Great Big Politics Pub Quiz – prizes update & reassurance that you don’t have to attend with a fully formed table

Politicos! We feel your pain. We know that you’re desperate to go to The Great Big Politics Pub Quiz, but you’re cursed with normal friends who would rather dip a tender extremity in acid than go and get bamboozled by questions about The East Lothian Question*.

Do not despair. You can still join the fun even if all your friends are ‘normal’.

Individuals coming along on Monday night (25 October) won’t be left without a team. Your name will be put in a Great Big Politics Hat and we will assign you a random team comprising three other Great but not necessarily Big people.

And for the Gents who are planning to come, please remember that this will probably not be Belfast’s equivalent of Listoonvarna. There’s a clue in the name ‘politics quiz’. We’re not really expecting to be overwhelmed by women, OK? They won’t be entirely absent, of course, but don’t go wasting too much Versace Pour Homme in hope, eh? Just come as you are.

When it comes to prizes, there will be some must-have political tomes for your book-shelf, including a signed copy of Tony Blair’s controversial memoirs, and signed books by some of Northern Irelands finest journalists: David Gordon, Henry McDonald, Ciaran McKeown, Malachi O’Doherty, Liam Clarke and Kathryn Johnston (thanks to one and all of these generous scribes!).

Oh, and if you’re really lucky, there’s some lovely Co-operative Fair Trade wine to take home to enjoy as well! And tickets to some just as lovely films at the QFT. And some tickets for events over the final weekend of the Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen’s! (Big thanks to Co-op, QFT and the Festival!)

Star Prize

We can now announce the bumper prize donated by the ever generous folks at Stratagem.

Hamper of politics-related books and DVDs:

  • Seventy-Two Virgins – Boris Johnson
  • The Blair Years – Alastair Campbell
  • Great Hatred, Little Room: Making Peace in Northern Ireland – Jonathan Powell
  • Cal – Bernard MacLaverty
  • Paisley: Religion and Politics in Northern Ireland – Steve Bruce
  • Momentum: The Struggle for Peace, Politics and the People – Mo Mowlam
  • A Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela – Nelson Mandela
  • The Survivor: Bill Clinton in the White House – John F. Harris
  • Voices from the Grave: Two Men’s War in Ireland – Ed Moloney
  • A View From The Foothills: The Diaries of Chris Mullin – Chris Mullin
  • Killing Rage – Eamon Collins
  • Party Animals – Olivia O’Leary; Paperback
  • David Ervine: Uncharted Waters – Henry Sinnerton; Paperback
  • Screwing Up – Mark Oaten; Hardcover
  • Himself Alone: David Trimble and the Ordeal Of Unionism – Dean Godson; Paperback
  • Diaries: In Power – Alan Clark; Paperback
  • Sinn Fein: A Hundred Turbulent Years – Brian Feeney; Paperback
  • Iain Dale’s Guide to Political Blogging in the UK – Iain Dale; Paperback
  • Adrian Mole and The Weapons of Mass Destruction – Sue Townsend; Paperback
  • The Complete Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister – Collector’s Box Set [DVD]
  • The Motorcycle Diaries [DVD] [2004]
  • In The Loop [DVD] [2009]
  • Michael Collins [DVD] [1996]
  • The Manchurian Candidate [DVD] [2004]
  • Primary Colors [DVD] [1998]
  • All The President’s Men (2 Disc Special Edition) [DVD] [1976]
  • Bloody Sunday [DVD] [2002]
  • Charlie Wilson’s War [DVD] [2007]
  • Frost/Nixon [DVD] [2008]
  • Hunger [DVD] [2008]
  • Milk [DVD] [2008]
  • The Thick of It: Specials [DVD] [2006]
  • Strawberry & Chocolate (Fresa Y Chocolate) by Alea [DVD] [1993]
  • Margaret [DVD]
  • Mo [DVD] [2009]

And if that isn’t enough to have you signing up immediately nothing will.

Hilarious team names

Go on. Astound us (using the form below). There’s already an SDLP team called ‘Stoops to Conquer’ so the funny bar is pretty high……

So sign up, come along on Monday at 7.45pm, and boost the PQ [Political Quotient] of a table, enjoy the celebrity politician quiz masters, and help raise money for the Haven Partnership house-building project in Haiti.

*Go on, show what a geek you really are by commenting on this here?

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