Photograph of the day – Metaphor of the day?


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  • HeinzGuderian

    PMSL…………..The way things are going South of the border,they will be eating their flag very soon !!!! 🙂

  • Carson’s Cat

    Metaphor, or just another rather dull predictable photograph attempting to portray another hackneyed cliche of Northern Ireland life.

  • magnus

    Flag trailing, not something I normally associate with blue sky thinking.

  • JR

    Strained connection

  • Reader

    Is that what’s left of a tricolour between the other 2 flags?

  • joeCanuck


  • Munsterview

    Union Jack looks intact…..’ the six counties ‘Ulster’ flag looks frayed and ragged !

    They should get the real Ulster Provincial flag, a guaranteed product that will is still intact.

    It is also a very good investment as it can be used long after the ‘ six county artificial statelet ‘ is abolished and forgotten !

  • joeCanuck

    Hey, MP. You made a cameo appearance in one of my dreams last night. I was strolling down the seafront in Ballycastle (not in East Belfast) and saw your photographic shop across the road. I went over and said hello.

  • qwerty12345

    That should give us hope then, because when the handouts end for the basket case that is Northern Ireland at least we will have plenty to eat, if our lamp posts are anything to go by.

  • Munsterview

    Yea more bloody sectarianism from your lot……. you eat the bloody Tricolour first !

  • chewnicked

    Unionists get their wires crossed again

  • joeCanuck

    The 6 word essay is on another thread.

  • jim

    it looks like somebodys thong

  • Munsterview

    Ah!…….. now it all makes sense, it could well be………the Ulster flag on one side and the Union Jack on the other……. any canals or tea houses near by ?

  • magnus

    V good.

  • Congal Claen

    Hi Monster,

    You mean the “drawn up by the English for administration purposes during Elizabethan times” real Ulster Provincial flag presumably?