Photograph of the day – with a little help from my friends

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  • Alan Maskey

    Should that motor bike be on the path? And are those cars illegally parked? Why are the women using plastic bags?

  • No.
    To errrrr…….. carry their shappin’.

  • Alan Maskey

    These plasticv bag toters are eco vandals. You knowe the rest.
    Also, what is the significance of the colour of their jackets?

  • Cynic

    “Members rush to Fermanagh UUP Branch Meeting”

  • joeCanuck

    Great title MP.

  • That’s not shappin’. Look at the cut of their trouser creases. All three of them are in new clothes and its isn’t pension day. Something is very remiss here.

  • Comrade_Trotsky

    They’re clearly going on the lash tonight – the doll in the blue is carrying some size of a carryout.