The State versus Thomas Murphy – redux

Possibly relevant to Brian’s earlier post… and Mitchell Reiss’ admission…  An iol report provides an update on the long-running saga of the State versus Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy.

First a re-cap from a previous post.

In October 2008, the “culmination of intensive investigations by the Criminal Assets Bureau and the UK’s Serious and Organised Crime Agency” saw more than €625,000 in cash and cheques confiscated in Ireland as the proceeds of crime, while £445,000 (573,000 euro) and nine properties in the north-west of England were recovered by UK authorities. There were also reported tax settlements with the Criminal Assets Bureau “for a figure understood to be over €1m” by Patrick and Frank Murphy, brothers of Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy – who has been named previously as both the UK’s richest smuggler and a former Provisional IRA Chief of Staff.

From today’s iol report

Today, Murphy’s counsel Mr Tony Mc Gillicuddy BL told the court that his client was not present in court because of the adverse weather conditions. He said his client would sign on at a garda station to show his bona fides.

Mr Mc Gillicuddy also told the court that judicial review proceedings challenging the decision to try him in the Special Criminal Court are expected to be given a date for hearing in the High Court next month.

Mr Murphy is being prosecuted on foot of an investigation by the Criminal Assets Bureau. The nine charges allege that he failed to furnish a return of his income, profits or gains to the Collector General or the Inspector of Taxes for the years 1996/97 to 2004.

He was returned for trial to the Special Criminal Court in 2008 from Dundalk District Court and he challenged the return at the High Court in November 2008. The High Court found that Murphy’s rights had been breached but ruled that the trial should go ahead.

Murphy has launched a new High Court bid to prevent his trial. The court remanded Murphy on continuing bail until February 3.

Of course, “Tom Murphy is not a criminal. He’s a good republican.”  That quote from Gerry Adams in full (March 2006)

“Tom Murphy is not a criminal. He’s a good republican. I read his statement after the Manchester raids. I believe what he says. He’s also, and very importantly, a key supporter of the Sinn Féin peace strategy and has been for a very long time.”

But then Adams also said when asked, by RTÉs Tommie Gorman, whether he believes Murphy’s denial of membership of the IRA Army Council,

“If he denies being a member of the IRA, then I have to accept that.”

Interestingly, if my rough grasp of geography is correct, Gerry Adams’ ‘move’ to Louth could result in him being Tom Murphy’s TD…

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  • Mark

    That would be handy for Gerry as Tom could show him the ropes .

  • joeCanuck

    Utterly shameful the way these securocrats won’t give up on their vile attempts to smear this good republican.

  • pippakin

    A shining example of a poor misunderstood republican.

  • percy

    possibly relevant peteb, how so?

    SF are a political party, with accounts published yearly
    Mr.Murphy is a citizen with a taxation issue.

    where’s the link? do you wish to make a libel?

  • Alias

    “where’s the link?”

    Well, it’s lucky that Gerry was never a member of PIRA because if he was then Mr Murphy would be his and the Deputy First Minister’s boss.

    Now I sure that if the First Minister was a member of a secretive organisation such as the Freemasons then you’d be the first to claim he wasn’t fit to hold public office, never mind if he was a member of a secret criminal organisation…

  • percy

    so no link then, just ifs and buts, thanks

  • Cynic2

    I am sure he can rely on Gerry’s support

  • Nunoftheabove

    Of course. No taxation without representation after all….D’OH !

    Erse, feck, drink, diesel, gerls…dead brits.

  • MichaelMac

    At the time was there not talk of tens of millions involved and portfolios involving hundreds of properties?

  • If Tom Murphy had been born into an earlier generation of Irish republicans, in all probability he would have become a national hero, had the odd railway station, street or Town Hall named after him.

    It’s a funny old world.

  • Cynic2

    Did Michael Collins run a fuel smuggling racket too?

  • Cynic2

    ” had the odd railway station, street or Town Hall named after him”

    Oil Drum Lane?

    Fish Kill Close?

  • Brian

    For some reason, I couldn’t imagine Tom Murphy making an impassioned speech at the Dail debate on the Treaty.

    His boyos were certainly highly efficient and effective terrorists/insurgents. Without them the early 90s would have been particular pathetic for the PIRA.

  • sdelaneys

    Pippakin, “A shining example of a poor misunderstood republican”, or perhaps a “maybe not so poor…”, being poor was only for the foot soldiers.

  • pippakin


    I had heard that was, and is, the case.

  • 241934 john brennan

    Gerry says Slab is a good republican. Gerry is also a good republican, with only 3 houses- and taking only a single industrial wage. Therefore being good reblican like Gerry, Slab is also not worth pursuing by the Criminal Assets Bureau. Q.E.D.

  • 241934 john brennan

    Gerry Adams canonised Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy, by publicly declaring him “a good republican”. Therefore, though a life devoted to the cause and lived in heroic virtue, he is adjudged free of any stain of past, present and future crime – and all other minor matters such as failing to file tax returns.

  • Slab Murphy and the South Armagh/Inishkeen IRA have been singled out by the British and their collaborators for the obvious reasons that they were PIRA’s most efficient and effective fighting force, running mayhem not only in God’s Own Country but doing the spectaculars in the Belly of the Beast in places such as Canary Wharf, Bishopsgate and Manchester.

    A large part of the South Armagh PIRA’s success was the area’s tradition of clanishness, distrust of outsiders and the like.

    Which leads us to the question. Why is Gerry Adams moving in? Why not move into Dundalk, Drogheda or Dunleer instead?
    Is Gerry Adams moving into Slab’s backyard an exercise more in military emasculation than in electoral advancement? If it was the latter, if the idea was to take the electoral high ground, surely Dublin rather than North Louth/South Armagh should have been the target of the Adams gang.

  • pippakin


    I have wondered why Louth. I suppose almost everyone has. Who knows perhaps it was the easiest to ‘take over’ or perhaps Messrs Adams and Murphy believe in that old saying: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

    There will be a general election here soon, lets see what comes out in the wash.

  • 241934 john brennan

    Louth, previously used as a support base in PIRA’s failed push to take over the North, is now to be bridgehead for the northern command to take over the South