Apparently, T-shirts have already been printed…

For sheer entertainment value I feel obliged to share this account of the clash between Conservative MP, Mark Pritchard, and Mr Speaker…

Mark Pritchard, a Tory MP described “as mild mannered” in the way that serial killers are usually described as mild-mannered until the lampshades made of skin are found in the basement, apparently impeded the movement of Speaker Bercow, who was progressing through the palace like a small medieval king mounted on a skateboard.

“The courtesy of the house is that honourable members should stand aside when the Speaker passes by,” said Bercow, whose rudeness to his former Tory colleagues is marvellous. He even pointed at Pritchard, to emphasise that he was not talking to a random ornamental vase.

And so Pritchard, still recovering from an earlier slight in the chamber when the Speaker had not called him, believing Pritchard had been in the toilet or something, freaked. “You are not fucking royalty, Mr Speaker,” he said. Mr Speaker didn’t comment on this, probably because he is married to Sally.

“Well, a good morning to you, Sir,” he said instead, and skated off, leaving Pritchard to brief the newspapers, and comment: “When someone abuses me in this house they are abusing my constituents.” Yes, I am sure that is exactly what was in your mind. You were thinking of the poor folk of The Wrekin. You should go down there and mobilise the pitchforks. I bet they want to put Bercow’s head on a spike and toast each other noisily with ale.


And, via PoliticsHome

Apparently, T-shirts with the phrase “You’re not fucking royalty, Mr Speaker!” have already been printed.

Heh.  Again.