The [animated] view from Taiwan

Via The Cedar Lounge Revolution.  Courtesy of Next Media Animation.

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  • Jean Meslier

    Absolutely adequate in its simplicity and to the point.

    But Pete
    Was that Dermot Ahern getting his ring kicked in as the populace rebelled?

  • Oracle


  • Munsterview

    Jean a cara uasal,

    I have been interfacing with politicians since the early seventies on prisoner and other issues. As individuals there are plenty decent people in all parties and likewise in the ordinary membership. While one could say that somebody getting a small business grant etc through party intervention is corruption,but that is small change.

    I would estimate that 80% of the corruption circulated around the top 10% of one party in particular… and you know the one I am referring to, I cannot expose Mick. The problem is they have stuffed their cronies into every nook and cranny in the State! How do you start the cleanout with Garda or Judges of Department of justice senior people ? Even the judges pay cannot be touched, never mind their person.

    It is not so long ago since a certain judge was openly collecting a young lassie in her school uniform from outside her school, yet he could not be fired, he brazened out for a few years until he could collect his pension. For legal reasons I am not referring to Ireland of course, this happened in another country, that could never happen here , perish the thought !

    The late John Healy referred to these all powerful senior servants as ‘the permanent government’ as indeed they are. These top offices are stuffed with crony appointments from when Haughey got back into power and down to the present day. Look at the Indo paper, what Harris wrote to support a Taoiseach who could not account for money save that he won in in the races.

    Senator Harris is still supporting the permanent government, when RTV showed Gardai using unnecessary force against a student protest, Harris attacked RTE and the Students in a Senate speech. It is all a interlocked network of pampered, well sinecured, inter-supporting club. A change of Government will change very little : a top tier of Department Civil servants who were passive in the face of obvious corruption will be still in place. Without total change we are only changing deck chairs in the Titanic!