SF: More lessons on not making a clear statement

It is increasingly bizarre that is was DUP MLA Robin Newton who announced major changes on SF’s team at Belfast City Council while Cllr Tom Hartley declared any changes would merely be about phasing out dual madates:

Sinn Féin is replacing a number of Councillors at City Hall in line with our party’s policy of phasing out dual-mandates

With Deirdre Hargey, previously suspended from SF and dropped as a council candidate in 2005 over her actions during/following the murder of Robert McCartney, now having replaced Alex Maskey MLA – three other SF council positions lie vacant.

None of these vacant positions were held by dual mandate representatives:

Máire Cush (Lower Falls)
Christine Mhic Giolla Mhín (Upper Falls)

Are they the right two? Who is the other? Cunningham? – it is hard to keep track of SF moves on that council.

It is clear that IRA veteran Jim ‘Flash’ McVeigh will be co-opted to one of these seats, with a wide expectation he will then lead the SF group on Belfast Council but it is by no means clear who will replace the other two dropped representatives.

There is a clearout of SF on Belfast Council going on and so far the only person getting close to calling it right or talking about it openly is a member of the DUP.

Surely that is just contempt for the electorate?

UPDATE: As noted by Stephen in the comments SF have selected future candidates – no link to anything on why 3 Councillors’ positions are currently listed as ‘vacant’.

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  • Its partly too the ‘no by-elections’ rule that enables this process, which SF is using to the max – providing some profile prior to the May elections. In that respect, good luck to them. Bit of house-keeping by the looks of it. For what purpose others will either know or be more willing to speculate.

  • Seamus Clarke

    Marie Moore? Surely you’re joking? Marie passed away a year and a half ago.


    Why all this speculation on something that is already widely known?

    “It is clear that IRA veteran Jim ‘Flash’ McVeigh will be co-opted to one of these seats, with a wide expectation he will then lead the SF group on Belfast Council”


    Wide expectation? I thought it was a well known fact.

    “but it is by no means clear who will replace the other two dropped representatives.”

    Pretty clear to me by reading these articles, one of which is over six weeks old –

    http://www.westbelfastsinnfein.com/news/17860 (From the 13th of October)

    http://www.westbelfastsinnfein.com/news/18037 (From the 4th of November).

    Also it’s Chrissie Mhic Giolla Mhín, not Christine.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Hardly contempt for the electorate on the scale of the dissidents who continue their little war after the people of Ireland north and south voted for the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.
    So its not exactly a proportionate statement that you make.

    But there is a germ of fact in it. Not so much the “contempt” thing but rather the nature of the replacements.
    Frankly Ive never heard of Jim McVeigh…..at least I dont think I have.
    Ms Hargeys selection obviously shows contempt for the electorates memory.
    But the (linked) choice of Pat Sheehan as MLA to replace Mr Adams reveals a curious back to the future candidate. And shows that SF is running out of good reserve team players/youth players ready to step up.
    There will be a lot of speculation about why councillors etc are being replaced but frankly very few make an impact.
    No doubt youre waiting for announcements on Claire McGill, Pat Doherty, Mitchel McLaughlin and Francie Molloy.
    I have of course no idea that they will be replaced at the next Assembly but Id suggest that in five years time, some or all of the above will be pushing 70.
    In a few cases……in all parties……ie McClarty in the UUP or Lynch in alliance, there IS a story but I suspect in most cases its exactly what it says on the tin.

  • Seamus Clarke

    “but it is by no means clear who will replace the other two dropped representatives.”

    Perhaps less speculating and more research?

    http://www.westbelfastsinnfein.com/news/17860 – Over six weeks old.


  • Mark McGregor


    The ‘contempt’ aspect comes in when their positions appear vacant on the council website, there has been no announcement from SF they have gone and you have to work out who has resigned.

    Surely the people that voted them deserve told they have gone?

    Three vacant positions and not a word – Robin Newton knows more than the people that voted them in?

    That is contempt.

  • Mark McGregor


    You are noting candidates, not the three vacant positions.

    Three SF Councillors have resigned (in addition to the replaced Maskey).

  • lamhdearg

    I would be more interested in why the three “resigned”.

  • Mark McGregor


    Blog updated to note your links.

    Thanks for that.

  • pippakin

    I suppose its too much to hope there is a power struggle happening within the nest of wasps.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    so on the scale of contempt for electorate, you hold that SF are actually more at fault than the disidents. A very peculiar stance.

  • Munsterview

    Seamus Clarke 29 November 2010 at 9:35 pm

    Nice one Seamus ! Good to see that someone up there, informed on SF for a purpose other than to knock it, is keeping an eye on the shop for slugger.

  • wj

    Flash McVeigh standing in Belfast? Has he moved back to Belfast from Lurgan? Or does he have dual residences?

  • Anon

    Cunningham is going. The official reason is that she’s just had a baby.

  • pippakin

    If SF were cleaning house and replacing those tarnished by the past with squeaky clean, capable people, then no they would not be showing contempt for the electorate but rather they would be dragging SF into the twenty first century.

    It seems however that they are replacing current council members with one who just happened to be in the toilet when murder was committed and another steeped in allegations of IRA villainy. If that is the case then yes it can be described as treating the electorate with contempt, and what’s worse is in the areas concerned they will get away with it,

  • Cynic

    What does all this matter?

  • pippakin


    “What does all this matter?”

    To the people who live in the constituencies it probably doesn’t matter at all. To many of us in the south however it is food for thought and so does matter. Not hugely but it is a reflection of the mindset of the leadership of SF. If they treat their own constituencies with contempt could they be trusted not to do the same to ours?

  • Jean Meslier

    pipp, cynic,
    Hows this for contempt?

    Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern has said he will not contest his Dáil seat at the next General Election.
    In a statement this morning, Mr Ahern said he had informed his local party organisation in Co Louth that, after 32 years as a public representative, he is stepping down at the next election.

  • pippakin

    Jean Meslier

    I agree! It looks as though he is going to run with his very nice pension, etc. etc. and live happily ever after with probably never a thought to the chaos he and his party have left, there should be a law against it.

  • Jean Meslier

    D. Ahearn. The boy who would be king. The boy who would be next in line for the big one.
    Where did it all go wrong?

    As he exits stage left like the runt of the litter, our president, Gerry Adams, will represent the people of Co. Louth. Leading as he always has, – From The Front

  • pippakin

    Jean Meslier

    Oh come on! Leading from the front? GA and SF have spent years paying nothing more than passing lip service to southern politics. And now he is going to come here and solve the south’s problems? He is attempting to grab an opportunity and he will probably succeed but I doubt he will or even wants to be part of the next government. Much better to be safely ensconced on the back benches ever ready to tell the unlucky winners where they are going wrong. My aren’t we the lucky ones…

  • Jean Meslier

    I thought that last remark of mine would touch a nerve somewhere.
    Can I just say I have always absorbed and respected your honest appraisals on Sugger.

    Your last post, paints a nice senario and depending on ones political outlook may be even a comforting one, However IMO it is so far off the mark as to be almost ridiculous

    I repeat, – Adams leads from the front. Not for him cozy retirement. There is work to be done and leadership to be given.
    He was prepared for a political showdown reminiscent of a “Rumble in the Jungle” in magnitude with D. Ahearn, and you say he looks forward to a backbench in Leinster House!!!
    Your use of the word “ensconced” is also as self revealing as it is inaccurate

  • pippakin

    Jean Messlier

    At least you read them. The last thing I expect from a SF supporter is agreement!

    Look SF and of course GA have badly neglected the south. Oh he has made the odd (very odd) comment from time to time but there has been no real involvement or apparent understanding.

    Now with the biggest disaster in the history of the state upon us he appears and is, so we are told, charging to the rescue. If he is leading from the front its the first time this side of the border.

    What is so ridiculous about that? I honestly don’t know if I want him to win in Louth. I would but.. and that’s part of the problem: with SF there is always the ‘but’.

    Being a socialist I actually want a socialist party to do well and I want the damn banks to be left to rot or implode/explode or whatever, but, (there it is again) I don’t want more lies and I don’t want someone who seems to have little real knowledge of the south.

    As for ensconced on the back benches. It is how I think of most politicians since once there their job is either to do as they are told or bay at the moon. On very good salaries etc.

    Be honest. GA could have run in the south any time all these years. He chose not to.

    Some would say D Ahern is doing a runner before he is humiliated at the polls, imo they would be right, and that’s the real difference. GA sees potential victory. Ahern sees almost certain defeat.

  • Jean Meslier

    In another place the banks would have been dealt with by the courts.
    Your knowledge of GA seems to be based on Indo/Times opinion or the various British papers who put the word Irish in the redtop.
    Come away from there. There must and should be a shift to a fairer unselfish society. This should be a socialist model.

  • pippakin

    Jean Meslier

    Who knows. The day SF have enough candidates of the calibre of P Doherty and when they manage to rid themselves of all the baggage and hangers on of the troubles, maybe.

  • Munsterview


    a few still around in the Movement that have been there as long as Gerry and they may have an openion or two less gushing than yours that did not come from the ‘Red Tops’!

  • pippakin


    Its not like you to hang back! You know full well my opinion of SF and GA.

  • Jean Meslier

    SF is involved in nation building whether in times of growth or recession. In recent weeks SF have been involved in creating conditions of seismic proportions. There are no back seat drivers in SF. As Adams said at Edentubber, it was essentially his decision to throw his hat in the ring via Louth Comhairle Ceantair.
    Ahearn, the boy who would be king, who came so close he could almost touch it, – has gone. Just like that.
    Now thats putting it up to the establishment.
    There was no going down fighting from Dermot.
    The Gilmore Gale is so far just two words. Is there any “but” with Gilmore pippakin?

    Pearse Doherty fought court battles and elections with Gerry Adams by his side. This is the party leader the redtops, Sindo, Indo, Times, Tribune tell us is a liability to SF in the 26 Co.’s
    Yet party leader opinion polls tell us different. Despite this the head in the sand buriers shout he’s not relevant.
    Well ask Dermot Ahearn how relevant he feels Gerry Adams is to southern politics at this present time.

  • pippakin

    Jean Meslier

    Ahearn is running for the hills but arguably he would be doing that whoever was standing in Louth. I understand a few more rats are also leaping from the sinking ‘ship’.

    There is talk of politicians realigning and forming new parties. I think that is unlikely to fool anyone but in this climate who knows.

    As for Gilmore so far there are no ‘but’s…there bloody will be if Labour don’t disown the agreement!

  • Jean Meslier

    “..As for Gilmore so far there are no ‘but’s…there bloody will be if Labour don’t disown the agreement!..”

    I bow my head in acknowledgement.

    The old predictability of tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee politics are at last being challenged.
    SF I believe is leading that challenge.
    There will be a new alignment, post a general election.
    We must never go back to the past.

  • Munsterview

    Jean a chara uasal,

    yes Gerry did all you said in Donegal.

    However there are other things are also expected of a party president, especially respect and appreciation for those elsewhere on this island who went on the line for their Northern Comerades…… and paid a price for it. However slugger site is not the place for such a discussion, old loyalties still hold to what I have always said was a collective SF leadership.

  • pippakin


    You are keeping a very low profile in this debate…

    Don’t tell me you were not thrilled with DSW I could hear the crowing!

    Times are indeed changing.

  • Munsterview


    Right, you want an account, you have got it !
    Yes, despite the awful weather I was up there, a tiring three hundred miles round trip but Boy was it worth it all. It was great meeting all the old friends and more important taking a good look at the next two generations, as that is the measure of how things will be for Sinn Fein.

    As the O’Rallaigh said of the Easter Rising, I had helped to wind the clock and I wanted to hear it strike ! A sinn Fein Candidate with 8% or whatever to spare over the combined totals of the two main establishment parties and their resources. That was sweet. In a general election we will do even better.

    I came away very pleased indeed in that regard, a fine tranch of youngsters same age as we were in 69, and any of whom I would have been glad to have at my side in the Old Days. Likewise the in-between 40’s vintage people, solid, politically literate and dedicated. Plenty women there also.

    Another immediate difference to just ten years back, what would have been the massive FF crowd and energy was now SF with just small groups of FF, FG and Labour. The days when SF were the usual twenty or thirty suspects attempting to look like a crowd are long gone.

    I had taken a trip through there some weeks back, the guesthouse family were not short of a few bob and disgruntled FF. Not in favor of SF for it’s past connections. Friday night He told me it was SF all the way for him, he had roasted the FF canvasser following the IMF debacle and the FG canvaser could only repeat that the budget had to be passed like a mantra.

    Sinn Fein’s forty something canvasser was politically literate and able to answer all questions regarding the National and Local picture to the guest house owners satisfaction. When he opened the door to me on Friday, he first greeting was that SF had got the two votes from that house. Thats what we need, these people once got will stay and enough like him will make the difference.

    Yes, I was trilled with the result, but it was exceptional in terms of candidate and times. I said previously that one Donegal swallow win did a Sinn Fein summer make ……. a phrase you shamelessly plagiarized, and flew off with you Mayo Magpie maggot, sans tribulation, may I add !

    I was even more trilled to see energy of the young crowd and the quality of Pearse’s generation. However we payed a price for that, my first victory embrace after the declaration was for a woman whose brother had been assassinated by Crown Agents attempting to thwart that result and my first handshake was with that man’s brother.

    We who had been there do not forget such things or the price our comrades payed !

    Almost as good to come through Strabane, into Enniskellen and into County Cavan without seeing a peeler or soldier. I travelled that road many a time and risked a Kesh holiday or worse! Old Ulster is coming our way Pearse, Caoimhin (x2 ?) and Gerry, Pat Doherty and the rest on the other side.

    A gloomy journey from Straban down but a heart lifting one for all of that and the weather did not matter!

  • Jean Meslier


    I think you are offering a scenario that perhaps GA may or could be coming in over “local opinion”.

    There is no evidence of this in Co. Louth mo chara.
    This is the collective in operation in all its revolutionary glory

  • Munsterview

    Jean : something sub rosa, those meant to know will. Tada!

  • pippakin


    I did not steal your line! It is such a well known saying and so right for DSW and SF at the moment. Not saying I wouldn’t have, just saying I didn’t.

    I was pleased for Doherty he worked hard and had already established himself in the constituency.

  • Munsterview


    Explanation accepted !

    However a bigger problem now, if both of us are on the same wavelength, one of us is in trouble ?

  • pippakin


    Oh relax! It is not in either of our natures to be on the same side for long. I’m already wondering what I did wrong…

  • redhugh78

    More sloppy ‘journalism’, the story that sf were relpacing several councillors appeared in several newspapers including the A’town news long before Newtown ‘announced’ it.
    Mr Clarke above has really poked holes in this attempt to yet again smear SF and he does’nt even get the coutesy of a reply, I wonder why?

  • Jean Meslier

    Its not what you’re doing wrong. It’s what you’re doing right.
    Isn’t it nice? Isn’t it liberating?
    Lets all progressives from left through to centre come together in an alliance unheard of since the 1930’s.

    You know it makes sense

  • Brian

    MV-“I still hold to what I have always said was a collective SF leadership.”

    Not according to the great Brendan Hughes, formerly of the Army Council:

    “We’ve been told all along that this not a leadership led movement, this is a movement led by the rank and file. That’s a load of bollocks. This is a movement led by the nose of the leadership and anyone who objects to it, anyone who has an alternative, is either ridiculed, degraded, intimidated…or put out of the game altogether.”

    Things may be slowly changing as the war footing mindset is fading away to a memory, but to suggest it was always a collective leadership stretches your credibility.

    I know, I know, the party line and all that….

  • Munsterview

    redhugh78 30 November 2010 at 5:14 pm : More sloppy ‘journalism’,…….

    Were the rules changed regarding Sinn Fein when I was not looking ? Just sloppy journalism ?

    Sinn Fein members and supporters better wake up and smell the coffee here. Just because the under twenty-fives do not remember Sinn Fein being kicked all over the broadsheets by the likes of Liam Clarke and Kevin Myres and getting the Eoghain Harris / Paul Williams treatment on TV do not mean that such attitudes have gone away you know!

    The more successful Sinn Fein will be, the more the regular the sniping will become. Once the election North and South come into sharp focus, these attacks on Sinn Fein will resume with a vengeance and a bit of ‘sloppy’ or slanted journalism will look like a teddy bears picnic.

    The forces behind this anti-Sinn Fein disinformation and media manipulation range from transparent sectarian bigots who believed ‘their Masters Voice’ when it was politically allowable to use any derogative or abusive terms about Republicans right through to Intel forces continuing the great British Secret Services tradition that gave us the forged Charles Steward Parnell ‘Fenian Letters’ letters and the Casement Black Diaries.

    These service Intel forces adjusted their propaganda to film, radio and then to TV, sometimes open and blatant such as in D notices when free speech is suppressed to the extent that the fact that a gagging notice was issued cannot be communicated !

    From the outset the internet have been a spooks playground and it has given them unrivaled opportunity to play their games by playing people. I have given examples of this here, persistence and focus is all that is required to unmask them!

    Sometimes this gaming is productively and positively applied as when a police intelligence officer adopts the persona of a precocious child to inter into dialogue with, and trap a paedophile. The same tactics are used by intel forces to oppose what they define as ‘a threat to security’ which, since they are the ones defining ‘ the threat’ can be just about any group or individual that a faceless, unaccountable ‘securicat’ decides.

    In protest demonstrations very often agent provocateur start the violence against State Forces. In the Canadian G20 protests several ‘rioters’ pinned to the ground by police were wearing the same government issue boots that were unique to special police forces! Viva phone cameras and the internet. The police have not yet explained that one!

    The same tactic is used in counter propaganda, an extreme, say catholic persona is adopted, plenty references about mass attendances ect, but yet every opinion given and attitude displayed is crude, ignorant and crass, a very unflattering reflection of Catholics in general, yet when the subject is serious this apparently ‘village idiot’ suddenly is seen as an intelligent person able to sustain a rational argument !

    The forces who are opposed to Sinn Fein have not gone away you know but when they are unmasked, their use is limited. This is something all republicans should dedicate a little time to. First off, it protects free speech and the exchange on the net and secondly it leaves the exposed persona facing their supervisors with their posterior in a sling. No point in getting mad, just be bad and screw their careers, it is much more fun!

    Republicans : this anti-Sinn Fein is going to get a hell of a lot worse before it will get better!

    Faire, Aire ‘s Bua !

  • lamhdearg

    Nice try at a preemptive strike Munsterview, i can tell from your post the old guard are getting a little bit excited about their day finally coming. we the rest of the people will watch with interest as the gloves come off and the truth about S.F. dirty deeds are exposed. The time of Eire’s goverments suppression of facts in a attempt to bring S.F. into and along in the northern peace process is over it’s time for the TRUTH.

  • Mark

    You mean lamhdearg , what REALLY happened to Shergar ! Which british supermarket ended up with the Pedigree Niarac Chum .Whose summer house was bought with the northern bank bread .All these state secrets you seem to know and won’t tell. Oh and congrats on getting Eire govt , facts and truth in the same sentence.

  • JJ Malloy

    SF is just another political party, a latter day SDLP. Or a latter day Fianna Fail. They do have former gunmen and bombers but they are getting older and older.

    Besides, even if they were doing anything revolutionary, there are still high level informers throughout the SF machinery, why would the government be so concerned?

  • becky

    jean meisler…gerry adams led from the front.how could he when he wouldnt even join the ira.he said so himself.

  • Munsterview

    Brian (profile) 30 November 2010 at 6:34 pm

    MV-”I still hold to what I have always said was a collective SF leadership.”

    Romantic Ireland dead and gone,
    It’s with O’Leary in the grave !
    W B Yeats.

    Easter Week
    ( In memory of Joseph Mary Plunkett)
    ” Romantic Ireland dead and gone,
    It’s with O’Leary in the grave”
    Then, Yeats, what gave that Easter Dawn
    A hue so radiant ly brave ?
    Romantic Ireland never dies!
    O’Leary lies in fertile ground
    And songs and spears throughout the years
    Rise up where patriot graves are found
    There is no rope can strangle song
    And not for long death takes it’s toll.
    No prison bars can dim the stars
    Nor quicklime eat the living soul

    Joyce Kilmer…..Irish / American poet

    Joyce and WB, two individual viewpoints, two different perspectives.

    Brendan Hughes too had a perspective, for a period of his life he acted in concert with others and only those who have shared such conditions know the bonds of closness that are forged. When someone who was part of that joint endeavour, either by their own individual choice of by collective decision, are outside the consensus, it is a lonely place to be. I have seen individuals who gave their all in their day, left lonely and broken in that situation.

    When such an individual is befriended and facilitated by a proven, unrepentant and consistent opponent of the the Movement that they were once a proud part of, then, no matter how brillant that person was, there is a very serious error of judgement to say the least in their frame of mind in doing that.

    I stood with the brother and sister of an assisnated comerad as the historic Sinn Fein victory was announced, the joy of the occasion was dimmed for us greyheads by comerades that should have been there, those dead and those for whom the dream dimmed and died, leaving disallusion and doubt. We all sharing in such a victory should also remember the contributions of such people that made our victory possible.

    There are still a few books to be written, not all of them bullets, bombs and blasting, but also about the rutine orgazinational work that build up the Movement and Sinn Fein to the force it is to-day.

    One of these books will show that a suspended republican in the early years of the Provo Movement in a certain County demanded and got a joint Sinn Fein and other sections of the Movement formal enquiry presided over by the then Predisent of Sinn Fein with a person nominated by either side in the dispute. Eight people of all sections were present at the meeting. It did not conclude, it did not have to, half way through the young republican proved his case and the entire Army command of the County was stood down. in a Sinn Fein v Army clash.

    This young republican made their own case against big local name vetrans of the movement that had been in jail and internment yet the rules and youth prevailed! I have direct experience of other such internal procedures that worked and were no respecters of rank.

    Tom Barry’s and Deasys account of the same war in the same area of West Cork differ in some respects so fundmentally that the un ineciated, not knowing the personalities,or situations, could be forgiven for woundering if they were talking about the same war !

    A lot of sincere but impatient and forcefull people were attracted to the movement, not all could work collectivly, some that left to become household names for their later activity. I knew some of them personally, but what did they achieve ? What was their legacy.

    To borrow a phase from the song’ Spancil Hill’ the Movement in Donegall on Friday night was….. ‘ The young and the Old, the Brave and the Bold, came a duty to fulfill ‘ There as Pearse was shouldered high to a song penned by the first Pearse, for those of us there the dream lived and we were on the same road as always.

    Other good and true former comrades think different, that is their call and right to make.

    For others along that road the dream died, some found another dream and life went on, others could only define themselves in terms of what they had once been and that is a sorry situation but it is also life and that aint easy!

    I do not detract in one iota from the service that Brendan Hughes gave to the Movement, but there are a few more sides to that story to be told yet…… and then there is the truth !

  • Munsterview

    Correction… Eighty people of all sections were present at

  • Comrade Stalin

    Munster, nobody gives a shite about that load of historical nonsense, and nobody cares about the incessant whining about how anyone who dares to oppose Sinn Fein must be motivated by bigotry. Even SF themselves have moved beyond that stupid line.

  • Munsterview

    lamhdearg (profile) 30 November 2010 at 8:18 pm
    Nice try at a preemptive strike Munsterview,………..

    Lamh, anyone clicking on my profile can get some idea of where I am coming from.

    Care to fill in a few details in your own profile or are you ashamed to say where you are coming from?

    Do not worry about where you are going…. after Donegal I can tell you that !

  • lamhdearg

    lamhdearg has never agreed with anyone (on this website).

    lamhdearg has never disagreed with anyone (on this website).

    A little bit about lamhdearg, none off the above is true.

    Munsterview i have not read your or anyones else’s profile i prefer just to read the posts, they tell me enough. As for where i am going after Donegal please enlighten me.

  • Munsterview

    Comrade Stalin (profile) 30 November 2010 at 9:32 pm
    Munster, nobody gives a shite about that load of historical nonsense,

    The Parnell forged ‘fenian’ letters are fact.

    The forged Casement ‘Black Diaries’ are fact.

    I was in the London High Courts for Albert Reynols Libel trial all those years ago. It was not historical nonsense then, I see the same prosecuting and hounding of an Irish Leader in an English Court as Casement and Parnell had got. Can you tell me when this ‘historical nonsense’ stopped ?

    Oh and note in passing I would imagine that Greenflag, JJ, Slappy, Mark, Jean etc would have an interest. It is part of the Narrative comrade, live with it……. or are you having problems with a few shinners in slugger ? The Admiral better run up a signal for a flagship meeting, I it would seem a few more republicans have come aboard !

    Too late to repel boarders I am afraid…. can you swim ? If not, learn to tolerate a few Shinners around the place, that 90% unionist 10% shinner balance is looking shaky.

  • lamhdearg

    90% unionist 10% shinner, that leaves no room for anyone else Munsterview,

  • Mark

    Comrade Stalin , just to comfirm what Munster said , people do care and by the way , don’t use the term nobody when i am on the thread . You don’t speak for me ok.

  • Munsterview


    Goodness no, not at all ! the unionist 80% is like the Irish bank loans, greatly inflated. They can be pushed back to 50% which is about right and that should free up about 40%. Plenty of room for all when the Unionists are put in their proper place. We will discuss a power sharing arrangement with all available parties regarding the vacated space.

    Mind you I expect that Mick may have a few problems getting the name change of ‘Slugger-reflecting-true-British-Occupied- Six Countie-Demograpics-OTool’ generally accepted.

    However it is worth doing, that way he will only have to insert the word ‘Former’ after British for the next name change in a few years time.

  • lamhdearg

    So where am i going after donegal Munsterview?, ps no biggie but you wrote unionist 90% not 80%.

  • Munsterview

    We are trying to make this a fun thing for you all. Its a surprise !

  • lamhdearg

    Sorry i missed your 11;14, bed at 11 up at 7, but good stuff i like surprise’s.
    One more thing you really should not drink on a school night.

  • Munsterview


    ‘…….lamhdearg has never agreed with anyone (on this website).

    lamhdearg has never disagreed with anyone (on this website).

    A little bit about lamhdearg, none off the above is true…….”

    ” The hot and the cold I will take to my boosom, but the lukewarm I will spit out ” !

    Jesus, peace be to his name, Ben Joseph!