Beware the Xmas works do

Yes it’s that time of the year when all the amateur drinkers are out in force. Having to fight your way to the pub in the first place, past all the jostling shoppers is the least of your worries. Throughout the evening you are often confronted by the once a year drinkers who plainly should not be drinking. Ever. The works do at xmas can be fraught with tensions and drama, so with that in mind i thought i’d ask the question….

Whats the most embarrassing thing to happen to you or at a works do?

For me it was a good 20 odd years ago when, extremely inebriated on free Grolsh, i mauled one of the secretaries (with consent i should add, we just shouldn’t have pursued our amorous intentions in front of the rest of the office but spirits were running high!).

So i thought i’d start this thread to provide a home for some cautionary and perhaps humorous  tales of what could go wrong.

‘Mon you know you want to. Just please keep identities out of it discretion being the better part of valour and all that.