Apparently, T-shirts have already been printed…

For sheer entertainment value I feel obliged to share this account of the clash between Conservative MP, Mark Pritchard, and Mr Speaker…

Mark Pritchard, a Tory MP described “as mild mannered” in the way that serial killers are usually described as mild-mannered until the lampshades made of skin are found in the basement, apparently impeded the movement of Speaker Bercow, who was progressing through the palace like a small medieval king mounted on a skateboard.

“The courtesy of the house is that honourable members should stand aside when the Speaker passes by,” said Bercow, whose rudeness to his former Tory colleagues is marvellous. He even pointed at Pritchard, to emphasise that he was not talking to a random ornamental vase.

And so Pritchard, still recovering from an earlier slight in the chamber when the Speaker had not called him, believing Pritchard had been in the toilet or something, freaked. “You are not fucking royalty, Mr Speaker,” he said. Mr Speaker didn’t comment on this, probably because he is married to Sally.

“Well, a good morning to you, Sir,” he said instead, and skated off, leaving Pritchard to brief the newspapers, and comment: “When someone abuses me in this house they are abusing my constituents.” Yes, I am sure that is exactly what was in your mind. You were thinking of the poor folk of The Wrekin. You should go down there and mobilise the pitchforks. I bet they want to put Bercow’s head on a spike and toast each other noisily with ale.


And, via PoliticsHome

Apparently, T-shirts with the phrase “You’re not fucking royalty, Mr Speaker!” have already been printed.

Heh.  Again.

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  • Drumlins Rock

    Can I have 2 blue ones in Large please?

  • Eartlier this week we almost achieved consensus there was no “direct Line” between intemperate speech and violent action (or have we moved on from Tucson?).

    Are we now expected to admire an example of gross discourtesy?

    Whatever the griefs the Tory right have with Speaker Bercow (and the scorn is, I gather, mutual), his office is the fourth most senior elective post in the land most senior elective one in the land. It also shows contempt for the Commons, whether in the Chamber of not.

    Pritchard behaved oafishly; and has properly apologised. His creditable concern for water-voles (threatened by mink) apart, no great justification leaps to mind for him to be close to the top decile of expense-claimants.

    Of course others may take a steer from Richard Gordon’s frolic, Doctor at Sea:

    Liberty Hall, this hooker. Spit on the deck and call the cat a bastard.

    [I’ve been waiting a long while to get that one, however deviously, into a post.]

  • ng999

    What have we done to deserve our second useless speaker on the trot?

    Bumptious and incompetent.

  • Cynic2

    Who can respect a poisoned dwarf?

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Personally I think there is too much “respect” around……which is odd seeing that I am excessively polite. But theres a lot of old nonsense about parliamentary procedures and the like. Tony Gregory TD (no I didnt like him) refuse to wear a tie (or was told to wear one) in Dáil Éireann ………as was Alex Higgins (no I didnt like him either!) while playing snooker.
    If (surely “when”) Im elected to Westminster, I will roam the corridors defying etiquette to the Speaker.

    “Poisoned Dwarf””?????? Surely “Cynic 2” is wrong. It was not one of the dwarves who was poisoned….it was Snow White.

  • edgeoftheunion

    I believe the expression “The Poison Dwarf” was introduced to popular culture by Sir Terry Wogan:

    who was at the time referencing:

    Apparently the expression was first used about this chap,

    whose life and death put the trials and tribulations of Speaker Bercow into perspective.

  • edgeoftheunion

    Personally I would prefer Speaker Berkoff

  • Still haven’t found any picture of one of these much-talked about T-shirts.

  • Alan in Belfast @ 10:32 pm:

    Let’s assume you’re not up to the Photoshopping (both the versions I’ve seen have that provenance). Almost any decent stationers will stock iron-on transfer paper.

    Go LARGE type (Comic Sans font works a treat). Fire up the ink-jet printer.

    Bingo! You’ve just made a spectacle of yourself. As much of a tripe-hound as Pritchard.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Lets be clear, the speakers job is one of respect but it also the duty of the holder to retain the respect the post holds, Betty Bothroyd was an exceptional case of someone challenging but in the end greatly enhancing the role.
    Martin was below par and paid the price, but Bercow is a different story, and was deliberately elected by Labour MPs to do maximum harm to the office when the Tories took over, that and a petty act of revenge on behalf of Martin.
    It was a disgusting petty act of contempt for Parliment by a party on its way out, and any future farces concerning this man must firstly and foremostly rest at their door.

  • Drumlins Rock @ 11:25 pm:

    That’s not the whole story, by a long chalk. When Speaker Martin was defenestrated, there were several obvious candidates: the previous Tory deputy Speaker, a former LibDem leader, and two Tories obviously panting for it, with the omnipresent Widdecombe looking for a last hurrah. That, to most cool observers, was about the order of preference. Arguably Bercow was nobody’s first choice, except his own: however, he was the only one who could be negotiated through the morass of intra-party and cross-gangway spite.

    Then, in May, there ensued the biggest turn-over in Commons membership since the Great Reform Act, if not the Restoration of Charles II. The incoming Tory lobby-fodder yapped about it, couldn’t get their acts together (perhaps distracted by the froth and spittle of types like “Mad Nad” Dorries) and instal an alternative candidate, so were swiftly out-manoevred by their own party hierarchy. There’s one source of friction. Then, too, many Tories stood for Parliament confidently expecting to have a share of the goodies, only to find that Coalition meant many of the potential ministerial boxes and titles for the LibDems. More grief. Then came the discovery that their expenses claims were mired in IPSA. The final straw is that outside commitments, such as well-paid “consultancies” and board-places in the City, are much more closely policed and reported. All this when the wife of a Cabinet Minister can recommend Harrods’ Glitterati Orange and Lime Marmalade with edible glitter (£8.95), just because it’s such fun — and it tastes good too.

    The right-wing Tories are not happy bunnies.

  • pippakin

    Bercow was a poor choice, A deliberate act by a completely discredited Labour government. I would just love to see some MPs wearing the T shirts in the house. It won’t happen, pity.

  • Rory Carr

    Say what you like about Speaker Bercow, the man has one great redeeming quality – he annoys the fuck out of the Tories, which must surely earn a few votive candles to be lit in prayer that he might endure.

  • Rory Carr @ 9:56 am:

    I doubt that is generally the case.

    It would be closer to the truth to say that “issues” persist between Bercow and the UKIP wing of the Tory backbenches. Let’s bear in mind the recent Tory intake have drifted to the two pre-existing and opposite factions: the slavish Cameroons expecting government placements in return, and the disillusioned Tory right. It’s only a matter of time before this schism blows up big, probably over Europe or social legislation.

    Pritchard, the focus of this thread, is largely a non-entity. He came to recent prominence when the Cameroons tried to nobble the 1922 Committee. Pritchard is now secretary of that back-bench trades union, which is heavily weighted to the right.

    Then, consider Bercow’s background: son of a Jewish taxi-driver (i.e. not fit for the best golf-club committees), North London comprehensive, University of Essex. Very bright. Started off in the hang’em and flog’em űber-Thatcherite Federation of Conservative Students, which was so unreconstructed that even Norman Tebbit closed it down (though Tebbit rescued Bercow from the wreck to head up the FCS-successor front group).

    Since then Bercow has been moving towards centrist positions: some say a long-term calculation to win Lib-Lab votes for the Speakership; others attribute this growing sanity to the influence of his wife, Sally (she of the “colourful past”).

    Four further moments have distanced Bercow from Tory orthodoxy: he broke ranks over the issue of gay and lesbian adoption; he serially dissed Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard; he agreed to heading a Labour-government study of speech disability; and he came out of the expenses scandal unsullied, despite an iffy bit of capital gains dodging.

  • fordprefect

    All that parliamentary mumbo jumbo and politeness etc. is a load of shit! As for an MP concerned about his constituents, yeah right!