2009/10 “good relations indicators”

An iol report picks out some statistics of interest from a Northern Ireland Office of the First and deputy First Minister’s report on “good relation indicators” for 2009/10.  The report is only available as an Excel document.  From the iol report

The OFMDFM report said in the 2009/10 financial year homelessness due to intimidation was up to 774 cases compared to 580.

Casualties because of paramilitary-style shootings and attacks have more than doubled, 122 in the 2009 calendar year compared to 56 the previous year.

Attacks on Orange Halls have also increased, with a third more in 2009 than in 2008, to 77 from 57.

Most of the paramilitary assaults were by loyalists.

And how is that Programme for Cohesion, Sharing and Integration coming along?

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  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I can certainly understand that attacks on Orange Halls might be regarded as indicators of poor relations.
    But Im not sure that attacks by paramilitaries …mostly loyalists….in themselves are indicators.
    If the 122 paramilitary style shootings/beatings were cross cmmunity then that would be serious.
    If they are just thugs beating up thugs in their own areas, I would not lose sleep. Nor should anyone else. Except of course.thugs.
    Unpleasant but hardly a threat to the Peace we all support.

  • Kevin Barry

    While I wouldn’t lose too much sleep about it, it’s still a worrying trend and one that is definitely not going in the right direction.

    With out stating the blindingly obvious, I wonder how much of this trend could be attributed to the poor state of the economy.

    Pete, by any chance would you have a link to show a comparison with other years, say over a ten year period? I suspect it is the one you already attached but I seemingly can’t open it

  • 241934 john brennan

    At the Hillsborough talks on devolution of policing to NI Assembly, SF wanted, and got, the MI5 (500 British secret agents, with new muti-million HQ in Belfast) instead of PSNI Special Branch.

    Here is what Margaret Ritchie (a currently working MP) thinks:

    Ms Ritchie said in light of an upsurge in dissident activity this week, Owen Patterson should refocus efforts on tackling dissidents through modern and accountable intelligence techniques.

    Speaking following meeting Owen Patterson on Wednesday, Ms Ritchie said: “I put it to the Secretary of State that intelligence gathering capabilities by M15 are totally inadequate and out of their depth.

    “I once again put it to Owen Patterson that since 2007, on M15’s watch, the dissident organisations have reorganised and expanded. We cannot allow them to continue that. It is surveillance by ordinary people and good neighbours co-operating with a police service they know and trust and want to protect that will defeat this handful of violent people. I believe that trust will be all the greater if people are clear that the PSNI controls the whole intelligence-gathering process.

    “The dissidents will not be defeated from London. They will be defeated by the people of Ireland, and the police services they trust, all working together.”

  • DidleeDOSquat

    “…… attacks on Orange Halls might be regarded as indicators of poor relations.”

    In much the same way that being up to your b*lls in snow might be an indicator that it’s winter.

  • Note that in the Excel file, under priority outcome 1 (Northern Ireland society is free from racism, sectarianism and prejudice) the number of sectarian incidents has gone up 15% and the sectarian motivated crimes have gone up 24%. So it is not a case of thugs beating up defenceless civilians in their own areas, it is cross-community.

  • And if you are looking for long-term causes, in Priority outcome 4: Increased sharing in education, we find:

    0.67% of pupils enrolled in Catholic managed schools who are Protestant.
    4.4% of pupils enrolled in Controlled schools who are Catholic.