formed in the south but the issue is the south.. He should have done his homework a lot earlier.