The Great Big Politics Quiz results – another win for the SDLP in South Belfast

Last night Haiti was the real winner with £1225.90 raised at the Great Big Politics Quiz to help re-house some of the million-plus poor Haitians left homeless by the January 2010 earthquake.

The Great Big Politics Quiz for Haiti

An outbreak of cholera in Haiti has resulted in more than 2,500 cases and 200 deaths. People forced to live in the island’s huge campsites are highly vulnerable to cholera, which is caused by bacteria transmitted through contaminated water or food. The house-building project, run by Irish charity Haven Partnership, aims to provide permanent homes with a clean water supply to hundreds of Haiti’s poorest families.

Belfast journalist Ciaran McKeown is part of a large group of volunteers travelling out on Saturday to the capital Port-au-Prince to help build the houses. He explained:

The cholera outbreak underlines both the importance and urgency of getting people out of the terrible conditions in some of the vast tented camps and into decent homes of their own. It is terrific to see so many of Northern Ireland’s political community rallying round to support this vital cause.

Quiz teams at The Great Big Politics Quiz for Haiti

Around 150 politicians, activists, campaigners, journalists, bloggers, lobbyists, lecturers, students and bemused partners from across the local political spectrum gathered in a packed Black Box last night to pit their wits against each other and the MLA question masters (Anna Lo, Alban Maginness, Basil McCrea, Barry McElduff, Dawn Purvis and Jim Wells).

Barry McElduff reading out the questions at The Great Big Politics Quiz for Haiti

By far the lowest scoring rounds were the first and last: political quotations along with international and historical politics were no one’s forte. But despite claims that the questions were too hard, most rounds had teams that scored highly. Of particular note …

  • International & historical politics – More Unpopular Than Politicians, Log Off & Get a Job, scoring 7 out of a maximum of 15
  • European Politics – Not the A-team, 11/12
  • NI Politics – Log Off & Get a Job, 9/13
  • Video round – We demand a recount, Stoops to Conquer, 13/17
  • Picture round – Ministry of Offence, 10/10
  • Politics in Popular Culture – Hacmac’s, Mutley, 7/8
  • Who said that – Stoops to Conquer, 4/10

Award for best team name went to Fawlty’s Buses from Fermanagh, a UUP team that included Basil McCrea.

The NI Assembly Engagement team at The Great Big Politics Quiz for Haiti

At the end of the night, tied in third place with 44 points were Must I Really Say to the Member and We Demand a Recount.

Log Off & Get a Job (the team of local journalists) came second with 46 points and picked up their prize of a meal for four and a tour of Parliament Buildings!

But racing ahead with a lead of four point were Stoops to Conquer, the South Belfast SDLP team who won with 51 and picked up an enormous hamper [Ed – actually an Amazon box – very practical for the size of the swag] of political books and DVDs sponsored by Strategem.

Stoops to Conquer (South Belfast SDLP team) who won The Great Big Politics Quiz for Haiti

In the local grudge match between political parties: SDLP (51), UUP (35), Alliance (32).

The the event is ever repeated, make sure your team has someone who knows a bit about (southern) Irish and European politics. It seems to really help!

Many thanks to all who attended and made it a great night of craic and charity.

Slugger likes a graph, so as a bonus treat, the score sheet is included below for anyone who wants to weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of the teams!

Full results from The Great Big Politics Quiz

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  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    Sounds great and reall well organised. Would be intersting to see the questions.

    Was the £1000 made up mainly from team entry fees?

    Hopefully none of the money raised is being spent on airfares?

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Congrats to the SDLP team.
    Technically the SDLPs 51 is not enough to get elected on the first count. But the elimination of Alliance on 32 and picking up transfers should see them win easily enough 🙂

  • Rory Carr

    Congratulations on the success of the evening. I did promise to make a donation given my unavailability to attend so in order to fulfill that promise, Alan, could you please let me have details of how and where to send it – perhaps other readers may wish to donate as well.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Was a good nights crack, even if the questions were a wee touch obscure 🙂 , in the quotations round we put down Churchill for most of them, except the one quote that was actually his.
    Was good to be on the same team as Basil this time, and winning the silly name competition again, although UCUNF was almost unbeatable you would agree.
    I think for next year I will arrange a real bus from Fermanagh!

  • pippakin

    Congratulation on a night well spent.

  • Mark McGregor

    I’ve uploaded the questions here. I’ll put the answers up later.

  • Airfares – no – my understanding is that the money’s going to Haven for the building projects on the ground.

  • I’m waiting to hear back from Paddy Corrigan about the final total – as I’m not certain of how much the raffle generated.

  • Alan Maskey

    I’d have got the Ivan Yeats one and few others right. It’s like those BBC snap quizzes. If you’ve read it, you remember it. Pity I was not on the UUP team as I would have scuppered it
    I watched a few minutres of a TV quiz show yesterday and laughed as they got a few really easy ones wrong. Of course, easy if you are not on the spot.

    A good cause and well done to all.

  • May be easiest to donate directly via Haven Partnership’s website … note that the amount may be in Euros if you donate by credit card.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


  • Dewi

    …got the first one lol…good questions and well done on fundraising.

  • Drumlins Rock

    could you not have put these up yesterday?

  • Drumlins Rock

    FJH, Can I just add, despite his absence, the real star of the night had to Alastair McDonald MP MLA, he has to be the PICK of our local politicians 🙂

  • Pod

    Drumlins Rock,

    So do you reckon the rest of the south Belfast SDLP even invited their south Belfast MP then???

  • Thanks, everyone, for making it such a great night. You raised £1225.90 for the house-building project in Haiti. Brilliant!

  • Drumlins Rock

    you had to be there Pod, and I think if he had to PICK he would be very glad he wasnt there!

  • Alias

    There appears to be a correlation between the better team names and the better teams. Next time I might put a fiver on the best team name to win…

  • @Drumlins Rock Let’s try to get his name correct! Alasdair McDonnell. The video clip starring the South Belfast MP was of Joe Benton’s long and drawn out question about the long and drawn out inquiry (should auto-start 28 and a bit minutes in).

  • Looks like the QUB polysoc were to drunk to answer past the third round, or were they rushing back to study and couldn’t stay?

  • Dewi

    Round 1
    1) Lloyd George, Welsh
    2) Geneva 1949, and hmmm
    3) Puyi
    4) 1953
    5) Hmmm I’m going for Thatcher Britain (nagging feeling it’s Sri Lanka however)]
    6) Conservatives
    7) Controversial as Cleveland served twice non-consecutively but is usually counted twice…using that convention it’s Gerald Rudolph Ford.
    8) argentinian – Kursten or Kirsten ?- recently – 2009#
    9) don’t make distinction (will Wiki later) so 1833 for both.
    10) Blah – first independent South American country so pre Bolivar 1802? Slave leader had a strange name IIRC Boullaisse? (Or is that the soup??)

  • Drumlins Rock

    lol, thought that, oops.

  • I think youth was struggling to triumph over experience and they left early / sat out the later rounds … though I did panic and think I’d lost their answer sheets for a while. The winning teams had a range of “experts” (ie, nerds) in them.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    i would have done better on 18th/19th century than 20th lol
    but i think Bandaranaika is #5
    #8 Kirchner
    #10 Bolivar revolutions were much later. Haiti 1804 First President?…….I think Ouverture who died in France was “declared” President but never inaugerated officially so Desallines is probably the “right” answer

  • Typical students. Get a few in and then leave before they have to buy!

  • Hey – don’t knock them. They paid a fiver to get in – and we got to send the fiver to Haiti. Finishing the quiz is a bonus.

  • USA

    Very funny Fitzy 🙂

  • PaddyMcK

    Looks like Dewi and fitzjameshorse1745 would have done rather well in the quiz!

    Quite a few teams put down the Geneva Convention 1949 for number two, but the answers were the ECHR 1953 and the UNDHR 1948. The Geneva Convention 1949 was only the 4th of the Geneva agreements and falls into International Humanitarian Law, aka the laws of war, rather than Human Rights Law. A technicality perhaps, but an important distinction nonetheless 😉

    Glad to see someone getting no.8 of that round (almost) correct (Kirchner / 2010). That only happened in May of this year, and the formation of the UNASUR could turn out to be a really rather important event in our times.

    Informative night, generally good craic all round(s)! 😉

  • PaddyMcK

    (I should quickly add that the only reason why I knew these ones was because I did the research and wrote those questions; I had NO clue about many of the answers for the other rounds ;D )

  • PaddyMck

    Would you have accepted as an answer to No 1

    1) churchill, american

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Im not sure I would have done that well. The “Kirchner” answer would be one of those “oh my God I know this” moments that we get two or three of in every pub quiz.
    Haiti and the liberation movements of South and Central America just falls within my area of interest and Im not sure if Id have been able to fully commit to an “Ouverture” or “Dessalines” answer and probably plumped for the one NOT on the card. Thats how these things go.
    But its just one of those things I would have known.
    A much more difficult question would have been which was the first independent nation on mainland central or South America. The answer being foggy because of definitions of “independence” and reversals in the early years of 19th century.
    As a matter of interest I would like to know which Haitian answer was the “right” one.

  • PaddyMcK

    1804 and Dessalines. The rest of the answers will be along in due course I think, courtesy of monsieur mark.

    Agreed. I think the definitions, terminology and who’s version of which history will always make some of the answers a bit trickier to get 😉

  • PaddyMcK

    haha. That depends. Did he regularly use the words aluminum and eggplant?? 🙂

  • PaddyMcK

    It seems that Kirchner is no longer the S-G of UNASUR. Shame.

  • Update: due to the cholera outbreak in Haiti, the ‘Build It Week’ which was due to start on Saturday and for which the Big Politics Quiz raised funds, has been postponed by Haven Partnership.

    Seven cholera cases have been discovered in or near Gonaives, the house-building site. Haven did not wish to put the health and safety of any volunteers at risk, and has switched its efforts to responding to the current crisis and preventing the further spread of the infection.

    All monies raised at the quiz will be used by Haven for both these short-term responses and for the longer-term house building project. Thank you to all who came out last week to support the quiz, who gave of their time in organising it or donated prizes or other support.

    Ciaran McKeown has signed up to go on the next ‘Build It Week’ to Haiti and has raised his fundraising target to €10,000. If you wish to donate, you can visit his Haiti appeal or you can go to the Haven website.